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Here at last is the new and redesigned website I have been promising my avid readers for some years. It is now about four years old – and thank you for all the wonderful dreams and comments you have all sent.

(Please note this site asks no fees, and posts that have any adverts or links to adverts will be deleted)

It has taken a lot of hard work with my son Leon who was the great mover behind this new site. Apart from that it is all done by me, Tony Crisp. The new site is bringing dream interpretation and the many features it holds right up to date. You will be able to search for any entry and quickly find it. Such a search will also bring up other related entries. So if your search is for dog, it will also display entries for coyote, animal and jackal, that will add to the information presented.


DreamHawk is probably the oldest dream interpretation site on the web. It started in the mid eighties on CompuServe, and later was called Waves. When I went more mainline the name changed to DreamHawk. But I was also the earliest writer on dreams who attempted a dream dictionary, one not based on rigid dream theories such as Freudian or Jungian ideas, or the made up rubbish of the dictionaries saying each dream is about good or bad luck. The earliest book I did on dreams was in Do You Dream, and was published in 1971. This included a dream dictionary.


The new DreamHawk will enable able you to post comments and develop contact with other dreamers. See Discussion Forums.

Something that is missing from the new site are pages such as those listing poems and features. These are still available. For instance the poems page had several sections – Poems From the Lodge; The Many Faces of Love; Life’s Sunshine and Rain; My Journey; People: and Dream Landscapes – and if you type those titles into the search box, click, and there they all are. And the same applies to all the other sections. So if you are looking for all the chapters of a book, such as SuperMinds; again type it in and click, and there they are.

It has always been my policy to never charge for any service given, so this site and the years and hours spent producing it is purely non-commercial. I have done this because living at a time when I had no money for professional help for therapy, I found that help was here with me when  I prayed for it. I found that when two or three are gathered together in my name – the name of love – help flows from ordinary people supporting each other. Also I find that supporting the obviously sick financial structure by trying to grab as much money as possible seems ridiculous. So  I pass on that help to others. But obviously we need support, and you can give that by clicking on any adverts that interest you, and buying my books. So here are ways you can do that:

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Future Change

Something else that is coming, but will take time to complete, is a completely new and massively enlarged dream dictionary. This will be done a little at time, so the first entries will appear fairly soon. The new dictionary will have a simple statement of the main meanings of the dream image, followed by a deeper description. Then questions about the dream image will follow that if answered will lead you to your own understanding. Up to the N’s at the moment – October 2014

Meanwhile, thank you to those of you who have been loyal supporters of the site, and welcome to those who are new. Enjoy exploring the wonders of dreams and your inner life. It might be helpful to read Summing Up  or Questions

Tony Crisp



-Susan 2014-09-23 15:58:36

Tony, thank you, for replying to my question
Regarding my dream. I was quite blown away!
I have felt awkward with my feminine side for some reason. I appreciate your response, and accuracy. I had another dream that puzzled me
I want to know if you can tell me, what the dream
Means? I dreamt of an ex lovers wife. She had on a smurf costume and held the head part in her hand. Thank you, in advamce


-Susan 2014-09-23 23:18:53

Tony.. I had another dream that was puzzling to me. I wanted to ask you, if you could explain what the dream meant? I had a dream of my ex lover’s wife , in a smurf costume , holding the head in her hand and just looking at me, smiling. Thank you, in advance.


-Ulie 2014-10-01 4:49:52

Hello Tony, in 2004, two months before I even knew my mother had cancer I had a dream of a person who stood in a kind of doorway with a bright light shining from behind, but I could not see this persons face. After my mom died this dream came every time a day before someone I know would die. My last dream was very dramatic to me, more like a nightmare and it still upset me just thinking about it. It happened at about 4 in the afternoon while sleeping for nightshirt. In my dream I saw my mother, their was something wrong with her wrists, but I could not exactly see what, somebody drove her to hospital, again I could not see that person clearly. Then I saw a person again in some kind of doorway, but this time it was black behind him or her. I woke up all sweaty and breathing very heavily and I could not fall back to sleep again, as if I were to scared. The next morning my wife informed me that one of our friends committed suicide. I then went to bed very troublesome at one stage while I was dozing off it hit me like a ton of bricks, the day I had this dream was the day my mom died back in 2004, but I don’t know why I forgot it that specific day. I would like to know why I am getting this dreams and why this one was black, I feel cursed and have trouble sleeping after this last dream.


    -Tony Crisp 2014-10-10 8:35:35

    Ulie – We are all like islands in a great ocean. Where the ocean meets the shore of our island is the limit of our senses and so we feel we are isolated and alone. But under the surface of the ocean – our unconscious – the land slips away into the depths and connects with all the other islands. So in fact we are not alone, but are unconscious of our connection with all life.

    So your dreams show your awareness in dreams goes beyond the shoreline of your existence and is aware of a little more about life and particularly about death of people you are unconsciously connected with. This connection with others often occurs because you have faced, frightened of or interested in death. If you were interested in pregnancy you would dream of knowing when a friend was pregnant and know the sex of the baby. See http://dreamhawk.com/interesting-people/edgar-cayce-and-the-cosmic-mind-superminds/ and http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/esp-in-dreams/

    The black dream were you were in touch with your suicidal friend was in the same way as your other death dreams. But all such knowledge comes from our unconscious and is interpreted by our brain. So different images are used to convey what you sensed about your friends suicide.

    To understand this you must realise that a life is not theirs to take in suicide. As a baby in our mother’s womb it is not the mother that creates the baby – the Life processes do it all, and Life is conscious and responds as your dreams show. So in that sense our life is not ours to destroy in suicide. The experience of death is a reflection of the state of mind of the person. The friend was in a living hell inside them and that carried on, so was shown as darkness. Your friend was in a self created darkness, the sort I was in, except I found a way out of it. See http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/lifes-little-secrets/ and – http://dreamhawk.com/interesting-people/rudolph-steiners-philosophy-of-life-and-death/

    Sorry about the many links, but we are often sadly lacking in understanding our inner life. So please see http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/inner-world/



-Elisa Paulo 2014-10-07 0:38:08

I have this recurring dream about a house my family is building. First was the early stage of construction , then the progression and last night we are already living in it and our guests were realtives from my Father’s side of the family.


-Ana 2014-10-12 3:53:50

Hello Tony, I am 8 months pregnant and i have been having dreams in which i see dead people.. In the dreams i do talk to them some answer others are just there as observers. Most of the people are older people i knew when i was a child in southern africa. Just a two weeks i dreamt i walking two streets from the house i grew up. I had a black umbrella i was using like walking stick. every time the umbrella hit the earth surface it went a few inches and a surface that sound like word. when i was almost at the end of the street my last step cracked earth and a coffin appeared from the sound created by the contact of the umbrella. its like the coffin was empty. I became scared and started calling people to come and see and most of the people were already dead people in real life. And today an hour and half minutes (4am) i just wake from a dream in which we a flight has been delayed, there are a number of people from my country. And among them is a woman that was once my mother’s student and later her neighbor. This woman died a few years ago in a road accident but now in my dream she is alive and with a girl who is almost 9-10 years old whom i could not recognise. She tells she is on her way to london where she will teaching a course at oxford.. i then become overwhelmingly happy with her achievement and later on after i walk away i meet her by an entries next to it is a hip of folded blankets she picks two and walks away together with the young girl. i stand look in there direction and then i wake up. I have given birth to first child who is three and i don’t not remember having dreams with so dead people.. It is scary before after the dreams i more and more think of death.
I will really appreciate your help regards Ana


    -Tony Crisp 2014-10-12 8:25:19

    Ana – I believe your unborn baby is so strong a character that it influences your thoughts and dreams. See http://dreamhawk.com/pregnancy-childbirth/the-mysterious-power-of-children-to-be/

    I feel that your baby will have the power to see into the world of the dead when it grows. Also the coffin was empty because it represents resurrection – like the empty cave Jesus was buried in. Your baby is a resurrection of a being who will play a great part in your life and will be very clever.

    You as a mother are very important to the future of your baby. Don’t feel afraid of death.



-MAE 2014-10-12 16:26:58

I appreciate your article on “Every Seven Years You Change”. I just turned seventy.


-Julianna 2014-10-14 18:41:03

Where can you register to this website?


    -Tony Crisp 2014-10-21 13:11:01

    Julianna – On top right on almost every page it says Discussion Forum. Click on that and another page appears and it says Register near the top.

    Hoping to see you have managed.



-Diane 2014-10-20 3:54:49

Hello Tony,

i was hoping that you could help me with a dream I had that I am confused about. I have never had a dream that I was murdered in and then ended up floating as a ghost. The scary part for me is that after I had been dead, I was all a loan. I wrote the entire dream down this morning when I awoke and I can even give names of people. ( I don’t know these people now, but I remembered one person’s name). When I say a loan I meant that when I finally saw someone in the dream that I recognized, ( I don not know who they are as of now), I went to them and tried to tell them that I loved them and saw that they felt me, but freaked out and were scarred and that is when I knew that I was dead. I woke up after that.
Anyway, sir, I always thought that I would see this bright light and go up to Heaven and everything would be Okay after I passed. This dream has shown me that maybe that does not happen. Very disturbing!!!!!

I do not know if you can make sense of my writing, but if you can I would love to hear from you!!!! All my best,



-api 2014-11-02 14:08:22

Dear Tony, I have this really disturbing dream about me standing in the middle of nowhere and facing toward the dense wild woods calling out my husbands name again again but theres was no response.At that moment i had a feeling of great loss regret and saddness.In real life my husband is a loving man and always as in always respond to my call or calls.We have been married for 4 years and i never had once dreamt of him or me together.I always have recurring dreams like ..am alone sad and theres somone outthere who really loves me a lot but its like a total amnesia cos i cannot remember his face nor his name.sometimes i even joke with my husband telling him that maybe he doesnt think of me while sleeping so he doesnt come to my dreams!We are total soulmates and we love eachother a lot and theres no room in our marriage for suspensions or breakups.Why do i always have this sad dreams of not remembering my love name or his face?


-KAY ADAMS 2014-11-03 15:30:08



-Recvery 2014-11-04 1:38:17

Tony…. I had a dream I had purchased a gun and bullets and I remember one bullet was used .I do not remember shooting anyone , or anything. I remember the gun was in a box with the bullets, and I had other items in the bag , Which was a see through bag. As I am walking along the sidewalk with my items, I noticed two woman that knew me, walked up close to me, and mentioned to one another I had a gun. The box, the gun came in said either gun , or firearm on it. The two women were following me, and making comments regarding the gun. I tried to go into other stores , to get rid of the gun so these women would not continue following me. I went back to the store where I purchased the gun and asked for a refund. I think I mentioned to the clerk, I used one bullet. I was refunded my money. Can you please tell me, what this dream means? Thank You, in advance.


-Holly 2014-11-12 18:37:24

Hi Tony,
Firstly I would just like to say how pleased I am to have found your website, it is so interesting; I study philosophy at university and am planning to write part of my dissertation on elements of dreaming and nightmares.
I have many odd dreams, which I would very much appreciate being analysed. This one happened about a year ago: I was tidying my bedroom (tidying and packing too many things into a suitcase are recurrent themes in my dreams) and I opened my bedside cabinet to find my dismembered hands, white and dead (but not gory or bloody). I am unsure as to how I opened the drawer without hands but that is what happened. It was very vivid and calm.
What do you think this means?
As I mentioned, I very often dream I am packing my things into a suitcase which firstly I cannot fit everything into it, I then forget something important, or I leave the suitcase on a train or something similar. I think this is quite common but what does it infer?
Thank you so much,


-Susan D. 2014-11-29 19:49:05

Hello Tony, My Mom has been dead for over three years. She was 91 when she died after long bout with Alzheimer’s. I am currently 64 years old. We were extremely close. When she died and after such a long illness, I knew it was for the best – it was her time. In the last 2 months or so I’ve had 3 dreams about her being kidnapped. One time, (the first?) was particularly disturbing because it had to do with my brother and I having a conversation that our Dad (who is also gone now – less than 2 years) was refusing to pay the ransom and my brother agreed that ransom shouldn’t be paid. The dream felt more like my anger and resentment towards my father and my brother – but then why do I continue to dream about Mom being kidnapped and they are not a part of the dream? I wake up feeling very sad and helpless to protect Mom. Another piece of the puzzle, I myself was kidnapped over 20 years ago. Perhaps this has something to do with it? I do feel at peace with Mom being gone and I don’t believe I have anymore issues with what happened to me… and I feel my mother with me all the time and she continues to be such a powerful force in my life. Thanks very much for whatever insight you may offer. Not fretting too much. Mostly curious. Susan


    -Tony Crisp 2014-11-30 14:50:58

    Susan – Usually there are many aspects to what you call issues. The have so many influences in our life that even though we feel we have met the feelings, there are also the habits that the ‘issue’ give rise to. We have layers of ourselves that are usually totally unexplored.

    What happened in your kidnapping, was there ransom demanded, and did it get paid? Without knowing those things and also what you associate inside you with your brother and dad. Obviously there was anger.

    Obviously your mother is with you all the time and you know she is a powerful force in your life, so I do not feel the dream is about your external mother, but your internal mother. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/questions-2/#Summing

    So I think what this is about, and it is a guess, is that someone or family have tried to undermine your faith in your mothers living presence. Most people do not have any understanding of what gives them life, and so their beliefs are irrelevant.



-Julia 2014-11-29 23:52:54

Dear Tony,
I can’t stop thinking about a dream I had last night. It was a happy dream. I found a house for sale. It didn’t look like much from the outside, but inside felt great. A long hallway lead to a large living space with views out the the ocean on one side and to a lovely coastal Forrest from another window. It was unfurnished. white walls. warm light. I didn’t think I could buy it, then my husband appeared and said we had just put a deposit down! Suddenly, people were decorating it for me – brightly coloured ornaments hanging from the ceiling. I was overjoyed – crying with happiness. At one stage, I was vacuuming cobwebs and spiders from the hallway ceiling. Then I discovered we were to share the home with another family – people we knew but hadn’t really got on with in the past. This was not a problem for me – I was so happy. (My husband was not as happy about the house – just resigned to it) I also remember discovering some lovely little shops including an Indian takeaway near the house. My overwhelming memories of the dream are 1) feeling elated 2) the house being decorating in brightly coloured ornaments to signify the deposit – perhaps putting my stamp on it ( although I don’t usually, in life, overuse colour – although I have lately!) 3) the views 4) having to share and it being ok.

Sorry, this really is a brain dump! Hope you can help me interpret. I am still feeling elated about it

Ps I love the coast but have always considered myself more attracted to the country

Kind regards, Julia ( In Australia)


    -Tony Crisp 2014-11-30 11:06:55

    Julia – (In Australia – I see it is Sydney). A place I’ve been and loved.

    “Don’t overuse colour – but I have lately” – shows you the big changes going on in you. Which is what the new house means. You are becoming a more ‘colourful’ person, seeing opportunities for pleasure around you. It is a wonderful change and a happier one, though you are in doubt about what your husband feels about it.

    Anyway you are clearing out old feelings what have been around for a while and you do not mind sharing your life with others.



-neicy 2014-11-30 13:10:43

dreamed last night of large flying saucer and the bright lights were directed at my house and I looked into the lights and felt peace.


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