Reach Reaching

The desire for something; attempt to grasp, control or manipulate something or someone, depending on dream; extending or giving oneself; acquiring something new. Being reached toward: Feeling of being asked for something, or demands of other people.

Reaching is nearly always an extension of your energy; it conquers space and gravity in your reaching and is quite an extraordinary thing, although we tend to accept it as of little account. Yet every time we reach out our hand we are extending something more than our hand.

Reaching can be in many different ways – reaching up, to, down, into, forward or backward, further, through, toward, deep, away from, over, not reaching it, within, reaching us, reaching out for a mate, for something, for it, out or to someone, reaching the end.

 Example: The feeling was of not reaching out positively for what I wanted. I had reached out with everything I had as a baby and nobody had come, so I closed down. To reach out and find emptiness was too painful, so best to become passive and wait. But now I will be able to reach out for what I want. I can give myself more fully to others because I can myself reach out for my needs.  

Example: We are running through an office building where I work but we can’t find a way out. I distinctly remember reaching to hold my sisters hand to keep her with me. Eventually we hide in an office and hope the dinosaurs don’t find us.


Example: I had a drback eam recently of going into my house. I saw someone had put a thin curtain up over a wide door. When I started to push the curtain aside a strong hand grasped mine. And then I knew it was my mother reaching through that thin veil that separates us. So much love came to me.  

Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I looking up to or reaching for?

In what way is my intuition or awareness reaching beyond myself?

Am I reaching out for my own needs?

What am I reaching for or to?

Am I trying to reach somewhere in my life?

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