Organ Organs

The different aspects of self, different ideas, feelings, abilities, weaknesses and strengths which can be played or called upon; the whole range of our being as it responds to decisions and activity; sexual organs. See: music.

Body organs are a very different thing, for dreams see our body not as a mechanical and senseless thing, but a thing of great wonder, a multidimensional cathedral full of mysteries.

Take the head for instance -sitting inside your head is your brain, your brain is just a pearly-white jelly-like substance that is the visible body of your mind. It appears quite small if you look at it. If you explore it in the right way though, it is bigger than all the sky with all the stars and all the planets and space. Because a healthy brain has about ten billion nerve cells working in it, and each little cell can connect with the other cells, your brain can make more patterned interconnections than there are atoms in the universe. The number of these connections is much bigger than ten billion.

We often take for granted some of the most astounding facts about our everyday life. They seem so normal we barely notice them. But just think, the potatoes or rice you ate yesterday, is today capable of sitting and laughing at a television program. When you digested the food you ate, in some way that is truly astounding it transformed into your movements, and feelings, and being able to do maths and enjoy a film. Not even the brainiest person in the world has been able to make a robot or creature that can eat potatoes and change them into the ability to read and understand this. If we can already do that amazing thing, what else might we be able to do?

Well the head also contains the eyes, the ears and the sense of smell. And these connect directly with the brain, but are we really aware of what we can do with them when all connected.

Well the eyes and ears give us enormous information, but what do we make of it or do we understand what it shows us? As I write this I can see and hear a main road about a hundred metres away. Usually it is only noticed occasionally as I work in my little cottage, but sometime when I really listen and see, I realise that not only am a part of a little community, I am in the middle of a changing world and a part of a huge community without which it would be awful to try to exist. It is through the effort of makers of clothes, the builders of this cottage, the growers of food, the wonderful workers who give us electricity and gas, and the beginnings of us all mothers and fathers and teachers who enabled me to learn how to read and write – to name just a few of those unacknowledged I need in my life.

I can almost feel the men and women who pass by on the road, full of their desire to go somewhere, to work, to meet someone, to go shopping or just get out of their house. We are in the middle of a great mystery.

But the eyes, ears and nose also connect is with things. I have a small garden, and there are woods nearby and people. All of it part of the enormous change of the world. I see the growth in the spring, the flowering and death that is part of living. From my window I can see the buttress of a bridge where a man crashed his car and died, and the flowers his daughter puts there. Mothers with babies walk by and a woman nearby lost her husband through death.

But can you see the connections between things – between the life of flowers and trees and the human life? Does it mean anything to you? Do you never take time to wonder about it?

The senses connect directly with out brain, and our brain with thinking and wondering and hopefully seeing the connection with things. The mouth connects with taste and hunger, and that connects with plants and trees and their hunger for nutrients and their life cycle and the hard things they face in their survival, but most of us do not connect that with our own deep feelings about life and survival. They cannot see that we have evolved into a plant with its roots inside us – the villi – which like roots absorb nutrients, enable us to move instead of staying rooted.

But hunger is a holy thing, holy in that it is a basic of all life forms, and is presented as such in many religions. The bread and the wine are actually the body of life – of all life forms, and when we take in any food we are taking in a holy substance. Of course the church has made it a ritual instead of, as it is, a daily holy act of eating.

But hunger is a much wider thing than eating food, for we all are hungry for experience and thereby collecting information which if we can actually see it and digest it making it a living part of our awareness, we are made whole as a living thing, instead of the enormous hunger the world demonstrates in depression, sexually driven people, a hunger for what doesn’t actually satisfy them.

So on through the body, the heart and lungs, the sexual organs, the excretory functions are all enormous in their inner life and are also sense organs. See kundalini; Life’s Little Secrets

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