Money worries or decisions about or events to do with money and the whole lifestyle that goes with it. Therefore it may indicate dreams or hopes about the future; resources – financial, mental and spiritual such as suggested by savings. It could relate to your internal sense of security – if threatened then feelings of insecurity and fear – again savings. It can indicate emotional resources such as confidence and sexual certainty; social power; feeling of pressure about debts or social money situation; something you depend upon.

The bank might depict the ways, the attitudes, skills or otherwise, with which you deal with your resources or energies. In other words what you do with the energy you stored up/banked. See: Money

Bank raid: Threat to security; feelings of anxiety. Or if you are a bank robber, feelings of desperation about money. Perhaps not feeling socially connected in the way to get money flowing to you, so suggesting that you access resources by force instead of understanding.

Bankruptcy: Feelings of despair or failure; the end of a scheme or relationship; the realisation or feelings that the direction has not worked and must be abandoned, whether a marriage, business or direction in life. Or it could be doing too much and exhausting your reserves, materially or emotionally.

Difficulty drawing money out: Frustration about earning power and thus ability to find security or esteem; lack of confidence or negative feelings about personal value. Perhaps there is a need to be personally affirmed, or a sense that you do not feel valued.

Talking with the bank manager: Thinking about, or trying to deal with issues of finance, personal resources or self esteem. If the bank manager is serious, then you need to look closely at your finances. If he is amiable, you are probably doing well despite worries. The bank manager also represents the wisdom or attitudes you can use as a resource to deal with the economics of your life. See Talking As.

Vaults of a bank: Deep unconscious resources; your potential or reserves.

Working at a bank: Dealing with money issues, security, personal values.

Idioms: Bank on; burst/break the bank.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What worries or concerns do I have about money?

Is my dream showing me new insights or understanding about how to deal with my life?

If there are difficulties in the dream, what are they and how does that connect with my waking life?

See A useful way to understand your dream – Dream Understanding.

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