Offer Offered Offering

To offer something in a dream, or be offered something usually depicts some sort of change, perhaps one in which a decision has to be made – whether to accept or not. It might also suggest extending yourself, or being reached out to in some way. This might involve some level of risk or exposure to rejection or being used.

Our human ability to move among and learn from or experience the many states of being shown as all the characters we dream about. It offers a much wider or more inclusive view of where you are and where you are going in life. Characters and People in Dreams; Imagination

 Example: A woman who was a radio researcher was offered the job of presenter. She was thrilled but dreamt she was in a road walking and planes flew overhead dropping bombs and shooting. She had to dive into a ditch to avoid being killed. When she explored the dream she realised she was afraid of facing the public directly and this fear if left unconscious would have caused her to refuse the job. She meets the fear and managed to press forward with the job.

Example – This is my dream. I am driving my car, alone. I can see a female friend and stop to offer her a lift. I partly want her to be impressed by my new car. She looks at me. Now she tells me she doesn’t want a lift and I am watching her walk off with a man I do not know.

Example: But then I was shown the way out – it was by admitting that I was a heap of shit, and asking for help as the twelve steps in Alcoholics Anonymous define it. In opening myself to that wonderful otherness my heap of shit became a compost heap which offered new growth.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Was I offering or offered to?

What was it being offered and what does that mean to me?

Did I reject what was offered and can I say why?

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-Jordan Wong 2017-07-02 10:39:34

I dreamed of being offered a job. The scenario was that I was holding a job offer paper with my two hands. I’m not sure if I was standing or was sitting. I currently searching for a job with interviews lined up the next day. Can you let me know what this means? Thankyou.

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