In some dreams, as in a muddy road, or swamp, the mud is simply the retarding aspect of your hesitations and fears. In other dreams, people search through, or dig in the mud, which represents the cleansing of emotions caused by outer circumstances, the looking through the experience or muck of your life for its treasure, for often a flower or jewel may be found in the mud. IT is the primordial substance or life energy, sensuality, even blood.

Mud is like clay, it is a substance that can be moulded, and so may present the idea of your basic memories and emotions that were shaped. Mud may also symbolise healing, as it contains all the elements of the past, which we need for completeness.

The fundamental primordial, sensual, slimy basis of life and how we relate to it; emotions which cause us to feel bogged down; past experience which may hold us back, but has enormous growth potential in it; the healing possibilities of our body and its minerals.

Our mind is a fantastic and multidimensional area. It holds all that you have even been – most of it unconscious. You still hold the original primeval slime in your testicles or the wonderful eggs that are part of the flow of blood that was the start of life. You are still a cellular creature. You still have within you all the levels of being, the reptilian brain, the mammalian brain and the human brain. See Levels of the Brain

Apart from the millions of bacteria you need to digest your food, what about the ones that actually make your food into a smelly decaying mess in your bowel? We are all part of the process so living and dying. Also to reproduce and to have a child you revert to the very beginnings of evolution, the mud and the slime of sex. Yet that is the very wonder of Life. And from that slime of the beginning of life, you went through the whole process of evolution in your mother’s womb. From a tiny seed you became a vegetative process where cell divided into other cells. Then you became a fish-like creature with gills, and finally a body that had the possibility to become a human child. See Programmed

Body dirty with mud: Ill health; ones life needs ‘cleaning up’ morally. But mud can also be a healing thing – mud baths.

Sinking into mud: Sexual difficulties; feelings of hopelessness or despair.


Idioms: Mud slinging; drag somebody through the mud; ones name is mud; stick in the mud.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I feel like I am stuck in the mud?

Can I accept that mud is the basic stuff of life?

What is my dream telling me?

See Martial Art of the Mindstuck in lifeaccept Your Core Self


-Princess 2017-04-24 22:12:33

I dreamed that I am about to cross a road sudenlly there is a pit or a hole. It’s like they are having a road construction, on that hole or road there is a mud.
Can you translatr it for me? Thank you.

-Lourdes Angeles Gonzalez 2017-03-11 19:26:41

Saturday March 11th 2017
I have always been intrigued about dreams, and the self conscious mind. That with no doubt I believe it represents something in our life, weather is past, present, or to come. I would love feedback and information, if you offer classes or workshops or even a beginner’s Book of Dreams. Thank you. So many questions so little time. 713-775-2823

-Chelsea 2017-01-11 14:18:02

Hi there,

Last night I dreamt I was walking in an outdoor horse pen and all of the horses were laying down, dead, in thick mud which covered their bodies. I looked around in shock. One horse, though, was alive and had been stuck there for days. I watched as a rescue team dragged him through the mud to safety – his body wrapped and tied up. He was quiet and lethargic as they pulled him through the mud. I noticed how beautiful and big his eyes were.

I’ve been doing a lot of uncomfortable healing work around my childhood and specifically my relationship with my father.. and my relationship with food, eating, and the physical health of my body. I have a feeling the dream related to those things but I’m not so sure.

Any help in the form of information or interpretation would be so appreciated. I love your work and get so much out of it!

In gratitude,

-Paula 2016-10-22 13:37:54

I had a dream that I was searching through mud and found a beautiful white diamond with an engraving on it…couldn’t see the engraving…it was like as if the diamond was on a gold chain…can you help me understand this please

-Kay 2016-10-03 20:22:32

I was taking water that was dirty ie brown out of what was either a tank or pond with intention to replace with clean water. I was surprised to find baby fish in it because the water was so dirty. More surprising wash that there were adult, yellow and silver striped, fiah eating fish in there and they hadn’t eaten the baby fish.

    -Tony Crisp 2016-10-04 12:18:02

    Kay – I have an impression this is about babies or having a baby. Is there difficult conceiving?

    Anyway the pond of water often indicates both your inner world of feelings, hopes etc., but also your fertility – the baby fish that are not eaten. Also you are trying to put right things you feel about you and your ability to have babies – you are trying to make things better.


-Grace 2016-08-08 15:24:02

I think I understand what it means but wouldnt mind hearing your interpretation.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-08-12 11:40:50

    Dear Grace – Your dream may reflect your decision to leave an old way of dealing with life behind; one that does not work anymore for you.
    Perhaps you feel like exploring why this decision makes you feel angry and scared;
    Wearing different clothes in earth tones also show that you are exploring a different approach to life in a practical way; you are probably more grounded into your body; which makes you feel safe enough to take these steps and vulnerable at the same time.
    Being grounded means being mindful in the present – not overly focusing on the past nor the future – and this approach is reflected in many parts of your dream.
    You are aware of your feelings, but they do not “stick” to you.
    Also being aware of your feelings opens up a way to handle them; “Looking at my clothes I feel vulnerable of assault and rape because I was alone and at that moment a big mutt comes sniffing around me.
    I know that if I pat him once he’ll stay with me.”
    The mutt may reflect your intuition and for what “mixed-up” purpose you want to use it; “sniff out danger in front of me.”
    “I have my big dog my companion to scare off anyone that means to cause harm” could also reflect that you still hold on to part of your past in your attempt to move yourself into the unknown future.
    This holding on is also reflected in the dog wearing a pony tail; a symbol for girlhood.
    Even when our past was not a happy one, we tend to hold onto it out of fear for the unknown.
    Becoming aware of this without judging yourself is already a step into the right direction;
    You added “I think I understand what it means but wouldnt mind hearing your interpretation.”
    I would appreciate your feedback too.
    Anna 🙂

      -Kassandra 2016-09-03 17:01:14

      I had this dream …It started out as me running on a muddy road and then. It came to a stop and you had to jump down and this lady helped me with her kids and they kept running but I knew I’d get lost if I kept going so I went home and on my way into enter the apartment complex this older lady shoved me and I told her to say excuse me in Spanish and she said no and that there was gonna be something very wrong with me and I asked her what it was and she didn’t say it for a bit then said ” be careful of your dad driving because he WILL die ” and she left and I cried and this guy told me that she was a witch and everything she said was true and then everything just changed and I was drunk at a party . I want to know what this means

-Grace 2016-08-08 15:21:20

My dream starts with me standing in the middle of a road along old dilapidated homes. I cant see them but they are there. Iam feeling angryand scared but determined to walk away. When I start walking I notice that Iam walking in mud with tire tracks but somehow the mud does not get on my shoes it squishy with a lot of tiny pebbles that really don’t release muck. I also notice what Iam wearing which is a long flowy skirt a flowy tank top and mossy green overshirt. The clothes are all earth tones but not something I would wear. Looking at my clothes I feel vulnerable of assault and rape because I was alone and at that moment a big mut comes sniffing around me. I know that if I pat him once he’ll stay with me. I do and he is pleased sniffs at me once and turns around to sniff out danger in front of me. I know now I have a protector. When he turns aroundI notice that Iin his head he wears a pony tail with long black silky hair. I smile because eventhough I have no one with me, I have my big dog my companion to scare off anyone that means to cause harm.

-Ysabela 2015-09-05 22:52:13

In my dream, I was on a motorcycle and someone familiar to me, (I don’t know who) was behind me on the bike. And we traveling to a certain destination and ended up somewhere else entirely. We ended up in sort of like a tunnel. Other random people were there. I got off the bike and seen all this mud all around and in front of us. I realized I was wearing flip flops because I could literally feel all this mud between my toes. And while people were telling me that it was good for me to have my feet in the mud, (for whatever reason, it could’ve been a spa treatment for all I know) I didn’t believe them because well, it’s mud. I remember getting out of that mud really quick. And that was it.
An explanation would be very appreciated.

-Rodolfo 2015-01-05 3:53:32

Hello I had a dream last night that I was infront of my aunt’s house and all the family was coming out her house while I was going through a passage that leads to her house suddenly my right leg got caught in the mud and I could not take it out can you tell me what that means.

-Lorel 2014-12-26 6:09:16

I dreamt about crossing a watery mud. The mud was so sticky so i had to crawl. After crossing the mud, i felt that there was sticky mud stuck inside my throat. I was trying to call for help but there was mo voice coming out. The mud blocked my throat, it was hard to breathe. I put my finger inside my mouth to take out the mud and i slowly started breathing and talking. Before crossing the mud, i saw my female childhood friend. She told me if i wanted to go to the other side, i should cross the mud because there was no other way. She crossed the mud easily. She did it first before me. While i was crawling in the mud she was watching me on other side. She was standing there without any reaction. I asked her to reach my hand and help me, but she didnt.

Please tell me the meaning of this dream and if it’s bad tell me how to avoid it.

-Janey Lapham 2014-12-07 10:49:19

Please tell me what it means to dream of a purple starfish with yellow on it’s back?

    -Tony Crisp 2014-12-07 13:10:50

    Janey – You have not sent enough information about your dream to make any sense of it. I need more information because dream symbols are like words, they have several meanings and also are different in different situations. You can be mad in an insane asylum, or mad about a guy – completely different settings.


-Janey Lapham 2014-12-07 10:45:55

What does it mean to dream that an arm was coming out of the mud reaching for me to help but I couldn’t, I had this dream three times

-clara 2014-04-17 1:07:24

accurate dream interpretation I will come back to this website thank you

-Carolyn 2013-11-17 13:56:53

I had a dream of two babies and two adults dying in mud-all relatives-the explanations here, do not satisfy what my dream was. The two babies were my son and my God daughter, and the two adults were my older sisters. I was crying/screaming at my oldest brother who was to the right of me, but due to crying/screaming he kept asking me what was wrong-you couldn’t see the ppl in the mud-finally my God daughter and son came up out of the mud/ dead and placed in my arms-never found the sisters. HELP!

-Samantha 2012-02-04 17:01:57

Hi, I lately had a dream that dirty muddy water was splashing all over me and it left stains on my skin that gradually turned into really thick dark hair and zits/spots started to appear.

Thank you

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