The word clear is used in many dreams, but in so many different ways – ‘not as clear cut as that’ – ‘without any clear conception of what it is I am looking for’ – ‘felt the clear impress of his thoughts in my own’ – ‘One was clear, and another had a rose pink opalescence’ – ‘the lines of bitterness and uncertainty, as clear as cunning or laughter in other faces’ – ‘had a clear image of their breasts’ – ‘never gave him a clear idea between right and wrong’ – ‘a very clear realisation came fully formed’ – ‘we could clear a way through’.

Therefore it is important to clarify the subject and plot or theme of the dream – See Plot of the Dream

If something is clear, then it is a sign of clarifying something or being able to see something clearly, or the work of clearing has been done, depending on the theme of the dream.

If it is not clear or cloudy then it is something you are still working on in your life.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I clear about?

If I am clear about something, can I say what it is?

What was the clear thing?

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