Pan Pot

 There is a side to this, however that sometimes links a kitchen-the sink, stove, pots, and pans to represent a person, especially a housewife, with the idea of being a servant or slave in her own household. There may be feelings of anger and frustration associated with these dreams, which would be shown in the handling of the food and utensils-the pots and pans especially-so be aware of all these possibilities. (This was written by a woman who had obviously suffered).

But I, a male, remember when my wife went away for a long stay with her sister, leaving me with four children, how easy it was. The children were all off to school early, and by ten o’clock the house was tidy and clean. The children had helped in keeping their rooms tidy and so I had hours each day to do as I liked. Then I started cooking the children’s main meal so it was ready for them when they arrived home from school, for I had noticed that the children were hungry and would try to snack if there was no ready food. I also cooked all the bread and did all the washing – and cleared out a lot of rubbish.

Of course if the wife also works and she has to do everything at home and the male simply sits or is out drinking, then she needs to kick him where it hurts. I grew up in a working family and learned to cook when I was young, so it was no problem to get a meal ready for my wife if she was late home. I think it might be important for women choosing a man to see whether he can cook, clean or is a mother’s boy. So many people say they fall in love, and actually known nothing about their prospective partner. At the time I had a wife who hated housework. I often struggled to do the work that I did hours a day and year after year, but I did it because I wanted my children and myself to have food in the house and feel warmth.

For cookingThis may link with the care you give to yourself or your family, with everyday life and its needs, or represent some sort of receptive situation.

Chamber pot: This refers to what you need to discharge from you, either emotionally or physically. It also might refer to the female genitals.

Cooking pot or pan: Receptive state of mind and feelings perhaps connected with creativity – cooking – family life or providing for ones needs; everyday life.

Chamber pot: Feelings and values connected with excretory functions; female sexuality.

Pots and pans: Can represent your feelings about preparing food and what you put into it or fail to give of yourself.

Dented Pans: Perhaps you resent cooking and so do not take care of these precious tools of family life.

Handle Broken or Missing: Be careful, you may not handle your task well.

Idioms: Flash in the pan; sex-pot; shit or get off the pot; pot of gold; chimney pot; pot hole; melting pot; coffee pot; pot shots; flower pot; pot bound; from the frying pan into the fire; pan out; a chicken in every pot; gone to pot; piss pot full;  pot calling the kettle black; pot of gold; sweeten the pot


Useful Questions and Hints:

What are my feelings in the dream about pots?

Do I like or hate cooking – if so why?

What was the situation in the dream?

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