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 See: Money.

In nearly all the dreams studied that refer to pay, the action is to pay for something like a fare or goods. None of them are about being paid. This suggests that pay and paying depict concerns about wanting to, or having to, give something of value, either to get something, or to feel a situation is dealt with. The payment can therefore refer to what you have to bring to a situation to make it work, or get positive results.


A bill you have can suggest what you are willing – or unwilling – to pay or give of yourself in your growth toward becoming more fully yourself. If the bill relates to others it can either suggest what they owe you – in terms of the service, or what of yourself, you have given them – or what they are giving or willing to give in the way they are rlating to you or working with you.

As human’s we pay an enormous price for being human with self awareness. Look around at the number of people crippled by anxiety, depression and mental illness. Mostly caused by the society or situations we live in, for in so called ‘primitive’ societies such problems do not exist.

Being paid: Results of previous effort or experience. Reward for what you have done or been.

A young man had in fact left a higher paid job and taken a much lower paid work because he felt he couldn’t cope because of a back problem.

Paid experts: The Expert/Patient relationship is something that is badly in need of renovation. As R. D. Laing suggested, what we need is not more experts and organisations, but something seen as a central function in a sane society. We need courage and faith in our own ability to move toward wholeness – and companions who will be with us while we experience the Journey into ourselves.

In search of change in his life, D. paid over $10,000 to the practitioner. There was no observable change in him, yet he could not ask for his money back.

I was barely able to move and crawled about on hands and knees. I went to see an osteopath but she told me that I was in so much pain and tension so she dare not work on me – I still had to pay her fee though! She told me I might have cancer (wrong because it was 20 years past and I still have no cancer). So much for experts.

Paid for: Another form of slavery occurs in the life of many prostitutes who are perhaps enslaved by their dependency on the trade to support them, or are slaves to a pimp, and the pimp may be an addict himself using the woman to pay for his habit and using threats of violence to keep her under control.

Pay attention: When we pay attention our body’s pains and feelings, and what it happening inside of us, we switch from denying the lessons that our body and feelings are offering us, to a student of Life. Giving attention means opening ourselves to all our sensitive being – emotions, intuition/gut feelings, body sensations, awareness of how tense or relaxed we are, and our movements and dreams.

 Example: A reformed alcoholic, John, who told me that his doctor had given him an ultimatum. The doctor had said that John must either give up alcohol or die from liver failure. When he stopped using alcohol he started experiencing the everyday anxieties about paying his bills, the feelings about his past and failed relationships, about his own behaviour and who he was in the world. These were difficult for John to face, so he was tempted again and again to use alcohol to suppress or deaden such feelings. Therefore John changed the wording of the ultimatum to, “Feel my feelings or die!” As can be seen, John did not confront his difficulty until he stopped using alcohol. Sometimes it is an event or change in life circumstances that confronts us with what possesses our will.

Apparently John had to ‘pay’ for his past drinking by facing feelings and realisations previously repressed by alcohol.

Inattention to ones dreams can also lead to a price to pay.

 Example: Another typical case was that of a lady who was living above herself. She was high and mighty in her daily life, but she had shocking dreams, reminding her of all sorts of unsavoury things. When I uncovered them, she indignantly refused to acknowledge them. The dreams then became menacing, and full of references to the walks she used to take by herself in the woods, where she indulged in soulful fantasies. I saw her danger, but she would not listen to my many warnings. Soon afterwards, she was savagely attacked in the woods by a sexual pervert; but for the intervention of some people who heard her screams, she would have been killed.

There was no magic in this. What her dreams had told me was that this woman had a secret longing for such an adventure-just as the mountain climber unconsciously sought the satisfaction of finding a definite way out of his difficulties. Obviously, neither of them expected the stiff price involved: She had several bones broken, and he paid with his life.  Quoted from Man and His Symbols

Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I willing to pay or give for my life style, relationship or services?

What am I paying or being paid for?

Do I ever not have enough cash to be able to pay for things?

What life style do I have/

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