Things you have developed in your life which are not contributing much to your present life situation – or might even be stopping more positive personal growth. Weeds can also point to the way your thoughts or feelings have been allowed to get out of hand and grown in a way to crowd out real useful growth. So, they can suggest misplaced endeavour or energy. See: Plants.

I go into a bathroom and begin pulling weeds from my mouth; weeds, weeds and more weeds come out from my mouth – come from deep down inside me. I am still pulling them out when I leave the bathroom and someone, a woman walking behind me, helps me to pull some weeds that are still trailing from my mouth. P.

Pulling stuff out of the mouth is a common dream, and most likely expresses the feeling of discomfort we feel if something foreign is in our mouth or throat. It shows the feeling of urgently trying to rid oneself of something that is unpleasant – perhaps feelings we have taken in, or things we have said that leave a nasty taste in one’s mouth. Because we speak with our mouth and tongue, they can represent the things we are trying to say, but we are blocked by feelings/emotions that are difficult to express.

Of course, weeds are simply nature’s own living creatures, but as far as dreams are concerned, weeds often are shown as blockages for things to flow easily, or to function well, so ask yourself, “In what way do I feel blocked?” It might be emotionally, sexually, creatively, your voice or even your energy.

Example: I was walking by a riverbank near a cemetery. As I walked and drew near to the cemetery, I saw submerged in the river a record player – in fact my record player. I walked into the river and pulled it out.

Prior to this dream he had experienced several dreams showing the river being blocked, or silted up, or made sluggish with reeds and weeds, and in this dream, he was walking in the direction the river flowed, it being clear and free flowing. The river is the flow of his life, showing the energies of growth and creativity, the energies underlying emotions, thinking and sexuality. The dream shows him as consciously following their flow. The cemetery is the many past lives buried within him. The record player is the faculty of memory covered up by the emotions or flow of his inner life, but now he is bringing this faculty to the surface. He felt this dream had something to do with past lives but was far from being sure.

A weed: In the English language a ‘weed’ often refers to a person who has no physical or personal strength. Someone who may be thin, not fully developed and unattractive.

Weeding out: In dreams it can indicate you trying to ‘weed out’ the parts of you that you do not want to grow in your life; also an awareness of particular parts of your personality which need working on, perhaps negative habits that need ‘weeding out’.

Weeds in the pool: Also, emphases the dangers you may harbour in your thinking or habits, because weeds growing up from the bottom of a swimming pool may trap a person freely exploring their inner world. See Inner World

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