Warning Feelings or Dreams

If we could have a record of every dream each person had, we would see everyone dreams again and again of being injured, murdered or killed. Because these are common themes, some dreams are going to coincide with an actual accident or plane crash. Because these dreams are common themes, many dreamers attempt to link the dream with a later event. But such dreams are usually about psychological injury or anxiety; nevertheless, many people do have warning dreams, feelings or hearing voices.

Example: While walking home alone along a road I had walked hundreds of times; I was suddenly hit by an enormous feeling of fear which I felt told me to get as far away from the road as I could. It was a country road in the UK, and a car was stopped in the middle of the road to turn right into a factory yard, because cars were coming the other way. I went as far away as I could into a hedge. Then I heard a scream of tires on the wet road, and a car which obviously couldn’t stop flashed up onto the pavement and went between me and the parked car and onwards. My fear disappeared and I said, “Thank you” to whatever had caused such an amazing warning.

Example: On the night of February 17, 1964, Master Sergeant James Lee of Sheppard Air Force Base was reading in his home in Wichita Falls, Tex., when the telephone rang. It was his mother-in-law, Mrs. Rose Smith, calling from Clovis, New Mexico, about three hundred miles away. She told her son-in-law that she had just awakened from a nightmare in which she dreamed something terrible had happened to her daughter, his wife Selma Louise. Lee assured her that Selma Louise was well and that he would call her to the phone to prove it. When his wife failed to answer his call, he went looking for her and discovered the bathroom door locked. He forced his way in and found her dead.

Example: My dream of someone’s coming death was so simple, always the same. I would dream that I went to my dressing table and opening my mouth examined my teeth in the mirror. I always found a decayed tooth (I had very fine teeth at that time) which I picked out and laid on the table. If a river of blood flowed from the tooth I knew when I awoke that I would suffer agonies from the coming death; if it did not bleed, I knew the person about to die would be someone outside my immediate family, but always a relative. If the tooth was a front one the person concerned would be young, if a back tooth it would represent an old person.

My mother told me that a great grandmother of mine had the very same dreams with the same results, but I did not learn this till I was nineteen and my dream foretold the death of a younger sister, who was in perfect health at the time of the dream. I never knew after the dream who was to die as the dream always came well in advance of sickness. I used to think some malign spirit wanted to torment me and took this way to do so.’ Quoted from The Mystery of Dreams by William Oliver Stevens. Published by George Allen and Unwin Ltd, London, 1950.

Warning About Alcohol: Does the dream or voice warn us of overindulgence or dependence upon alcohol or is the alcohol a symbol of a life changing influence or an influx of power or potential.

Warnings about drugs: The dream may refer to a drug you are using and being warned about in your dream. Sometimes the fear of something is the power which does dominates us – not the thing itself. Each of us have areas dominated by such fears or anxieties.

Warning against acting prematurely. Wait until your plans, ideas or abilities are mature, or the situation ‘ripe’.

Warnings about health: In many cases in the past, dreams were looked to for signs of prophecy about important issues such as one’s health. In some way, dreaming is necessary to maintain psychological and physical health; for if dreaming is stopped by waking the dreamer every time they start to dream. The result was that within a few days, the non-dreamers showed signs of mental illness and breakdown. The same would happen if any natural process such as breathing or passing urine was stopped.

The evidence shows dreams as critical to mental and physical health and also suggests that dreams may be a last ditch stand against the inhibition of some of the most important aspects of yourself. There may therefore be a connection between the expression of subtle needs and emotions in dreams.

Example: I was in the house of a friend I knew many years ago, having just got out of bed, and started walking along an upstairs passage toward the bathroom, to wash and shave. As I took a few steps along the passageway I realised I had got wet somehow, and looking back I could see, against the sun coming through the window, a fine spray of water coming from a burst in a water pipe. Then suddenly a wave of water rolled out from the bedroom. A whole section of a large lead pipe had come away. That is, the front of the pipe had come off. I rushed into the room and pushed the pipe back in place, holding off the massive water leak. – Ken Sprague.

This dream occurred just before Ken experienced a major burst of an artery. Unfortunately, the warning was not understood.

Example: My wife was there as it occurred. She wrote, “I have the experience of Ken Sprague at my fingertips too……..he was bleeding buckets full as the ambulance took him away to Barnstaple…….I remember watching the car drive away as I hugged the two children and felt that I was seeing a dead man walking!  I thought it was the last image that the children would have of their father.   After a horrendous operation…..I was with him in intensive care as he was coming to …..in and out…  his experience of the pain was unbearable…His words….”It is worse than in the WAR.

Ken recovered and lived for several more years.

Warning or arguments about money: Worries about money or an inner warning to watch expenditure; a conflict relating to feelings about money or your personal value.

 Warning bell, voice or signal: Intuition that something needs attention in your life, either internally or externally.

Being warned by someone else or voice: You may not be living up to your own standards, or not taking notice of something you have observed unconsciously but need to give attention to.

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