The Prophecy of The Star Beings

In January of 2003 I had an amazing dream. In it I was walking home at night in the countryside, and I looked up at the night sky, and saw with wonder that huge stylised figures made of thousands of stars danced across the sky from horizon to horizon.

It took me a long time to enter deeply into this dream, but when I did I met what I have called the Star Beings.

Because I have explained these beings and what the communications between us were more fully elsewhere, I will simply say that I recognised them as what ancient cultures have called the gods. But they were in no way like the strange portrayals of the ancient gods we see in films and drama; powerful caricatures of human beings with amazing powers. These beings did not have human form with crazy quirks, angers and desire for power that humans have. I experienced them as the spectrum of fundamental forces and energies that work together to create the universe.

However, these forces that usually we take as somehow inanimate or without awareness, like the force of gravity or the energy pouring out of the sun, I experienced as having awareness and intelligence. I knew them as existing in the water we drink and the air we breathe. I knew them as our real parents, of whose body we take into us to exist. I knew them as the beings we are constantly hurting through our destructive relationship with nature. They explained to me that we have not yet fulfilled our role, a role that placed us as the custodians of life on Earth. They also told me that the time of the Lion and the Bull are coming.

The message I receive from the ancient beings, the Star Beings, is that the time of the Bull and the Lion is approaching. This is simply a cycle just as summer and winter are cycles. And I was shown that the lion represents what we can call the carnivore. The carnivore lives off the weak or the sick. It pulls down what is old or decrepit. In the terms of the Star Beings it represents processes or forces that pull down those things in society and in the world that are ailing, that are weak, that are not flowing with the energy of life. This force pulls down what is sick — the degenerative parts of society and of the world.

The bull, as in the ancient Mediterranean world, represents the Earth Shaker. In its most physical sense it depicts earthquakes. But it is really about forces that shake the world making weak structures crumble. So the lion and the bull together suggest incredibly powerful forces acting upon society and the world. Things, social and personal attitudes and ways of life, business practices, national and political structures that do not have a good foundation, things that are degenerate, diseased or weak will be gradually cleansed. In a way, what is weak shakes itself to bits through its own internal energy. It self destructs because it is not connected with life giving forces.

We can see this happening in recent world events.

I have explained my meeting with the Star Beings more fully in Prophetic Dream of the Coming Years. See also 2012 The Mayan Years of Destiny; 2012 Prophecies


-JR 2014-03-18 22:43:23

Your site is wonderful and I visit often! THANK YOU for sharing this dream. I want to share with you that I also had an unforgettable dream about star beings around 1990:

I was walking at night and the constellations became like enormous figures made of starlight that hovered and walked in an arc overhead. I then entered a house with large glass walls. I could see many people outside, they were almost stalking the exterior and I became very frightened. At that moment, a Native American shaman type figure appeared a few feet before me and it methodically danced while shaking a small rattle –– left foot, right foot, left foot, and so on. The shaman was dressed in a full costume with mask that I would describe as being like a red canary. It was as if the shaman wanted me to focus on It, rather than on any fear of the world outside. The dream became only more beautiful when a large black bear appeared, and walked in slow circles around me, growling. I have always felt it was a protection dream, but one that transcended my personal dream-life and entered a realm of universal spiritual messengers.

-Kecia 2013-07-29 15:43:04

Tony, I use your site nearly every day for inspiration concerning the meaning of my dreams. This dream of yours interested me, because I see similarity with a dream I had on the ninth of July, 2013.

The Dream: I see the night sky as if lying on my back looking up. I can see a fixed constellation, some stars brighter, some fainter, and then a few additional stars moving elegantly and silently into place amidst the constellation’s field. I have such a great sense of peace of mind and well-being that the emotion wakes me, and I lie in bed afloat on that sensation and seeing the starry image in my mind’s eye.

There was no “communication” in this dream as you experienced, only the communication that required no words, only the sublime and magnificent sense that all was well with the cosmos.

Thank you for sharing your experiences and insight on this website.


    -Tony Crisp 2013-08-01 8:00:30

    Kecia – Thank you for your words and encouragement.

    What you say reminds me of a beautiful woman I met years ago. She was describing her experience of enlightenment, which happened during the Korean war. She told me that despite her worries about war, what she saw was that all was working out exactly as it should, and it is only our own poor vision that makes it appear otherwise.

    But you wrote, “There was no “communication” in this dream as you experienced”. But I didn’t receive any communication in the dream. It took me six months of working on it using the things describe in Exploring Dreams -Techniques to use.

    I would love to hear anything new you discover about your dream. It sounds as if it too has a great message for you – on top of the sublime and magnificent.


-tigresstiff 2011-12-16 4:45:51

Very cool! Your dream universe is fascinating.

    -Tony Crisp 2011-12-16 9:27:57

    Well Tigress – I did write a very chatty and long reply, but my PC ate it because I accidentally touched the wrong button. Hope I will get back to it. And your universe is fascinating too.


    -Tony Crisp 2011-12-16 9:38:40

    So are you in your universe – Tigress.

    And thank your for sharing so much with me. As far as non-attachment goes, my feelings are that it can be a difficult way, because everything in our culture shouts out to us to have goals. I struggled with it for years, but am easy seeing that my inner life gives me things to do. Also I feel some people get so fixed on non attachment they get fixated on not having anything which is a form of attachment. It is just me ruminating, being old. 🙂

    What book are you trying to finish? I have got hooked on publishing with Kindle – the sorts of things no publisher would look, but which I gave a lot of thought to.

    The astrology stuff I used to be able to read your chart and give an intuitive answer which was usually fairly accurate – my first wife Brenda was an – or is – an astrologer.

    Hey – my computer didn’t eat it after all, it just opened about 20 windows and have just found this one.

    Sorry – I am being chatty, and so have wandered on. And I cannot see how anyone can say they are an atheist. Have you seen ?? Apparently atheism is a religion.


      -tigresstiff 2011-12-17 1:17:04

      Cheers Tony! I welcome the chattiness, am honored by it in fact. I have been exploring more your fantastic site and I find it, somehow, calming and reassuring and obviously incredibly interesting. I didn’t even identify with my feelings as non attachment until that subject came up in conversation with a friend. Then, I realized that was an appropriate description for my state. I’m trying to finish an autobiographical book that is an account of how magic/that unique energy that proves to us that there is more has intervened in my life, particularly during a very trying period. I became a gypsy of sorts and left everything in my life, to drive up and down the west coast of the US, kind of really getting to know myself and people, in many ways for the first time. It’s a slow process but I think it will come in time. I haven’t heard of the Kindle publishing process. It sounds interesting. You are quite a productive writer! What’s your secret? Maybe it’s an all or nothing thing with me, I have just been doing a little here or there and that approach usually doesn’t work well for me. I’m either in or I’m out!

      And I do think that Atheism is a religion! I am going to read that link right now.


        -Tony Crisp 2012-01-11 14:27:41

        Tiff – I can’t find any trace of replying to you post of ages ago about, amongst other things, driving up and down the West Coast. I wanted to do that when I was 17 but got involved in doing national service and then marriage and helpful with our children.

        I managed to get out of that about 2000 and had quite a time until I had a stroke – and then this site began and I am in it up to my neck – fun though and learning so fast. I think it is a karmic thing – having to work my way through it.

        So, the writing thing, well I just couldn’t stop it. I had an explosion of insights and was amazed where it all came from. I desperately wanted to communicate. Considering that even at 21 I didn’t know my ABC – I had a thing about being told “repeat after me” I think there was something driving me on. I wanted to know why and how so refused to learn in that way. I think that is why I keep on trying to put the pieces together.

        But I think the main things that keep writers at it are desire to communicate; hope to be recognised as having ‘something’; need to earn money. So whatever it is that drives you, get a harness on it and let it lead you.


      -deepa 2012-01-09 13:08:35

      Hi Tony, read this one, I think the time is approaching as is indicated by wall street and Anna Hazare here in India. People are just fed up of the whole system, hope it gets better anyway.

-lorraine 2011-05-06 10:08:52

Wow! Reading this in 2011 after so many cataclysmic world events that have happened …….
I am glad I have happened on your site.

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