Great Greater Greatest

Mostly the word great in a dream usually means it is or would be good; or it suggests ‘a lot of’ something – was also a great deal of deep, green & gray speckled marble. A great man or woman can mean many things – it can mean impressive or that their qualites are remarkable.

Greater means a comparison or measurement – it is a great film, but this one is greater still. But it can also be used in talking or thinking about ones understanding – moved on to a greater understanding.

Greatest can indicate your feelings or judgements about someone or something.

Example: I am going abroad, but I get cut in an accident and I am taken to a hospital and treated fairly quickly but expensively. I, as a woman, meet a man and we have a good dinner, great kissing (sex?) Then when it comes to paying for everything, T and I pay for everything and that is expensive too.

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