Voice or Hearing Voices

This is a very subtle expression of an enormous range of your feelings, hurts, wonder and creativity. The voice also depicts communication, or the reaching out beyond you to cause effects in other people or the environment. So, it is a power that can influence external people, things and events.

Spontaneous speech or a voice that speaks through or to you: Your personality or mind is not a totally unified whole. You do no identify or know some aspects of yourself. Because you disown them, or fail to connect with them, they become split from your main expression. Contacting them may be like meeting a stranger – thus in dreams they are shown as exterior to you, or a separate voice, perhaps disembodied.

Some aspects of you express spontaneously, just as your breathing and digestion does. The voice may therefore be your intuitive expression of unconscious but not integrated parts of you. These may be wonderfully enlightening, or express past pains and abuse. To aid with this see Throat .

Example: I woke in the night to pee. As I was getting ready to climb out of the bed, I remembered a dream. It wasn’t a dream with images, but it was a formless person – a bodiless voice – telling me about my son. It said that my son was destined for success and was a great man. I asked why it was such a struggle for him to find success and was told it was because he was in training for greatness, and that is what it took. I then asked when it would happen and was told when he is 50.

Example: The other day I watched a program on the television in which a man was talking about his relationship with the recent Korean air crash. He said that he was a frequent air traveller, but before boarding that plane he heard a voice saying to him not to get on the plane. He said, “Look, I travel all the time. Why should I hear a voice like that? I think somebody was trying to tell me something.” His explanation of it was that he felt there was some sort of guardian or person caring for him.

Example: I felt like an animal that could not form words and so all it could do to express its intense feelings was to make these sounds over and over. It wasn’t a sound of pain.

Such deep feelings that are made by a beautiful animal consciousness inside me, and it had to slowly rise to the level of human speech. And finally, it poured out of me in the words, “I love myself.” Which actually meant I love something hard to express – something so huge that was everything and everyone that had led me to this realisation that I am an enormous collection of hundreds of people, animals and things beyond understanding.

And that in turn became, “I felt the wonder years ago” all in a voice of great emotion. “I felt that wonder and it has been burning in me ever since.”

Example: ‘My present lover, Tony, and a man I had loved years before, were standing side by side. A voice was telling me to go to Tony.’ Miranda L

Here, Miranda’s unconscious is summarising her feelings and helping her transfer her feelings of love connected with the past, to her new lover. See Voice – Using It


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