Sometimes represents libido or sexual drives that appear as threatening. It also depicts anger, passion – in caring or protecting, spitefulness and power of response. That is, responses without too much thought.

As with any of the big cats, anger, temper; spitefulness, cruelty; courage; passion – even passion caring for your children. Because of the leopard’s spots, which can be seen as eyes, the leopard has represented The Great Watcher – i.e. wider awareness. See: wider awareness.

Useful questions are:

What attitude or feelings is my dream leopard expressing, and how does that relate to me?

If I imagine myself as the leopard, do I feel anger, power or fear? (For help doing this see Stand in Role under peer dream work.)

Is it a male or female leopard and what does that lead me to feel or associate with it?

What is my relationship with the leopard and what does that suggest?


-Kacie 2016-01-20 16:06:46

I had a dream last night that there were 4 big cats a tiger, jaguar, leopard, and a cheetah let into my grandmas living room with is a spiritual place for me. I was on the couch and my mom and to other girls that are my friends were there. The leopard walked up from behind me put his paws on the couch and rubbed its head on mine, then I played with it and snuggled with it…I hope you can help me figure out what this means. Thank you (:

-Andrea 2014-07-08 13:23:55

I had a dream I was at a party of some sort and a mother cheetah or leopard had her cub in her mouth and attacked a person in front of everyone it was crazy scary somehow the people got the cheetah or leopard semi wrapped in a blanket but she managed to get free! Somehow I had found a meat cooler And took out good for her to eat and had someone place her baby in the cooler as well till animal control got there but in spite I bein scared once she was fed and reunited with her cub she seemed content and not as wild and aggressive as before

-fae laume 2013-08-30 13:30:37

So I had a dream last night, I went into a cave which was off the back of a store ( i know weird right) but anyways while i was in this cave a leopard came over to us and laid down right next to me almost like protection. I switched places slowly with the other person because I had a wild animal breathing on my neck. The leopard also moved and came right back next to me in a cuddle protective way… interpretations?

-Amy 2013-08-11 20:55:10

I had a dream I was in my grans back garden with my boyfriend and a young female leopard appeared. She was built and looked more like a tiger but had leopard spots. My boyfriend was afraid but I played with her like you would a dog. He shouted saying it was dangerous and I was stupid, then the leopards mum appeared and roared and snarled at me. When she realised I was playing with the young one she played with me too. My boyfriend and I have a had a bad rough patch which we are working through, could this be in relation to that?


-craig 2013-05-23 7:01:38

I had a dream with 2 big pet leopards and 1 pet cheater.l felt very relaxed with these 3 cats around me and felt no fear,although l understood their power.the setting was the inner city.what can this mean? Craig

-Mayank Tripathi 2012-09-17 2:14:00

mind blowing….ur interpretation has led me
in shock….i can make out whats going in my
unconscious now….thankyou so much

-Nathalie 2012-03-15 7:51:41

Dear Tony,
Last night I dreamt that I was walking and running in a place that reminded me about the colosseum and the gladiators, and suddenly I was attacked by a puma-colored jaguar. I got very afraid but started to fight with it and somehow tricked it in the way of a leopard that I passed by earlier, so I got away safely and without a scratch on me. What do you think it can mean?

-shonaig 2011-01-03 17:24:21

Hello Tony,

Happy New Year1

Wonder what you might make of the image of a wounded deer ( seemingly dead but definitely returning to life) whose skin is that of faded leopard

    -Tony Crisp 2011-01-14 11:06:12

    Shonaig – It is good to hear from you again – and thanks for the good wishes for this year. I feel already it has such wonderful promise – and I wish you the same.

    This is a difficult one as there are so many possible associations with bear. That it is a synthesis of a leopard also – interesting. So I wonder how you felt when it started to return to life.

    I feel what it is about is an opening within you – in your chest. You are beginning to meet a part of you that could be felt as fearful – an animal aspect of you, or rather an instinctive side of you that had been lying dormant and is now coming alive again.

    As I wrote to someone recently, the animal in us is wise and ancient part of us, but because we are raised so out of touch with nature, we have not allowed it to mature as we mature. It should be standing beside us with its wonderful power. When it comes alive in us at first it is a little raw, and so need understanding.

    Because of the leopard’s spots, which can be seen as eyes, the leopard has sometimes represented The Great Watcher – i.e. wider awareness.


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