Fantasy and Dreaming

The world of dreams is sometimes thought of as purely a fantasy world, irrelevant to the so called real world. Fantasy, whether in dreams or in waking, is not of course disconnected from the rest of our life. When we imagine a fight scene our glandular system responds, along with our muscles. While dreaming this is even more deeply true, so fantasy has great physical reality in this way.

Unconsciously we are continually controlled by our fantasy. Our ideas and concepts of ourselves for instance, have no physical reality at all. They are a sort of massive fantasy. Their only reality exists only at a human emotional and mental level. Yet people kill themselves out of such feelings. They strut or cringe out their life because of this internal fantasy of who they are, and what life is. Thus fantasy is of enormous importance in our lives. It has wonderful or terrible power, depending upon how we relate to it. We certainly need to know something of how to use it wisely. It is a real world we live in, a world of life and death – the inner world. See Inner World

What I am calling fantasy is the greatest disease and killer of our times – perhaps of all times. Aid’s, cancer, heart disease and cholera all rolled into one kill less people than the war arising from the fantasy or mental illness of tribal and national identity; the mental mirage and illness of religious intolerance; the dream of ethnic cleansing. This is the great killer humans face – the killer in the mind. The fantasy monsters that fasten on the human soul and destroy it. These are the nightmares we meet in our dreams.

To deal with them well we need to learn to exercise them and use them consciously instead of being possessed by them unconsciously. We are basically mammals still under the sway of instinctive behaviour where we are tribal animals who need to follow a leader, or be told by leaders or authority figures what we need to do or believe. Many say they do not believe in God, yet go on worshipping icons or idols of sport, of religion, of beauty, of finance or even of crime – and follow them in actions.

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