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Also, I am alone in working on your dreams, and it takes time so I cannot always keep up with the number of request you send. Also I am revising the dictionary – a long business – so please look at the dozens of replies at the very end of the ‘comment’ section, hopefully you will find something helpful. Also it is important to give a full account of your dream - see Give Us Enough Information. 



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I know how much you might like to skip the introduction, and if you are tempted to do so, please, please read Summing Up. Without understanding the things given there you are likely to completely miss the point of understanding your dreams.

Your dreams can become vortexes of power to transform your life, and to enhance your perceptions. There is no ‘wave a magic wand’ route to this. It will not happen because you read a great book, or look at a good dream dictionary. Those things might help, but the real magic lies in whether you can enter into your dream in the right way. Try using Meaning of Your Dream

But you can start right here by entering a dream image and clicking the search symbol – or you can read some fuller information below about the dictionary and how best to use it. The easiest way to find something is to enter it in the box below or in the search box on each page.

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What does my dream mean? – How to explore your dream meanings:

It is important in reading the definitions of dream images to realise that not every possible meaning can be covered. So please see if you get the idea of what is being said and allow your own imagination/feelings to fill in the meaning.

There are several ways you can understand the meanings held in your dreams, and there are several levels. The first is an easily understood level, followed by greater depths:

  1. You can enter a key word in the search box above. The Dream Dictionary contains interpretations on almost any type of dream subject. So if you dreamt of a flying saucer landing in a field, and aliens getting out and taking a baby,  a snake, and a pregnant dog back into the saucer, you could search separately for each of these subjects in the Dream Dictionary. Find the entry for flying saucer; then the entry for dog, baby,  snake,  pregnant, and so on. For each entry, find further related entries by looking under “Similar Articles” on the right hand side of the page. Then see Techniques for Exploring your Dreams
  2. Each entry gives the general meaning of the dream subject, just as an encyclopedia or dictionary does for a word. Several possible meanings are given. This is because as with our speech the position of the word – the context – gives it special meanings. So a hot dog would be quite different to a black dog, dog-end or dead dog. So when you read an entry which has several different meanings, sometimes with a ‘;’ between, it simply means any one of them could apply. So you need to think about the feelings in your dream, the context, the other imagery used. Please do not fall  into the trap that one reviewer made of saying that the whole dictionary is about sex. Of course sex is one meaning among many others. So use your own sense of your dream as well as any definitions given. See Meaning of Your Dream
  3. To really explore the meaning it is useful to use the Dream Dictionary as it is designed, rather than arrive at a ‘thought out’ interpretation. To see a working example of this see Dream Interpretation Example One’

Below are links to the full explanation and introduction to the complete Dream Dictionary Ultimate. You will see that it is being enlarged and improved all the time.

Introduction to the Dream Dictionary Ultimate

Tony Crisp has been interested in the health of mind and body since his early teens. I began writing about these subjects in 1956. My fascination for what lay under the surface of the mind led me to personally explore the unconscious using dreams and other mental and physical disciplines.

From 1972 till ‘94 I worked as a psychotherapist using an eclectic, Humanistic Psychology approach which included dream work and releasing the secrets the body holds. My books include Do You Dream; The Instant Dream Book; and Liberating The Body and many more. See My Books also Life’s Little Secrets

During those years I has worked as a dream columnist for The Daily Mail, and She Magazine. I was the regular dream interpreter for the London Broadcasting Company; I ran Teletext’s dream page on UK television’s Channel Four; and also for New Zealand Teletext and now run this web site giving dream help as well as many features on subjects connected with the  human inner world.

Throughout more than five decades I have been involved in a personal search for the secrets of mind and spirit. In those years I have also taught thousands of people techniques of deep relaxation, meditation, and methods of self exploration using dreams. Wanting to dig deep I explored the use of dreams and taught individuals and groups of people how to use these visions of the night to discover and heal the deepest issues in themselves, and to touch the high ground of their spiritual awareness. I worked for twenty years as a psychotherapist using several approaches, one of which was a way of honouring the body as a doorway to the unconscious mind, the emotions and spiritual experience. See The LifeStream

During the sixty years of seeking the wild wondrous beasts of the mind and spirit I dared my own inner adventure. But I also travelled with other people as an ordinary person, not a therapist, sharing their experience of fear and wonder as they unveiled and set loose their fountain of perception. I have travelled countless dream pathways, traversed the timeless with those using awareness enhancing drugs, and wrestled with the vitality of the body as people mimed and shouted their deepest intuitions through movement, dance and voice.

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-Diana 2016-10-05 17:07:45

My dream is of me sleeping in my bed and I wake up and see a man standing in my doorway smiling and staring at me. I can’t move my body to get up I just stay there. I have had the same dream several times in the last couple days. Even more than once in the same night.


-KASSANDRA 2016-10-13 12:19:43

I know this may sound crazy but What does it mean when you walk into the restroom and you see your son standing over your daughter by the toilet who is drowning in the toilet and you rush to get her out and she has a dead stare in her face and she is unresponsive then suddenly you wake up?


    -Tony Crisp 2016-10-16 12:39:17

    Kassandra – The reason dreams are so difficult to understand is because they use people and object to represent something other than the actual people and objects – your son, daughter and toilet for instance.

    The way it works, and the reason I have not got around to writing about your dream yet, is that every meaningful person in your life is also an inner person, created by all the memories, emotions and things learnt in knowing them. So to explain – when you think about a friend or a person you meet, you are only taking in your thoughts, impressions and feelings about them, you are not actually knowing them. So many people do not realise that they have an inner person equally as powerful as the external person you know. You have taken in millions of bit of memory, lessons learnt, life experiences along with all the feelings or problems met by meeting or living with them, and they are what makes you the person you are. The memories and experience we gather unconsciously change us and are not lost. It is part of you and is symbolised in dreams as a person or event.

    AS I do not know what your feelings are about your children I have to guess.

    I suspect that your daughter represents a more vulnerable part of yourself – yes, yourself – but the vulnerable part that was felt at the same she is now, the younger you. Your son may be your more dynamic and perhaps occasionally a bully and younger part of you.

    What the more dominant part of you is trying to do is flush the vulnerable part down the toilet in a useless attempt to get rid of it. Have you been upset in a relationship lately? Anyway, I guess it is something like that.

    You cannot neatly get rid of parts of you. You have to learn from them and outgrow them, for pain is Life’s way of telling us something is wrong, and it is not useful to shove a blanket in the fire alarm. Try using or



-Frank Kovacs 2016-10-15 9:10:54

Hi Tony. Do you still have an app for apple. Hugely useful and great work. Thank you.


-Nameless 2016-10-18 15:06:12

Weird dream.

I picked up a hitchhiker in my dream, (Hispanic guy similar in looks to our old band mate hector,English speaking or he understood it anyways, he’s also covered in water) it was night time after a heavy rain, I had just picked up Marty &a Ryan to go fishing . We get to destination (fishing bridge) hitchhiker gets out and starts walking into the mangroves by the water. We (Marty, ryan, & I) fish until the late hrs of the night and we drive back to where I picked up Marty & Ryan, I begin my drive home. On the way home my phone dies, and no charger in car. While driving I notice that the hitchhiker is still in the bed of my truck, I yelled out my window asking him to give me directions to where I could drop him off he nodded in agreement, so we end up on some dirt roads in a rural area (similar to Ocala, or big pine key and it’s still very late night). We get deep into this rural neighborhood and he signals me to stop the car in front of a house with an in ground pool. (I’m sitting in the truck, motor on, still dark) He gets out of the truck bed and walks up to the house and a small dog starts barking from inside the house, someone lets the dog out and it charges after him, he jumps in the pool and starts splashing, dog still barking at him. A lady walks out of the house to see what is going on, walks up to the edge of her pool and starts yelling at him (at this point I get out of the car to explain what was going on and that I thought he had lead me to his house) and as this is happening, he pulls her into the pool by her leg and starts yelling ¡desague! ¡Desague! (Drain! Drain!) At this point the lady is frantic, I jump in the pool to separate them and he dives under the water and bites her foot and she’s freaking out. All of a sudden the pool starts draining and very quickly, I mean like in a matter of seconds, all of the water in the pool goes down the drain and he slides down the drain with it. I’m now sitting in an empty pool with some lady realizing what had just happened and then that’s when I woke up from the dream.


-Meranda 2016-10-21 15:15:29

I had a dream where my children were playing and then I went into my daughters room and she was asleep there but then she came in and her soul was still on the bed and she was looking at it and started to freak out so did the soul and then I picked her up and payed her on top of their soul and then she woke up. They continued playing with her brother and then my son was out of his body and I did the same with him and then I woke up.


-Malinda Bibby 2016-10-21 15:53:49

I’ve been having a dream that’s been frequent and I was wanting to know if you can help we understand what it’s about I’m walking in the clouds with the forest behind me a fox at my side and a wolf on my other side an eagle sits at my shoulder I’m walking into a house the closer I get to the house I can hear the clicking of clocks and I can hear someone hollering for help I tried it into the house but the doors and windows are locked the cooking of the clocks are so loud that it hurts my ears but then at one point I hear a a Gong and Blood starts running out from the underneath the doors and the person tells me I need to hurry because time is running out


    -Tony Crisp 2016-10-24 11:01:16

    Malinda – The end of the dream is about the fear of death – the clocks ticking are about the time of your life ticking away.

    But you have so much you have already achieved in your life with the fox, wolf and eagle. In fact, I think that it is time for you to face death. I am not suggesting that you are going to die soon – but of course we all face it eventually. The dream suggests that the path in life you have chosen is one of initiation – one of exploring the inner world. So, on this path you have to face the initiation of facing death and passing through it.

    Death is an extremely important event facing all of us, and yet it is a mystery, so we often experimentally confront and explore it in our dreams. A dream about one’s own death may also show a retreat from the challenge of life, or a split between mind and body.

    The experience of leaving the body is sometimes an expression of this schism between the ego and one’s life processes. Other possibilities are to do with the death of old patterns of living – one’s ‘old self’, the loss of the boundaries that limit your awareness to an identity connected only to your body. This latter is usually a willing surrender of self to the process.

    The next examples depict what was mentioned above. It is a way of reminding ourselves to do now what is deeply in us before we die – especially regarding love.

    “There was an underlying morbidity in what I saw and felt. I think it is all summed up in the much used phrase, “Life’s a bitch and then we die”. But I think my view that I wanted to find the transcendental in all the aspects of life, but it was difficult within the way I was looking at these feelings or parts of life experience.
    I thought, or at least I came to the conclusion, that they expressed the preoccupation with the body and the physical that most of us have in present times. We are preoccupied with the physical and with examining it in detail. We are all trying to arrive at an understanding of the meaning of things, of death, through this minute examination of the physical world. The longer I was involved in these images, the more it seemed ridiculous in the light of everyday knowledge that all things rely on each other, and that
    Tracing it back, when we go into death through the jaws of the hunter, the lion, what do we meet? If we go back far enough we discover not anger or lust, but the lion’s desire to feed its cubs, or to survive. We find ourselves back in, back behind things. Behind the snake, behind this tiger, behind the human being, behind the decay. If we go back far enough we find ourselves in the awareness of the pack, in the species, in the formative forces of survival and reproduction that lies behind things. We find ourselves in that mystery, in the jungle where the essence of life pervades the various forms.
    From that place the viewpoint that we are nothing but a physical form, that we are a small cog in the wheels of life, that we must put up with what we have, seems ridiculous. From that place we look at ourselves and see what a fantastic piece of equipment our body and mind are. As a conscious person, we are right in the middle of everything. To say, “Oh God, we are nothing but a piece of slime, a helpless pawn in the hands of destiny,” is ridiculous. We are the culmination of everything that has existed before. We are that growing tip, that exploring awareness, in touch with unimaginable potential. We are everything that can be. What do we want to be?”


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