Any signs if clutter suggests you are in need of clearing up or tidying up your thinking, your mind or your life.

Example: In the dream I was in a kitchen with a smooth white work surface. The work surface was a bit cluttered with kitchen items, but there was clear space too. I was anxious because I was aware there were small mice in the kitchen and I didn’t want them to get into the food. Sure enough one darted across the work surface and I caught it by placing a clear glass cover over it so it couldn’t escape. (I was aware this was cruel and didn’t want to hurt it and knew it must be terrified too, but I had to make sure it didn’t get into the food. ) Then another mouse darted across the work surface and somebody else caught it by placing an empty plastic margarine tub over it. I was concerned because the plastic tub wasn’t heavy enough that the mouse wouldn’t escape out from underneath. I was upset because mice are unhygienic but I didn’t know how to keep them out. I was trying to stop somebody from lifting one of the covers off the mouse but they lifted it anyway and the mouse ran out. I turned and moved away quickly so the mouse wouldn’t run up my arm. I turned my back on it and crouched down, hunching my shoulders up. But the mouse ran up the back of my clothing, under several layers, and got trapped at the back of my neck. In the dream the scenario was horrific for me as this little mouse was wriggling around inside my clothes desperate to escape and I wanted it out asap but didn’t want to hurt it. I was annoyed that it had run up MY back. It could have run up anybody’s back so why did it have to run up mine? In fact why did it have to run up anyone’s back – why didn’t it just run away? That’s all I can remember of the dream.

This dream, alough it appears to be about mice, is actauly about the mental clutter of the dreamer. She has a great horror of being unhygienic and at the same time doesn’t want to hurt or kill naything so livesi n constant conflict. Also there is indication of tension trying to be released at the neck.

Example: we went into the house (Mum was showing me around). I don’t remember much about the rest of the house, except the top floor. This room was a dining room and almost all the space in it was taken up with a big long table and lots of chairs. They were old-fashioned, bulky pieces of wooden furniture which looked well-worn. I counted the chairs in the dream – there were around twelve or thirteen. I wondered why Mum had agreed to move in with all of somebody else’s clutter filling the house. My desire was to get rid of all the old stuff, the clutter belonging to someone else, empty the rooms and start afresh. There was another disappointment – althought the views had promised to be spectacular (and from this room should have been the best since it was at the top of the house), the windows were high up. To see out of them you had to stand on tip-toe, and even then there wasn’t a clear view as the window was made up of small panes and the view was broken up and spoiled by this. Mum said she thought the previous owner had served cream teas to visitors in this room.

The dreamer comments on her own dream and say: “This dream seems to reflect what is happening in my life at the moment. More than ever I feel that I have outgrown my old life, and my entire focus is on finding the real me wherever ‘I’ am hidden. I am looking at everything about my life and reassessing it. Mostly when I dream about Mum or a mother it relates to the Church, and I think this is so in this dream. What promised to have a wonderful outlook on the sea (God, the Eternal), turns out to be full of old, worn, bulky clutter; what’s more the outlook is not even very good!

Useful Questions and Hints:

Where is the cluttere shown in the dream?

Am I aware of the clutter in my life?

What can I do about it?

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