Pavement Sidewalk

A safe place to be in the activities – traffic – of life. Your public activities, open to the influence or view of other people or social influences. Your present direction, and so an indication of what you are meeting in your life at present.

It also seems a safe place get off busy and dangerous areas – such as parking a car. A sidewalk can also be a good and easy way to get somewhere – except if there are a mass of people on the path.

Example: I touched the ground, I turned into a tree. There was a park on one side and a road on the other side of me and I was planted on the pavement. I was the first tree on the corner and there was a fence around me. My friend arrived and saw me and I told him that I had turned into a tree. He said that I had a good thick trunk.

Example: I come across a group of huge cats (they might be tigers, but I’m not certain) lying down in the street. The pavement is completely covered by them in that section; there might be 50 or more of them. They are a light tan with black markings. I’m pulled aside by one lone cat away from the rest of the group onto the sidewalk. At first, I fear she will hurt me, but she’s very gentle and curls her body around me with a paw over me.

Useful Questions and Hints:
Was I on or off the pavement/sidewalk?
What were you doing or where were you planning to go on the pavement?
Do you ever socialise on the sidewalk?
See Being the Person or thing – Dream Action – Thing I fear

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