Fierceness; temper; anger; In Christian symbolism it represented power to protect against evil. See: leopard.

Useful questions are:

What attitude or feelings is my dream panther expressing, and how does that relate to me?

If I imagine myself as the panther, do I feel anger, power or fear? (For help doing this see Stand in Role under peer dream work.)

Is it a male or female panther and what does that lead me to feel or associate with it?

What is my relationship with the panther and what does that suggest?


-Christine 2014-06-06 17:12:47

While growing up I discovered that the panther is my totem.I’ve always felt one with it.
The first dream I ever had was me in a large building saving baby cougars, lions and tigers. But the first one was a panther who was already grown.She talked to me through my mind as if we were linked somehow. She told me her name was Pantherah. As I finished getting all the animals out she stood by my side the entire time. Suddenly the place became on fire so I rushed everyone out but the panther still stood by me telling me to be calm.
Once we were all out a large tiger attracted me believing I was the one who caged them. I was scared but remembered what the panther told me. So I stood up to the tiger and explained what I did.
The panther did however started to walk to the tiger in my defense before I stood up for myself.
The next dream, which was just last night:
I went into a music & book store. I looked around but found nothing of interest. So I went into the back where I wasn’t suppose to and found a panther laying down on a large white desk. It seemed calm and happy. I walked to it and let it sniff my hand and showed no fear of petting it. It was pleased to see me? Or so that’s what I felt.

-Sohni 2014-05-27 16:41:38

Last night I dreamed I had a pet lion. The lion and I were close. We were riding in a car and suddenly we were on feet. A black panther appeared out of nowhere and my lion began to chase it. The panther attacked my lion then attacked me. I had three dreams last night and my boyfriend was in the first and the last dream. The panther dream was the second dream of the night. I survived the panther attack, but was severely bitten. I remember in the third dream my boyfriend was very comforting and seemed to have been remorseful for something. Is this panther attack somehow symbolic to hidden issues my boyfriend may be hiding and feel bad about?

-Annuh 2014-05-25 9:20:21

I’m hoping you could help me out. I just woke up from a nightmare that literally made me piss myself. It started I was having romantic encounters with someone I would never do anything with in real life. Couldn’t even bare myself to do more than kiss them even in my dream. Then me and my friend drove to the store which was eerie, and my friend and I get back to the car and all these wild animals start jumping into the car, while we were driving, rolling the windows up. There were atleast 15, birds, possums, everything! Last one I saw coming out of the bushes towards the car was a big sleek black panther. My friend grabs me as we walk past him. I just stared at him with fear. Got back to my room, and my friend makes a move on me! I was not willing to do anything. She goes home and I hear a knocking in the garage I go out and this tom cruise looking guy says I’m the seventh story so I have to go with him. He was a part of something, I don’t know. The dream natzi. So I ask that I go brush my teeth and put clothes on first. I walk out to the patio to gaze at the sky one last time and I notice the black panther is stalking me up in the trees, watching and listening. Apparently I took too long (half an hour) because I heard a hard knock and my boyfriend was still sleeping I didn’t even say goodbye. I go back down, and this tom cruis man makes me listen to a recording of the friend I was hanging out with being tortured and crying leaving me a voicemail with a recording of our encounter in the background, he said it’s because I was taking too long. I felt ashamed my whole dream. Then I think about my family and decide I must go with these people to keep everyone else safe, there is no other way. Knowing fully that I wasn’t coming back more than half alive, or dead. We were sitting waiting for the boss and I notice tom cruise looking guy has his nails painted and I ask if he is gay. He says why do you ask if you already know? The boss comes forward and I fear for my family, my little sister and little brother. But the man was short and little, not intimidating at all. Then I woke up pissing and scared. And very disoriented. I don’t know what to do.

-kat 2014-05-24 11:34:24

i dreamt of my friends boyfriend whom in turn turned into a panther then attacked me is there any meaning to this im hoping nothing bad cause he seems like he very nice guy never gave us any reason not to like him or fear him?

-Emily 2014-05-21 5:28:57

Two weeks ago from today i had a dream i was sleeping in my room and was woken up by scratching in my livingroom. i woke up went to see what the noise was to see a huge black panther trying to get into my house through my window. I stared at it as it stared at me with its big bright lime green eyes. then i quickly ran into my room to wake my husband but failed to wake him so i ran back into my livingroom to find the panther gone and my neighbors 3 big dogs barking into my window. Now this may seem crazy but i live in Mississippi and yesterday as i was playing with my daughter outside i look into the edge of the wood to see a black cat the size of a medium dog with a very, very long tail on it. this wasn’t a average house cat this was something bigger and more wild. Im not from Mississippi so i asked a few local people if there are black panthers here i was told yes. After doing research on them this is what i really think i seen a black Jaguarundi. is this sighting of the big black cat related to my dream?

    -Tony Crisp 2014-05-21 8:19:36

    Emily – It does sound very much like what is described as a grey Jaguarundi. They tend to look black and the very long tail is a real give away.

    I believe it is related to your dream. We all live on an island of our individual life, with our senses only reaching to the shoreline of our island of awareness. But the island is simply part of a huge underwater land which reaches above water to form our personal life. When we sleep and dream we are actually a part of the underwater self we all are; and in that state many of us sense our surroundings and the creatures around us. So you may have felt the presence of the Jaguarundi, and as usually in dreams, used the nearest image you had in your repetoirs of images.


-Lori 2014-04-21 14:29:01

I recently had a dream where I was entering a church rectory looking for the priest. I was accompanied by my father (whom passed away 5 years ago) and my pet black panther. I was worried about letting the panter loose in the rectory so I was searching for a leash, which crazy enough there happened to be a red leash hanging on the wall which I asked for my Dad to hand it to me, telling him that it was mine. My panther wanted to search and I was afraid that possibly there might be another animal and I didn’t want it to hurt anything so I preceded to put it the leash and walk with it. There was an open door to the basement and I went to look. At some point in the basement I found a white snow leopard cub with beautiful blue eyes. We walked back upstairs. At this point, I carried the cub, my Dad disappeared and my panther preceded to go into a living room where he sat on the arm of a large sofa. I walked into a room, maybe a sitting room and the priest came into the room, I had startled him. He was carrying a large red book to his chest. He told he had been doing laundry (?) and we sat together on the floor where he opened the book and we began to talk. We were discussing a union between a man and a woman but she was pregnant. Then he told me I could join him. I kept asking him what, what? I seemed puzzled or distracted. Then all of a sudden the priest turned into a woman.

I have had at least two more odd dreams concerning the church. But I was curious about the meaning of the black panther as my pet and the white snow leopard cub. Thank you for any insight you can offer.

-Nikki 2014-03-12 10:42:56

Over the past week or so I have had 2 vivid dreams about a black panther. In the first it growled at me and I was sure that it would get me but then another panther came up before me. The first panther was distracted by the second and they began to fight. I was able to sneak away unnoticed. In the second dream I was at home and the pantherwas Iin my back yard. My back door wouldn’t lock and although the panther hadn’t realised it yet I knew I would have no hope if it did. In both dreams I am powerless, completely a victim to the panther if it chooses. The panther is powerful. It is not hunting me but I feel like once I am noticed it will and I will have no hope!

-Amy 2014-02-24 6:55:03

I dreamed of black panthers…many of them…circling and attacking me, but I was not badly hurt. At one point, I was on a pile of boxes-like in a warehouse-and I was throwing boxes down on the panthers. At another point, I was simply walking with them and they were mouthing my hands, but not harming me. I was, at times, alternately fearful and calm. When I woke, I had finally found people to help me. I told them I was going to faint & they noticed a large puncture wound in the center of my right palm. I felt very anxious when I woke and wrote down some notes-then started looking for a way to interpret this dream…any insights would be appreciated. Thank you!

    -Tony Crisp 2014-02-24 9:06:31

    Amy – The images we experience in dreams are all exactly like the holographic images you often see in films – they look real and induce real feelings in you, but they cannot hurt you, and have no physical reality. What a dream and its images do is to mirror your own inner world, as you can see from your switching to feeling okay and frightened. You woke very anxious, and the puncture marks could have been caused by clenching your hand as one does in fear and anxiety, then you can draw blood with your finger nails.

    The animal in ones dream represent and are images we create to express our emotions. In your case a conflict between accepting your animal instinctive urges and then feeling frightened of them. This can easily be shown in a dream as being overcome or attacked by your own anger or other instinctive reactions. See and


-Michelle S. 2014-01-12 23:11:58

I dreamt I was befriended by a massive Bengal tiger and while I was originally afraid of the huge creature I realized it was helping me allude a black panther that was chasing me . The dream was so vivid that I truly felt the fear of being stalked and chased by a huge black panther. The Bengal tiger also spoke to me but I couldn’t understand his words. What does this mean ??

-Nadine 2013-10-16 18:40:15

I keep having dreams, diferent scenarios but what happens is always the same things. Someone tries to hurt me or this guy who I don’t know but I know that I love and I must protect him. When that happens I shift into a panther and I kill those who try to hurt us. In my dreams I always go for the throat first and my claws dig deep into the chest of the target.

Any opinion?

-Tawnya 2012-08-17 17:16:49

I had a dream last night where a black panther had crept in a little hole in a room and killed a few people. Shortly after I locked myself in the room and waited patiently for it to come. The black panther was working on a way to get my passport to travel to mexico?… weird.. anyway when the black panther came I stood strong and waited to make the right move to kill him. Right when I was going to jump down a lion appeared and attacked the black panther. I then jumped down and finished him off with a sword. There lied my passport and papers to go to Mexico. When I got to San Diego I was lost and found some Hispanic people that had a plane and ended up flying my two year old son and I to Mexico and dropping us at this round building that was quite fancy filled with beautiful restaurants and very rich people (Only English speaking white people) I thought this was weird because I was in Mexico after all. They dropped my two year old off on one part of the building and me in the other and I was running around frantically around this building looking for him, thinking they may have dropped him out of the plane and were lying to me. What does this mean???? CRAZY

-lynn 2012-06-18 22:20:08

I had a dream that me, my little sister and people I didn’t know were running away from an escaped panther, who was attacking people. The minute I saw it me and my sister hid in a gutter which happend to be really deep to hide, but I left my sister there because I would get the panthers attention, then I was high in the sky on a tall street light? I kept slipping, until someone brought us down once the panther was caught.. Does this mean anything??

-shannon 2012-06-01 6:22:41

I have always had very, very vivid dreams that I remember in great detail for years afterwards. I also frequesntly go back into my dreams, sometimes frequently at first and then not again for 15 years. Lately I’ve been dreaming about animals, mostly panthers but others as well. A couple years ago I dreamed about a house with lions and panthers and maybe tigers (some babies) living in planter boxes in the yard, under water. I wasn’t worried about them at all, and I didn’t feel sorry for them, they were just there. My most vivid dream recently is that I have a pet panther who routinely goes out at night to, well, be a panther, but the morning in my dream he hadn’t come back yet. I wasn’t worried that he’d been hurt or run away, but rather that he didn’t know how to get back. I was conflicted that morning (in my dream) because my preschool-aged son (my actual son is 12) had a performance at school (school in the dream was a Disney-type hall) and I couldn’t leave to go look for my panther. I’ve dreamed about panthers several times since then, never in a threatening way. The other night I dreamed about caring for rescued baby horses that were the size of tiny puppies and just as soft, and in that dream I also a monkey that was mine, not rescued, and as soft as silk.

I don’t think my animal dreams are related to fear. What do you think?

    -Tony Crisp 2012-06-04 9:42:51

    Shannon – You are quite special person to dream so caringly about the animals we all are. I often say that we, our personality, is just a face on a long line of beautiful animals. See – it explains the animals built into our body.

    The planter box dream is about your growing awareness of what is explain above in the link. It is still taking place in your unconscious – under water – yet you are able to see clearly what is happening. A rare gift.

    I think you should introduce your view of the animals to you son – obviously your dream son – as this will bring a wonderful connection between your animal awareness and your growing ability in the world. I have had snatches of the awareness such connection brings, and it is a wonderful thing. Most people are so cut off form the animal inside them – in fact frightened of it – that they are only half a person.


-Susy 2012-04-23 17:24:49

I am trying to investigate regarding the dream I had Saturday morning. It involved a Mountain Lion in my back yard slowling stalking it’s way up my back patio steps towards me. It did not pounce, just froze staring at me from the other side of the sliding door as I closed it.

Any thoughts?

-Rick 2012-03-08 0:46:05

I had a series of three dreams the first and second one a HUGE Black panther stalked me menaceingly always hideing behind some bushes or my house before attacking me. I am always the only one who notices it before it attacks. In the Third I threw a ball and went into the bushes to get it back. I found the panthers lair along with its dismembered carcasses and excrement suddenly the panther was rignt next to me and it licked my face and i suddenly felt safe.
I am 16 years old and i have not had anyother dreams this whole month. I am a male and i think the panther was a male as well. The dreams came one night after the other.

    -Tony Crisp 2012-03-08 9:23:22

    Rick – Well, you are the lucky one to discover that the HUGE panther is okay to face. It takes some people a life time to realise that the animals in their dreams are actually their own moods and feelings projected outwards.

    So your lovely black panther is your own ability to feel anger and fight back. It is the ability to respond quickly and fiercely if someone comes at you. Some people are paralysed when that happens or something unexpected occurs. Anger is a natural feeling that has had a very bad press, and is put down in many families. Try imagining yourself inside the body of the panther and see how it feels.

    It is a strength when you need it and is also a loving strength, protective and caring. See to see what you can gain from your dream strength.


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