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Here at last is the new and redesigned website I have been promising my avid readers for some years. It is now about four years old – and thank you for all the wonderful dreams and comments you have all sent.

It has taken a lot of hard work with my son Leon who was the great mover behind this new site. Apart from that it is all done by me, Tony Crisp. The new site is bringing dream interpretation and the many features it holds right up to date. You will be able to search for any entry and quickly find it. Such a search will also bring up other related entries. So if your search is for dog, it will also display entries for coyote, animal and jackal, that will add to the information presented.


DreamHawk is probably the oldest dream interpretation site on the web. It started in the mid eighties on CompuServe, and later was called Waves. When I went more mainline the name changed to DreamHawk. But I was also the earliest writer on dreams who attempted a dream dictionary, one not based on rigid dream theories such as Freudian or Jungian ideas, or the made up rubbish of the dictionaries saying each dream is about good or bad luck. The earliest book I did on dreams was in Do You Dream, and was published in 1971. This included a dream dictionary.


The new DreamHawk will enable able you to post comments and develop contact with other dreamers. See Discussion Forums.

Something that is missing from the new site are pages such as those listing poems and features. These are still available. For instance the poems page had several sections – Poems From the Lodge; The Many Faces of Love; Life’s Sunshine and Rain; My Journey; People: and Dream Landscapes – and if you type those titles into the search box, click, and there they all are. And the same applies to all the other sections. So if you are looking for all the chapters of a book, such as SuperMinds; again type it in and click, and there they are.

It has always been my policy to never charge for any service given, so this site and the years and hours spent producing it is purely non-commercial. I have done this because living at a time when I had no money for professional help for therapy, I found that help was here with me when  I prayed for it. I found that when two or three are gathered together in my name – the name of love – help flows from ordinary people supporting each other. Also I find that supporting the obviously sick financial structure by trying to grab as much money as possible seems ridiculous. So  I pass on that help to others. But obviously we need support, and you can give that by clicking on any adverts that interest you, and buying my books. So here are ways you can do that:

  • Link to this site from your website, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Tell other people about this site
  • Visit us on Facebook and Twitter.

Future Change

Something else that is coming, but will take time to complete, is a completely new and massively enlarged dream dictionary. This will be done a little at time, so the first entries will appear fairly soon. The new dictionary will have a simple statement of the main meanings of the dream image, followed by a deeper description. Then questions about the dream image will follow that if answered will lead you to your own understanding.Up to the K’s at the moment – March 2014

Meanwhile, thanks to those of you who have been loyal supporters of the site, and welcome to those who are new. Enjoy exploring the wonders of dreams and your inner life. It might be helpful to read http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/questions-2/#Summing

Tony Crisp



-Shana 2014-01-17 2:03:47

Dear Mr. Tony Crisp,

I’m glad that I ran into your website.

I’m writing down my dreams for more than ten years now and it helped me a lot to see some things about myself I usually am not able to notice in my waking life. I must say, that when I read your dictionary, I’ve found some similar discoveries as I did discovered working with my dreams through these years. I was researching a lot to find interlocutor experienced by her/his experience regarding dreams. Of course I discovered many websites, mostly copy-pasting average superficial explanations of symbols.
I’m very glad to found your website with work from your own experiences. And I love the way you introduced yourself here. The story captured my attention and it shows honesty and wisdom gained from life. Thank you!


-Malina Sirotic 2014-01-24 14:14:56


I am marketing manager for Oranum.com – The Spiritual Community and I would be interested in doing business with you.
At the beginning online display ads on your site. Do you sell ad space?
If yes, could you tell me what spaces are available, the appropriate CPM price and what is the amount of impressions you receive per Month?

I look forward to your reply.

Kind Regards,



    -Tony Crisp 2014-01-26 14:58:26

    Malina – The only advertising I use is with Google Adsense. There are some psychics advertise there.

    Meanwhile thanks for your interest.



-David 2014-02-28 18:13:53

Dear Tony, last night, I had a dream of two alligators in a river, where I was, too. I saw each alligator swallowing someone who I have not met before, and I could see that person lying down in their bellies. The alligators passed me, and I really did not feel anything.
How can we interpret this dream?
Thank you


-Pete Wilkins 2014-03-03 17:50:29

Hi Tony

I was lent ‘Yoga and relaxation’ by a friend when I was 14. I recall looking at the pictures and thinking “I’ve seen this kind of thing before”, even though I had not, in this life.

I’m not a believer / disbeliever in reincarnation, but experiences like that make me wonder…

I just wanted to say that book contained more useful information on Yoga than many others I’ve since seen. Especially when it came to higher states etc.

I recall ( I have not seen the book for many years ), you quoting one sage who said, about attaining higher states, “Wait…”

Something which my mind has returned to, and used, many times.

Interested to hear your story. Best wishes and insights.



-T. H. 2014-04-20 15:56:53

What does it mean when I had a dream that my deceased husband (massive heart attack at 44 years old) is really alive and everyone else knows/knew, but nobody told me. I accidently saw him & learned that he wasn’t really dead when I took my kids to see their paternal grandmother / relatives? The dream left me feeling glad that he was alive for my children, but horribly betrayed for me AND my children.


-Kevin Kappler PhD 2014-04-27 22:44:15

I would be honored to write a guest article on your site. I started my meanings of dreams site several months ago and can say it is slow going but a task of heart rather than necessity. I enjoy your work and articles.


    -Tony Crisp 2014-04-28 8:22:42

    Kevin – Thank you for saying what you wrote to me. You have a well weathered face, like my own.

    I too are taking a long, long time on upgrading the online dream dictionary, so I look forward to any thing you have to offer. If it fits with the site I will use it.



-Muskan Agarwal 2014-05-29 18:12:53

Hi Tony, today in the day time I had a scary dream. It’s really important if you can interpret it for me. The dream was about my pet dog, Max, who is a 10 month old lab. In the dream someone brought me another dog, something like a Tibetan Spaniel, (not exactly). Later, I found out that the tibetan spaniel killed Max, and his body was lying in my room all soaked up in blood. And then I saw myself crying uncontrollably. I and my parents, brother love Max unconditionally. The dream has really terrified me. Please decipher the meaning of this dream.
Looking forward to hear from you soon!


-tina 2014-06-04 12:04:18

What does it mean to dream that I realize some one is watching me bathe. I am greatly upset, then realize I am hidden from his view by a frosted glass wall….?

Thank you :)


-carole szerman 2014-06-15 15:03:38

Dear Tony,
I have had 24 000-26-000 dreams to-date, worked on all of them alone, perhaps a few chats with friends to get a fresh angle.
i felt the first ten-fifteen thousands dreams had to be more like an osmosis, a fermentation , I had to be very careful walking the walk.the soul had been blown into a thousand pieces,
i studied psychological astrology with Liz Greene, in addition studied lots of Jung and Greek myths.. i aligned my dreams up to the movements of the planets and worked with a psychological interpretation.
i started out with spiritualism ( a life saver) i have recently returned to spiritualism, now that I am over the major part of my studies. It was very interesting reading about your personal journey

Warm regards
Carole Szerman


-donna charnley 2014-06-27 9:40:52

What is the meani.g of two friends sharing a simalar dream


-Amber 2014-07-21 4:09:54

Hi Tony,

I just want to say a very big “Thank You”…for your insightful articles and for your dream interpretation pieces and dream dictionary. They have all been exceedingly helpful.

~ Amber


-MJ 2014-07-26 14:42:30

I just woke up from a beautiful yet mysterious dream. I was dreaming in my dream. ( it’s the second time this has happened to me ever and this in a short time).
So I’m dreaming in my dream that an eagle is flying right by me to my left about ten feet below.
I realize that something is strange in the fact that I’m higher than the eagle. I am laying down on the highest point of a Rocky Mountain.
I felt all this emotion mixed with a little fear but mostly puzzled as to why I’m so high and the feeling becomes more uncomfortable until it wakes me up and I realize that I’m sitting on a blue long chair by the water during the day but it is now night
With reflection of the moon on the water and the chair now touches the water. It’s magical. I then understand why in my dream I was uncomfortable being on peak of the rock in my eagle dream because I was laying accross the chair where you usually put your head.
Then I proceeded going back to the house and two other dreams follow ( including a ghost or spirit urinating on me from left bathroom stall and a man a security guy doesn’t believe me)
The feeling of knowing you were dreaming yet still not knowing you are still dreaming eventhough you woke up in your dream and think you’re awake is mind boggling.
Have you ever had that? Please help me make sense of this double dream.
Thank you
A vivid dreamer


    -Tony Crisp 2014-07-28 11:53:51

    MJ – You have taken in as truths mistaken ideas about dreaming. You felt for instance that if you were high you could fall and hurt yourself. Something that needs remembering is that dreams are a half way house between your central self/core self and our personal awareness. It is a form of communication between what has no recognised form as far as our personality or reasoning mind is concerned. So to do this it uses images of people, things and animals, as well as scenes that we might understand if we explore what we associate with the dream images. See http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/questions-2/#Summing

    So because you were somewhat frightened you change the images to something you could cope with. Dream images are simply your own fears, thoughts and speculations clothed in dream images. And being high on the Rockies is only images clothing your awareness taking in a much bigger picture of the world than you usually have. Everything in a dream represent the state of your mind or personality. To understand a dream you have to ‘get behind’ the images. Maybe by using http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/practical-techniques-for-understanding-your-dreams/

    The experience you mention of waking and yet still dreaming is fairly common, though I have never experienced it myself. It shows how we can create any feelings and situation in a dream as if it were real. That is why it is seen as a virtual reality. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/the-magical-dream-machine/

    Freud reckoned it was so we could carry on sleeping. Maybe it symbolises that we need to wake up to something our dream is showing us.

    Example: Then I ‘woke up’ from that dream within a dream and into the next dream, which was a similar scene. I was again in bed with my husband, but I had now woken up from this dream – and of course was still dreaming – and was worried that I had actually screamed in my sleep and woken people up. But my husband was still soundly asleep, and so I realized with relief (but also a little disappointment) that it had all just been a dream and I hadn’t disturbed anyone. Then I woke up from that dream, and was puzzled.



-Chanell 2014-08-05 14:12:50

Hello, Tony, i just want to say that i came across your website about 2 weeks ago, i was looking up something in your dream dictionary page. I have to tell you that your website has been an inspiration for me…. i have been feeling lost for a few years. Your articles are giving me great energy to carry on :-)

I have a question… what does it mean if you keep dreaming about somebody all the time…. this person is a old work college, who does not speak to me ( for over a year now) i believe we had feelings for each other but they were never expressed…. he pops up in dreams quite often…… don’t really know what to do about it…….

I hope you have a wonderful day!


-bernard 2014-08-21 6:13:45

I had a dream,we were so many people travelling in a line,i saw a snake besides,i looked black,after it sensing that i had seen it,it took off but it was surrounded,it decicded to fly and it changed the color to a red head and the other part blue ,it flue and then dissapered in the grass,please help me with the interpretation


-Scott Hermann 2014-09-21 19:56:26

I need to contact Tony with a permission request.

Dear Tony Crisp the great author:
If I -

Do not directly paraphrase anything from your book, especially large numbers of sentences of paragraphs, MAY I- Use what I have learned in a blog online in my complete own original writing- FOR PROFIT?

p.s. I am promoting your book on my website through Indiebound.org. I help sell your book. :)



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