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This often associates with the ability or personal qualities to face difficult experiences the dry places of life. Such dryness is when there is little satisfaction, no feelings, nothing growing in your experience maybe even sterility of one sort or another. A word that can be connected with this in some dreams is barrenness. So it is saying that you can survive such dryness of spirit or of body – you are a survivor.

The camel may also link with patience, long suffering, perseverance. Or having inner stores of energy or resourcefulness that will carry you through difficult situations. John the Baptist clothed himself in camels hair. This means his patient, persevering seeking of truth despite living in the wilderness of intellectual doubt.

The camel at times can also represent pregnancy because of it hump/bump.

Useful questions are:

Is there an aspect of my life that feels sterile or lacking growth at the moment?

Is the camel in the dream helping me to deal with a difficult environment, and if so how does that relate to my life at the moment?

What is the action with the camel, and how does that translate to my present life?

What are my personal qualities in regard to dealing with difficult times?

Try being camel and see what you get from it Being the Person or ThingEasy Dream Interpretation


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