Usually it points to intuition. Or it could be unconscious hopes or desires, or even attempt to manipulate. See: esp in dreams.

 Dreams should not be seen as oracles, but if you take their information into account along with your other sources, you will find them a real addition to your life equipment. A dream is not an oracle. It is the point of view of the unconscious. For consciousness to accept this point of view uncritically is to be caught in a particularly insidious form of superstition. On the other hand, to learn of the attitude of the unconscious is valuable knowledge. It is the first step towards inner co-operation, the forming of the whole person.

Because many people believe they have prophetic dreams and are untrained in their use, dreams sometimes prove to be traps, or appear to be so. They sometimes behave like the Delphic oracle that told King Croesus that if he crossed the Halys River he would destroy a large kingdom. It was only after he had been completely defeated in battle after the crossing that he discovered that the kingdom meant by the oracle was his own.

The Delphic oracles in Greece were called ‘Melissae’, or “bees.” The oracles and gods of prophecy were given offerings of honey and honey cakes.

 Example: When Esther left the stage, her voice had told her that her retreat would last two years. She had taken this to mean that after two years she would return to the stage and be earning money again. But the experience of the past thirteen days warned her against such hopes. Was the voice wrong? No, but like all oracles it was easily misinterpreted. If you are looking in the wrong direction, you cannot see the truth. She thought the return would be to her career as an actress. Now she realised that ‘the return’ was an internal problem, the remaking of her personality; and this she found agonisingly difficult. She had temporarily left the bookshop early in 1958, and now when she went back to work in it, as she felt she must, all the old traits of character which she disliked so much seemed to be coming to life again. How was she to make a finer person out of such poor material?


Useful Questions and Hints:

What message did I get from my dream?

Did I hear a voice telling me something?

What problem did my dream deal with?

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