Ways To Go Beyond Limitations

A war that has been happening for thousands of years is that between the ruling class, the governing body, those with great wealth – and the workers, slaves, the ordinary population.

Governments ask you to vote on anything except this – an even and fair sharing of the nations wealth. It is unfortunately true that those we vote into power often end up millionaires. Or if they are already millionaires their wealth is increased.

The recognition that we are programmed by a social influence that basically is saying, “You will never survive in the world unless you get a job and work, for without that you are penniless and a dropout.” This is a huge view that keeps most people locked into its influence. You actually belief this a truth of life and not an awful scheme put into place thousands if years ago by the ruling class, the Boss type people who forced the ordinary people to work for the Boss and Ruling Class and even though this work was massively productive, the rulers only paid them just enough to survive, keeping them, as happens today slaves to keep them working. Take Apple company; they put away billions in overseas investments.

As Wilda B Tanner writes in her Magical World of Dreams, “All too often, we teach and are taught how to avoid anything which is ugly, painful, distasteful, or upsetting to us. One of the most important things we need to learn is that our problems actually serve as beacons of light or as magnifying glasses, emphasising or pointing out our most crippling fears, our most restrictive attitudes, prejudices, and misconceptions which are holding up our progress-things we really must face up to and overcome if we are to grow.”  See http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/questions-2/#Victim

Unfortunately you cannot let go of what is built into you – you have to transform it. See Transformation

At one point the images were to do with aggressive people, “people who would eat you”. There are people like that. In some parts of the world or the country, it is best not to get out of your car. Don’t open the door to ask the way. It is too dangerous. When you have so many wolves around, it is not good to act like sheep. So, it is true that when we truly give up our life long control and struggle to survive and cope, we gain an amazing companion who fights with us – it is our connection with what has lived through all wars and battles – Life. See http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/water-wonderland/

Another war that few are the veterans of is one that takes great courage and perception; it is the war and conflict that all of us are involved in without many being aware of.

The fight is against the human fears, anxieties and terrors many are subdued by, the great emotions that tear people lives apart. Also the enormous amount of failure, shame, sense of personal defeat that crush many of us. But the height of the battle we meet is within ourselves, our very nature.

We can be crushed by difficult events, by the loss of someone, by an accident, by criticism or even by our own moods. Sometimes we allow parts of us such as love or creativity actually crush us. Perhaps without being really aware of it, you already know your body is a screen. When you see a film or read a book you might be moved to laugh or cry, or shout out in fear. Considering that the book and film is not reality, what is happening?

But the essence is that we are capable of reaching into wider awareness, in which you leave the limited view of the three dimensional world most of us are trapped in, and enter a world beyond what is usually known; because our physical senses tend to leave us almost blind and deaf because our eyes are only sensitive to 1% of visible light, and only 1% of audible sound – and as for smell we are only wriggling grubs compared with dogs and other mammals. Our body life is to learn important lessons by being locked in time, space and our body, with its gender and its limited view of life. See  https://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/extending-your-awareness/


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