Sometimes a coin has similar symbolism to circle –  your wholeness. This may represent something you value, so can have a very wide significance. For instance two gold coins, in one person’s dream represented his twin sons, who were of great value to him.

Anything to do with money may suggest worries about finance, or an intuition of good fortune.

If the money is dirty, it may be a suggestion that you are living beneath your best motives, earning money in a grubby way. Because we call loose money change in English, sometimes the coins might represent change in your life – small changes.

But money is also energy. We get it usually by working, and so it stands in the place of work energy sometimes. So holding on to coins shows you holding yourself back, holding on to what you could let flow in your life. See: money.

Coins have two sides: Occasionally this is the point made in the dream, showing how the dual nature of life – the inner the outer, life and death – are actually only one thing without duality. See You Are Dual

Coins as jewellery: Coins have often been strung together to form a necklace or bangle, and in many cultures personal wealth was worn in this way. To find or dig up such a necklace of coins suggest the uncovering within yourself or your life things of great value, of abilities or talents, often from the long past. Such influence often comes in the form of new abilities arising, or as intuitive awareness of how to respond to certain situations or relationships in your life. So they can be links with what is usually the hidden side of life.

As simple jewellery that is not ancient,  they suggest richness of character that is obvious to others and expressed in the way you live.

Example: I was the top of a hill on my knees digging in the earth with my right hand. It was fairly easy. I pulled up what felt like coins, and found they were all joined together, forming something one could wear. This was in the form of a necklace from which ran a long loop from one edge to the other, perhaps reaching fairly well below the breasts. There were coins set a little way apart all around this loop. Then in between there were two connections from coins going down in a V to a single line that connected with the bottom of the loop. From this single line, and the coins on it, there were connections to the coins on the loop, reaching low on the trunk.

The coins, or really, medallions, were shining silver, depicting Christian or ancient saints and martyrs. It was, I knew in the dream, like a rosary, which one could use in prayer. But instead of just the Ave Maria’s, and the Our Father’s, all the other saints were included. Thus it was a very comprehensive guide to prayer. Some of the silvered chains between the coins were missing, but these had been mended with something else. The shape of it suggests the sign of the cross people make on their body. But it shows the right way to do this is first touching the brow, then to two breasts, then down to the genitals – the real sources of power. Richard.

Digging up coins: Can suggest uncovering something of value in yourself, perhaps a talent or ability you were led to bury, or ignore, in the past. Sometimes such coins point to abilities of things of value that are emerging in your present life from the long past. Occasionally such coins need to be cleaned, suggesting you have issues to deal with, karma to work out, before the talents or value from the past can be really used in the present.

Money suggests energy too, so the buried coins may point to energy or personal potential that may have been buried or repressed at some time.

Dropping coins into water: Is an ancient way of giving a sacrifice – a wishing well effect. We give to the unseen powers of life in order to either say thank you, or ask a blessing/wish.

Finding coins: Has in it not only a sense of finding things potentially valuable, and therefore allowing you more possibilities in life, but also at times confronts you with possessiveness, ownership, or sharing.

Foreign coins: Are showing things that are valuable but not at the moment transferable into the potential energy they represent. So you need to ask yourself how you can extract their value.

If the money is dirty: It may be a suggestion that you are living beneath your best motives, earning money in a grubby way that your inner feelings suggest you avoid.

Making coins: Might indicate that you are creating something of value out of basic materials.

Putting coins in a vending machine: Is a little bit like throwing a coin in a wishing well. But here we are giving something to get something – or hoping to get something. So the emphasis is on giving to get – hopes and expectations.

Tarnished coin; Depicts something valuable or interesting that has long been forgotten or not recognised in yourself or in your life events.

Idioms: To coin a phrase; serious coin.


Useful Questions and Hints:

If I have just found the coin or coins, what am I aware of recently entering my life that is of value?

What am I doing with the coin(s), and what does this suggest about the way I use my energy or talents?

If I am spending the coin, what is it I am seeking by this transaction or sacrifice?

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Old valuable coins: These could depict deeply important memories held within yourself about inherited wisdom from your family, maybe even past lives. See: Bank; Money.


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