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Online Dream Dictionary & Encyclopedia by Tony Crisp

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Also, I and my co-worker, Anna de Vlaam, are alone in working on your dreams, and it takes time revising the dictionary, so we cannot always keep up with the number of request you send. So please look at the dozens of replies at the very end of an entry. Hopefully you will find something helpful. Also see Questions which I hope to enlarge soon. )

I know how much you might like to skip the introduction, and if you are tempted to do so, please, please read Summing Up. Without understanding the things given there you are likely to completely miss the point of understanding your dreams.

Your dreams can become vortexes of power to transform your life, and to enhance your perceptions. There is no ‘wave a magic wand’ route to this. It will not happen because you read a great book, or look at a good dream dictionary. Those things might help, but the real magic lies in whether you can enter into your dream in the right way. Try using Being the Person or Thing

But you can start right here by entering a dream image and clicking the search symbol – or you can read some fuller information below about the dictionary and how best to use it. The easiest way to find something is to enter it in the box below or in the search box on each page.

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Also if you find it difficult to express well in English, write your dream out in the language you are fluent in and put the result in http://translate.google.com/ Translate it into English and send the result. You can then translate any response back into your own language. Interpretations are given by Tony Crisp and Anna


What does my dream mean? – How to explore your dream meanings:

It is important in reading the definitions of dream images to realise that not every possible meaning can be covered. So please see if you get the idea of what is being said and allow your own imagination/feelings to fill in the meaning.

There are several ways you can understand the meanings held in your dreams, and there are several levels. The first is an easily understood level, followed by greater depths:

  1. You can enter a key word in the search box above. The Dream Dictionary contains interpretations on almost any type of dream subject. So if you dreamt of a flying saucer landing in a field, and aliens getting out and taking a baby,  a snake, and a pregnant dog back into the saucer, you could search separately for each of these subjects in the Dream Dictionary. Find the entry for flying saucer; then the entry for dog, baby,  snake,  pregnant, and so on. For each entry, find further related entries by looking under “Similar Articles” on the right hand side of the page. Then see Techniques for Exploring your Dreams
  2. Each entry gives the general meaning of the dream subject, just as an encyclopedia or dictionary does for a word. Several possible meanings are given. This is because as with our speech the position of the word – the context – gives it special meanings. So a hot dog would be quite different to a black dog, dog-end or dead dog. So when you read an entry which has several different meanings, sometimes with a ‘;’ between, it simply means any one of them could apply. So you need to think about the feelings in your dream, the context, the other imagery used. Please do not fall  into the trap that one reviewer made of saying that the whole dictionary is about sex. Of course sex is one meaning among many others. So use your own sense of your dream as well as any definitions given.
  3. To really explore the meaning it is useful to use the Dream Dictionary as it is designed, rather than arrive at a ‘thought out’ interpretation. To see a working example of this see Dream Interpretation Example One’

Below are links to the full explanation and introduction to the complete Dream Dictionary Ultimate. You will see that it is being enlarged and improved all the time.

Introduction to the Dream Dictionary Ultimate

Tony Crisp has been interested in the health of mind and body since his early teens. I began writing about these subjects in 1956. My fascination for what lay under the surface of the mind led me to personally explore the unconscious using dreams and other mental and physical disciplines.

From 1972 till ‘94 I worked as a psychotherapist using an eclectic, Humanistic Psychology approach which included dream work and releasing the secrets the body holds. My books include Do You Dream; The Instant Dream Book; and Liberating The Body and many more. See My Books also Life’s Little Secrets

During those years I has worked as a dream columnist for The Daily Mail, and She Magazine. I was the regular dream interpreter for the London Broadcasting Company; I ran Teletext’s dream page on UK television’s Channel Four; and also for New Zealand Teletext and now run this web site giving dream help as well as many features on subjects connected with the  human inner world.

Throughout more than five decades I have been involved in a personal search for the secrets of mind and spirit. In those years I have also taught thousands of people techniques of deep relaxation, meditation, and methods of self exploration using dreams. Wanting to dig deep I explored the use of dreams and taught individuals and groups of people how to use these visions of the night to discover and heal the deepest issues in themselves, and to touch the high ground of their spiritual awareness. I worked for twenty years as a psychotherapist using several approaches, one of which was a way of honouring the body as a doorway to the unconscious mind, the emotions and spiritual experience. See The LifeStream

During the sixty years of seeking the wild wondrous beasts of the mind and spirit I dared my own inner adventure. But I also travelled with other people as an ordinary person, not a therapist, sharing their experience of fear and wonder as they unveiled and set loose their fountain of perception. I have travelled countless dream pathways, traversed the timeless with those using awareness enhancing drugs, and wrestled with the vitality of the body as people mimed and shouted their deepest intuitions through movement, dance and voice.

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-himanshu 2015-04-24 8:51:21

Hello Tony,

I had a dream today morning that I am planning to go for an outing with my dad and its late night when a cat dog and a black panther is standing outside my door and the panther is trying to enter my house . But when I went toward thw window thw cat and dog ran away with the black panther but when I came back in he again started peeping from window trying to come in.

Can you please tell me what does it means


-Angela 2015-05-02 3:42:25

I was just wondering about A dream I had last night. Hoping to find a answer as in why I had it. I took a drink out of a cup with cigarette ashes in it and it was so real in my mind I could taste the ashes. I instantly woke up trying to throw them up and even after I awoke I could still taste them. If you can help me out I would be so grateful. Sincerely angela


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-05-04 11:41:03

    Dear Angela – There is not enough information for me to get a proper understanding of (this part of?) your dream.
    Who was with you in the dream and/or where were you etc.?
    Please read http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/context-theme/
    Anna :-)


-Darsey Roque 2015-05-06 7:40:45

Two nights ago , I dreamed that it was my birthday, but did not know what age I was turning . In the dream I was walking in my phone and entered the ballroom , and immediately a Mexican famous band starts to play . Inside the ballroom it was pure darkness and I only saw the people who cared about me. I start crying but no one notices that I’m crying . Also , at the table where we were sitting , both my parents were there , but not my younger brother. What do you think this means ?


-Lesina 2015-05-27 14:24:30

Pls I just woke up but I had a dream that Im married again. I was wearing a wedding dress and its simple how its made. I saw everyone in the hall so waited but then I saw a man came to get me. Before that my cousin came dancing towards me and said my dress is very nice. I can see 2 different faces of the man that Im going to marry. One was the guy that sold my house and the other was my best friend at school. Pls let me know what this mean.


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-05-28 6:49:47

    Dear Lesina – Being married in your dream can be a symbol of uniting two different aspects of yourself such as intellect and feelings, practical and intuitive self; the ‘marriage’ between conscious and unconscious self.
    Your wedding dress is “simple and very nice”; so where do you meet these feelings about yourself in your waking life, because the dream dress is often a statement of how you feel about yourself at the time of the dream.
    Do you “feel less complex” in your waking life?
    The psychiatrist Carl Jung developed the concept of the “complex”. Complexes are thought to operate “autonomously and interfere with the intentions of the will, disturbing the memory and conscious performance”.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/autonomous-complex/
    Seeing your cousin dance depends upon what you feel as you watch him. It often suggests enjoyment, self expression, release, allowing your creative or sexual feelings to flow.
    To understand what you unite with in your dream it will need your personal associations with the guy that sold your house and your best friend at school.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/association-of-ideas-with-dreams/#Working
    Psychologically, we may only express part of our potential in everyday life. In a woman, the more physically dynamic, intellectual and socially challenging side of herself such as assertiveness and taking charge of situations may be given less expression. Apart from this some features, such as innovation and creative rational thought, may be held in latency. Even if this is not true for the modern woman, there are features of her full potential that are held as secondary or latent characteristics, and are depicted by the male in female dreams.
    It is a very positive dream and it suggests your are expressing more of your potential.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/archetype-of-the-animus-jungs-view-of-the-male-in-the-female/
    Anna :-)


-Amy 2015-05-30 3:14:13

Please help me with my weird dream I just had!!

Nursing a little baby back to life. She was on a hospital bed … And Jak span it around 5 times so she fell out… And I took her home to my mum and dads… And they were all arguing… So I said: shhhh she needs to sleep. Shes boiling hot!!!! Jan said: she probably needs to sweat it all out of her. Then I received a text from George my boyfriend saying saying: find the 7/11 sign and take this entrance to the underground. Then a man came up to me totally normal just talkative and was like: you’re hat! V nice or something about my hat… Then he started to get weird… So I walked away, he started to chase me through the underground. He turned into a weird perverted man who wanted me… Everyone was running from him but he only wanted me. I had to run up escalators and barge people out the way he still was always so close to me. Then he had his trousers down at his ankles and was drooling over me. Then I thought I escaped from him But this girl opened the emergency exit which was right next to me!! So he got in and started to chase me again. Finally rob my boss came Into this room and saved me. He told him to sling his hook and the guy was ever so scared of rob. He was in his chef outfit. And told me it wasn’t that bad


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-06-01 11:40:55

    Dear Amy – Thank you for sharing such an interesting dream with us. Your dream starts with bringing back to life an inner part of you – your inner baby.
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/health-and-healing/inner-baby-and-child/
    When you take the baby to your parental house, you meet your own inner conflict and it is your boyfriend George who helps you to find the right direction; the underground.
    Please explore which association you have with 7/11; like is it a convenience store? A slut? Etc.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/association-of-ideas-with-dreams/#Working
    The underground is about your journeys into what is usually unconscious in you – such as realisation of childhood traits still active in you as an adult – meeting repressed sexuality – discovery of unexpressed potential or insight; something alternative you are considering or involved in – as in ‘underground’ newspaper; your unconscious connections with other people or things.
    The man you meet in the underground is attracted by your hat; which is a symbol of what you are doing ‘in your head’ in the way you deal with your emotions, sexual desires and relationships because of your attitudes and opinions.
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/beliefs/
    The way I see it is that the end of the dream merely reveals of what went on in your (inner) world; Rob said “to sling his hook”.
    The “pervert” got hooked onto the part in you which he has not accepted in himself. His hook was a projection on you – your innocence – which led to him and you being the victim of fruitless loves for you.
    Rob perceived it as “it wasn’t that bad”, because once you understand your dream, the solution is simple; in order to feel whole “the pervert” needs you – your innocence – and you need “the pervert”.
    Feeling whole means you have integrated and come to terms with every aspect of who you are. You have met within you the murderer, the saint, the swindler and the honest trader, the sexual pervert and the straight married person, the homosexual and the heterosexual, the darker and the light filled should find a balance in each individual.
    This balance is like a razors edge in which any one-sidedness would lead to imbalance within the individual. But at the same time it is not about being perfect or a saint, but a balanced and whole human being with very wide choices.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/mountain-path/
    Perhaps you feel like using Power Dreaming to stop running from the pervert and integrate “him”?
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/secrets-power-dreaming/
    Good Luck!
    Anna :-)


-karol 2015-06-20 21:09:16

I had a dream that I was walking in a parking lot around noon. I was trying to get away from something bad and I was trying to fix the situation. When I walked in the parking to get on my car I saw a huge owl, and I immediately back away. I was super scared and then my friend came and he started scaring away the owl, but the before the owl walked away he looked at me and hid behind my friends back, and then the owl walked away. I didn’t even get to make it to my car because the owl kept standing there, so I just ran to the place I had to get to.


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-06-23 14:55:41

    Dear Karol – Your dream is about “I was trying to get away from something bad and I was trying to fix the situation”.
    At first you approach the situation with your rational/thinking mind and when you enter the parking lot you meet the huge owl; a symbol for your intuition and so an opportunity to change your approach by listening to this inner voice as well.
    Your inner male – symbolised by your boyfriend – expresses his fear of this actual doorway to the hidden side of life by chasing the owl away and so the intellectual approach is on the foreground (again).
    Because the owl sees in the dark it represents our intuitive sense that ‘sees’ what is happening in the subtle areas of our feeling and experience. This sense ‘feeds’ by watching or acting as an integrating function with the many dark or hidden aspects of our experience and behaviour. This is also why we tend to be afraid of it, because often we prefer to keep things hidden, perhaps because certain things are painful or because we feel ashamed.
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/using-your-intuition-1/
    Also we might not like what we see, because we do not want to act upon what we become aware of and so we rather chase the intuitive inner wisdom away.
    So try to explore why you are afraid of your intuition and see if you can make friends with it; try “Being the owl” and/or “Talking as the owl”.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson
    Another approach you can use is Power Dreaming to explore different ways of dealing with this situation.
    While awake and relaxed imagine yourself back in the dream and continue it as fantasy or a daydream and move it toward satisfaction. Alter the dream in any way; experiment with it; play with it, until you find a way to fully feel at ease with it. In doing this you must not ignore the feelings of resistance and spontaneous emotion and fantasy that may occur. Satisfaction comes only when you have found a way of integrating these into your conscious imagining.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/secrets-power-dreaming/
    Good Luck!
    Anna :-)


-Priyanka Singh 2015-06-22 15:51:01

Please describes my dreams i had seen continued that i m in a marriage and my family also their whenever my brothers marriage and sometimes my marriage i cant explain how was the feeling that time


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-06-23 16:07:04

    Dear Priyanka Singh – If I understood your dreams correctly then you dream a lot about marriages.
    I do not know if you are raised with the belief that dreaming about marriages is a bad omen.
    Many of our beliefs are unconscious. They were absorbed in childhood and often remain without any conscious evaluation.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/beliefs/
    We are all born with the power of imagination and I believe that imagination coupled with belief can create a hell on earth or a heaven here and now. It is what we believe as truth that creates our inner world. This is so obvious in dreams when people run in terror from the creations of their own imagination.
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/active-imagination-and-dreams/
    Dreaming about marriages could be about uniting two different aspects of yourself such as intellect and feelings, practical and intuitive self; the ‘marriage’ between conscious and unconscious self.
    But it can have other meanings as well and so please continue reading at
    Anna :-)


-Dolly 2015-06-25 22:49:20

Does anyone know when you see a something dressed in white with a nuns cap on mean. I had thus dream when i was 6 yrs old but it has come back to me in my 40s


-TaTiAnna Williams 2015-07-02 13:08:56

Hello Mr Crisp, I’m curious about the meaning of a dream that I had where a group of people were chanting something that drove a group of birds to fly to their death.


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