Grasshopper crickets

Because of the film Pinocchio which shows a grasshopper/cricket as one’s conscience, it may be that in your dream. So it could represent your conscience or guilt. See insects

Grasshoppers are always jumping away as you get near them and so might show something about how you or someone else is in a relationship.

The sound of crickets is a very ancient sound, and so can represent our own ancient self that still lives in us.

Example: Now I move into being the story teller. I could hear the sound of the birds and crickets outside, and it felt like I was experiencing how the world was millions of years ago. Not like going back into the past, but recognising how the past is still with us. I said – There was a time when I heard it for the first time. I heard it all for the first time and I was amazed. I had been unconscious, asleep, and I woke up. I then heard it all for the first time. I could hear myself – life – crying, laughing, mating. I was in awe. I was in AWE. I fell down before myself and I worshipped. What creates all of this? What could create it?

Example: Tom and I sit and talk. We clearly are growing more affectionate and really like each other. There is hesitation because he is my friend’s man. Suddenly it begins to rain grasshoppers. I don’t like that and Tom and I duck into a corner of a store front. The other man ducks into another place nearby. Tom is very efficient and helpful asking the proprietor of the store if we can come in. He says no. Tom goes in to get what we will need to be comfortable. A Mexican man comes up to me and asks if I want to buy a cover to put up to protect us. I say You will have to ask the gentleman. I really like that he is taking over and arranging everything for my comfort. Tom returns with several pairs of rubber boots, a bottle of something and something to eat. The Mexican man is putting up the cover which causes Tom and I to have to cuddle close together. We look at each other longingly. He adores me and I feel filled with love and sexual excitement. He tenderly kisses me. I love it. But I pull back, remembering he is my friend’s man. He smiles gently at me and says, I won’t do that again until I’ve talked with Carol and broken off with her. Carol is now with my man and they seem to be fine with each other. It won’t be long now and Tom and I will be able to make wild passionate love.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What feelings do I have about my dream grasshopper?

Was it in context with anything else?

Was it a lesson I learned in the dream or a feeling of antiquity?

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-Laura 2017-03-16 9:37:13

I dreamt of having loads of grasshopper crickets in my hair. I managed to get a few out, but then I just started shaking my head vigorously.

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