Body Postures

In every dream in which you, another person, or even an animal appears, a body posture is expressed. So what do the postures of the two kittens express? They express great fear and suspicion. It was because they had been deserted and left by the side of the road and never been in a house before so were terrified.

Mostly we are used to expressing or being communicated with via language, but in fact most of the communication that takes place between you and other people and creatures is through body language, postural shifts or movements. What we understand from such silent communication is mostly subliminal, but if we observe and ask what we are gathering from what we see and feel, it becomes clear. If you have any relationship with an animal for instance or a baby, it communicates in this way most of the time, and if we are paying attention we will understand what is being expressed or ‘said’ by the posture or movement.

So if you consider the posture in a dream and ask yourself what it is expressing it usually becomes clear. It is not difficult stand in that way yourself and observe what you are expressing or feeling. Even if it is an animal or another person you will still arrive at what it expresses – after all it is your dream and you created the dream out of your own observations and feelings. Perhaps those observations were done unconsciously, but you can bring them to the fore by a little exploring. For a description of some of the common postures and movements see postures movement and body language.

A friend told me that as he was looking for a cat to keep, he went to an area where some semi feral cats were. He and a friend caught two of them, a young male and female. On taking them home the female was terrified and hid behind the kitchen oven, but he male quickly adapted to the new environment. However the female refused to come out and after many days he and his friend decided to take the female back, for they knew that although young she had a male mate who was older. They managed with difficulty to catch the cat, who was wet with fear with fur all rough. They watched what happened as they released her. Immediately the male came to her and an amazing transformation took place. Her fur became even and she was not longer fearful and was now proudly and fully a cat.

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