This may be about trying to stay cool – emotionally or socially. But a fan also clears the air and so might be suggesting wether that the atmosphere you are in is unhealthy, or that you are taking in too much smoke.

You can also be a fan in connection with sport, films etc, and this is to do with wanting some of the strength, fame or adoration to rub off on you. It might also be to do with the excitement and energy that surrounds fame and is perhaps lacking in your life.

The fan belt on a car is a great driving force which if broken leaves the car un-usable. See Car-Fan belt

Folding-fans are associated with the changing phases of the moon, and hence represent the feminine principle’s instinct, imagination and intuition.

There is a language of held hand fans:

To hold the fan with the right hand in front of the face / Follow me

To hold it in the left ear / I want you to leave me alone

To let slide it on the forehead / You have changed

To move it with the left hand / They are watching us

To change it to the right hand / You are imprudent

To throw the fan / I hate you

To move it with the right hand / I love another

To let slide it on the cheek / I want you

To hold it closed / Do you love me?

To let slide it on the eyes / Go away, please

To touch the edge of the hand fan with the fingers / I want to talk to you

To hold it on the right cheek / Yes

To hold it on the left cheek / No

To open and close it / You are cruel

To leave it hanging / We will continue being friends

To fan slowly / I am married

To fan quickly / I am engaged

To hold the fan in the lips / Kiss me

To open it slowly / Wait for me

To open the hand fan with the left hand / Come and talk to me

To strike it, closed, on the left hand / Write me

To semiclose it in the right and on the left / I cant

To hold it opened, covering the mouth / I am single.

Waving a fan can mean a warding off of negative feelings.

This was taken from The language of the hand fan

Idioms: when the crap hits the fan

Useful questions:

Is this a health dream about being over heated?

What do I feel about the fan?

What is it I get in connection with being a fan?

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