Dark Night

In this dark night,
I dreamt a dream.
And in that dream,
I saw a church,
Built with a chapel
Of the opened crocus.
And I knew it spoke of
Sexual love,
That lifted up
The river of Life
Beyond its usual borders.

Then, worshipping
There in that
Opened flower
My wondering mind asked –
When the crocus
Opens in myself,
What will I have reached to
In this life?

So, sifting the immensity
That Life holds out
To each of us,
I looked to see
If I already knew the answers,
And it seems I do.

And so I asked –
Is it God that I will find?
And my experience replied –
If you wish for a God,
Then you can create
One out of your own longing,
Your energies,
And your creativity –
And that God will be wondrous.

But when I look
To the roots of my experience,
I do not find a God.
I find the fundaments
Of my own being –
A primal awareness
That is ever with me
Though seldom dwelt in.
It is a reality not a God.
It is a foundation
In my being,
Not a being giving me foundation.

And what is there to find
Save consciousness and its reality?
It leads to no wonders –
It is a wonder.
There is no escape from self.
But there is the liberation
Of that realisation.

For I am myself
The only truth there is.
And too,
A passing shadow.

Copyright ©2006 Tony Cr

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