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Memory, inner knowledge; collective human wisdom, so may depict connection with the collective unconscious. See: Book; collective unconscious.

Sometimes we use encyclopedia or records in dreams to reference past life memories, or memories from long past. Here are a series showing this.

Example: I was walking by a riverbank near a cemetery. As I walked and drew near to the cemetery, I saw submerged in the river a record player – in fact my record player. I walked into the river and pulled it out.

Prior to this I had experienced several dreams showing the river being blocked, or silted up, or made sluggish with reeds and weeds, and in this dream he was walking in the direction the river flowed, it being clear and free flowing. The river is the flow of his life, showing the energies of growth and creativity, the energies underlying emotions, thinking and sexuality. The dream shows him as consciously following their flow. The cemetery is the many past lives buried with him. The record player is the faculty of memory covered up by the emotions or flow of his inner life, but now he is bringing this faculty to the surface. He felt this dream had something to do with past lives, but was far from being sure.

Dream 2. About two weeks later I had the following dream: A friend and I entered an old empty house which had not been lived in for a long time, and we explored its rooms. In an upstairs room we came upon what looked at first like a baby grand-piano. When I opened the lid, however, it was seen to be a record player with a very large turntable, and I noticed behind the piano, stacked against the wall, a large number of records. They were as huge as the turntable, at least two feet across. I put one on; it was Cheiro (the palmist and prophet) speaking about prophecy. My friend was fascinated with the record player, and said he was going to renovate it, clean it up and use it.


Useful questions and hints:

What was I reading or seeing in connection with the encyclopedia?

Can I remember any associations with encylopedias?

Did I learn anything from my dream or  the encyclopedia?

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