Things, ideas, habits, that have collected around, or overlaid whatever the symbol represents. A dirt encrusted mirror would represent the lack of ability to look at self, or to see yourself as you are, due to material or earthly desires and values.

Something encrusted with rust suggests not only age but also lack of use. An ornament encrusted with jewels indicates a very rich source of wisdom and connection with your core self.

Example: As the cleansing programme begins I become aware of a fibre glass or man-made structure, something like a Michelin man, riveted together.  There seems to be encrusted material caked on in places, rather like temporary dental filling or Polyfilla.  As it has been there for quite some time it is quite hard to remove and I become aware that to do so could mean the whole structure will fall apart.  My friend assures me that it is safe to let it die.   As the water continues to jet onto the filler I become aware of a new born life form which has been protected by the structure.  Its skin is slightly mottled and I become acutely aware of its breathing and the strong sense of magic pervading from and all around the creature.  The creature lies in a crib in the centre of a room, alert, curious, enchanted and I am fascinated by this incredible discovery.  From death new life miraculously arises!  Beneath the man made structure behold a faery child!  I reconnected with the magic that lies at my very core; the newness, the freshness, the playfulness and innocence. I am renewed!

Useful questions and hints:

What is it that is encrusted and what does that suggest or relate to in my life?

What do I feel about what is encrusted?

Is this something I owned and got left?

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