You can have or be business clients, therapists clients, you can be a worker looking after someone else’s clients, so it is important to be clear about whet the client in the dream refers to.

To be able to understand your dream it is therefore important for you to explore the dream a little. So please use Being the Person or Thing; Characters and People in DreamsTechniques for Exploring your Dreams

Example: I have a Bowen client that is due to come at 3pm. I want to cancel and several times I look at my watch beforehand. But I don’t actually cancel. At 3pm she rings the bell and Grannie answers the door and calls for me. Grandpa is there too. I wave to indicate that I am not there but she doesn’t see and she is quite deaf so it isn’t possible to tell her. I go to the client in the treatment room. She says she wasn’t sure about coming. I assume she has had a reaction but the feeling is that she is reluctant to go through the experience.

Example: A young woman/girl comes up to me. She used to be a client and starts talking to me. I say to her, “I’m here for a rest and I really don’t want to hear you right now.” I feel guilty and caught all at the same time. I want alone time but it’s obvious she is going to talk to me. I give in. I then do some role-playing with her. I point out how she drops eye contact and turns her body away from me. She says, “Oh, that’s very interesting.”

Example: I’m working and it has been a good 6 hours I’ve done with 2 more to go. And my boss passes by and I tell her I’m sick of doing everything when your other 2 girls are just basically doing clients but nothing else substantial to help. And I ask if I can get cut early so that I can go relax I’m all balled up. She replies with a I know your doing all that but doesn’t let me leave. A lady from another Burger King restaurant arrives and so does the big boss who he is from another city arrives that day to do check ups.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I a client or handling a client?

Is it about business or therapy?

What do I feel in the dream?

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