God Is

God is a sunrise, and a sunset.

God is goodness, and evil.

God is the bloom on lips

Gently reaching to yours.

God is the snarling mouth

And spit of someone

Who hates you.

God is the newborn baby,

And God is death and its ease.

God is the lamb and the shark,

The puppy and the tiger.

God is the Violet

Growing so quietly.

God is the boil

Erupting its pus.

God is the grass

Growing in spring,

And the earthquake

Rending the earth

And the bodies on it.

God is the brightness of the eye,

And the blood bursting

From a woman’s body

When she menstruates.

God is the dying plant

And the ripening seed.

God is two elephants fucking,

And the pollen covered bee

On the flower.

In God is a child screaming

After a clenched

Blow to its head.

God is the woman’s tentative hand

On the arm

Of the man sobbing

Before the incommunicable.

God is you and me,

And everything we are not.

God is the apple we eat

And the teeth eating it.

God is everything we touch,

Hold and know,

And all that is silent,

Formless and beyond.

God is…… God IS.

Copyright © 1999-2010 Tony Crisp | All rights reserved