To dream that you are or are with a clairvoyant suggest that you are receiving information intuitively.

Example: I was meeting someone who I thought was a clairvoyant, so I went to see him so he could tell me about my future. There were 2 men in fact and at first I asked the wrong person who had no abilities; just after the person with special abilities looked into my eyes, and I saw my eye as a whole, a planet, a thing where there was everything. I saw it as a reflection in his eyes, but it could not tell me about my future.

Dreamt I was with a prostitute, who was a very powerful and influential woman. Somehow she was a turning point in my life. In a peculiar way I met my future self there. He was also visiting her. He was much heavier and materially successful looking than I am presently. I noticed he had a large chest and what I thought was an oversized waist, and I felt he had failed to care for himself. Then he explained that he had found the way at last, and did a form of scientific weight training. I saw that he was a very powerful and healthy man, and his waist was not outsize.

In later years the dreamer identified with the description given in the dream.

Edgar Cayce, America’s famous clairvoyant, wrote that nothing important ever happens to us without first being previewed in our dreams. We not only pre-view it, we pre-plan it as well!

But many people feel they are dreaming the future but when tested there are not many such dreams. There are many examples however of great dreamers. The following is by Robert Moss.

Example: When I followed my dreams, quite literally, to a home in Troy, N.Y. in 1990, a new character entered my dreaming: a stocky little black woman in period clothes, often wearing a mannish hat, who bobbed up from time to time on my mental screen, usually in the twilight zone between waking and sleep. I did not identify her until I had a big dream many years later in which I found myself teaching the history of the Underground railroad in schools across North America. Not having had an American education, I had to do some fast research. When I saw photos of Harriet Tubman, I recognized the woman I had glimpsed in the hypnagogic zone. I was fascinated to learn that she dreamed of flying to freedom, over landscapes she subsequently crossed on foot. Later she was guided by specific precognitive or clairvoyant dreams to safe houses, river crossings and friendly helpers she had never encountered in waking reality. In this way, she escorted 300 escaping slaves to freedom, without ever losing one of her “packages”. I discovered that in 1860, she had visited my home town of Troy, and led a riot that freed a fugitive slave.

The problem is that many dreams felt to be predictive never come true. Often dreamers want to believe they have precognitive dreams, perhaps to feel they will do not want to be surprised by, and thereby anxious about, the future. When the baby son of Charles Lindbergh was kidnapped, and before it was known he was murdered, 1300 people sent ‘precognitive’ dreams concerning his fate in response to newspaper headlines. Only seven of these dreams included the three vital factors – that he was dead, naked and in a ditch.

Out of 8000 dreams in his Registry For Prophetic Dreams, Robert Nelson, who was sent the dreams prior to what was predicted, has found only 48 which bear detailed and recognisable connection with later events. See: prophetic dreams.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I keep a record of all my dreams to see if they are psychological or about my future?

What did I gather from the dream about being or being with a clairvoyant?

Do I have such dreams frequently?

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-Ryan 2018-02-25 22:32:30

Dreamt my Friend Chris was telling the future. Oddly he was talking about his parents,and that they would have two kids and one grandchild(already exists). But then I asked him what about me ? He talked about the year 2011 for some reason, then went on to say that I would marry very well, a very well to do person but that it was a man. I’m not a gay person. What could this mean?

-Fatma 2014-11-12 21:14:56

My friend give me a really soft bread white inside and yellow around on it. I eat and I realize I never been eat a bread lke tht soft and beautifull color yellow. I wander wht it is?

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