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Here at last is the new and redesigned website I have been promising my avid readers for some years. It is now about four years old – and thank you for all the wonderful dreams and comments you have all sent.

(Please note this site asks no fees, and posts that have any adverts or links to adverts will be deleted)

It has taken a lot of hard work with my son Leon who was the great mover behind this new site. Apart from that it is all done by me, Tony Crisp. The new site is bringing dream interpretation and the many features it holds right up to date. You will be able to search for any entry and quickly find it. Such a search will also bring up other related entries. So if your search is for dog, it will also display entries for coyote, animal and jackal, that will add to the information presented.


DreamHawk is probably the oldest dream interpretation site on the web. It started in the mid eighties on CompuServe, and later was called Waves. When I went more mainline the name changed to DreamHawk. But I was also the earliest writer on dreams who attempted a dream dictionary, one not based on rigid dream theories such as Freudian or Jungian ideas, or the made up rubbish of the dictionaries saying each dream is about good or bad luck. The earliest book I did on dreams was in Do You Dream, and was published in 1971. This included a dream dictionary.


The new DreamHawk will enable able you to post comments and develop contact with other dreamers. See Discussion Forums.

It has always been my policy to never charge for any service given, so this site and the years and hours spent producing it is purely non-commercial. I have done this because living at a time when I had no money for professional help for therapy, I found that help was here with me when  I prayed for it. I found that when two or three are gathered together in my name – the name of love – help flows from ordinary people supporting each other. Also I find that supporting the obviously sick financial structure by trying to grab as much money as possible seems ridiculous. So  I pass on that help to others. But obviously we need support, and you can give that by clicking on any adverts that interest you, and buying my books. So here are ways you can do that:

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Future Change

Something else that is coming, but will take time to complete, is a completely new and massively enlarged dream dictionary. This will be done a little at time, so the first entries will appear fairly soon. The new dictionary will have a simple statement of the main meanings of the dream image, followed by a deeper description. Then questions about the dream image will follow that if answered will lead you to your own understanding. Up to the O’s at the moment – December 2014

Meanwhile, thank you to those of you who have been loyal supporters of the site, and welcome to those who are new. Enjoy exploring the wonders of dreams and your inner life. It might be helpful to read Summing Up  or Questions

Tony Crisp



-Glenda Venn 2014-12-21 7:39:59

Hello Tony. I met you once briefly at Sheilah Johns house in Devon. I have recently been packing up my Aunts house and writings and have found quite a lot of Sheilah’s writing. You are mentioned frequently in terms of your work together. I had such a powerful dream about death, departed family and dying in a car crash and have always found your site so helpful in focusing my reflection and gaining clarity. So thank you and as Sheilah always said – Love and light.


    -Tony Crisp 2014-12-21 12:57:31

    Glenda – Thank you so much for your words. Sheilah and Mike Tanner and their support and friendship were turning points in my life. They were adventurous explorers in areas of experience that most people shy away from – and it was all new and daring for me too. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/the-waking-lucid-dream/ and http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/lifes-little-secrets/

    Without them I would never have had the support to leap into the unconscious and explore it. So if you have copies of Sheilah’s writing I would love to see or even use some of it.

    Love, Light and Power – Tony
    (Powerless love is nothing. Power without love and wisdom of Light leads to what we see so much of today).


-april 2014-12-21 14:16:39

In my dream i am having dufficulty birthing a baby girl. I am in the middle of the floor crying and hurting, when a co worker says “wait! i see her head! push!” but as i do they say, “or i thought i saw her head, she went back in” i then start pleading with her “come on out of there baby girl” & crying even harder. When the dream ended i had not birthed the child, she was still inside of me & i was still pregnant. Can u tell me the meaning of my dream. By the way i have 3 children all by c-section and i have also had my tubes tied 10yrs. Ago.


    -Tony Crisp 2014-12-23 9:33:47

    April – I think your dream is a mixture if your deep urge to have more children and you experience of having 3 births by c-section.
    It is innate in women to dream of being creative and giving birth in their dreams. So I believe that such a baby is a very real part of you – though an inner and not always an outer part. It is because you are a female mammal and females are designed to have babies – it is instinctive and unavoidable to at least dream of creating a child.

    If you are a woman it is your nature and your potential to have a baby and give birth. You developed in this way because you are a creature of evolution. If you deny that part of you – the urge to procreate – you deny yourself even if you a have had a hysterectomy. You do not have to become childbearing to have that creativity.

    You held back on easily giving birth to your dream baby because of personal emotions and experiences. But dreams are a completely different world with different rules than in the waking world. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/questions-2/#Summing
    Here is a woman’s dream of giving birth – it is one of many.

    Hi hope you could help I tried reading the other dreams that was similar to mine but nothing really. I dreamt that I had a baby boy called Adam. In my dream I could feel the giving birth process and how I felt surprised that it was not painful. I am not sure who named my baby (I am single) but I was confused about the fact of the name Adam



-Megan 2014-12-23 9:27:38

Hi Tony, I just woke up from a dream of a tsunami. In the dream, I was standing in a building made of glass, watching the tsunami approach. The water was a brilliant, bright blue-green. There was the thought or feeling, “We’ll be crushed!”. But, amazingly, the structure withstood the force; everyone inside was okay. Then, my thoughts turned to my dog, was he okay? I ran home and found that although the city was in shambles, my dog was fine, and I even took in a stray. Later, on a search for food, I spoke with a stranger (whom I recognized from tv), and he told me about a date he was on his way to meet. I’d appreciate any thoughts you might have on this. Thank you. Be well.


    -Tony Crisp 2014-12-23 10:23:21

    Megan – Tsunamis are caused by massive earth changes, often deep in the sea. In dreams this usually means a great and powerful force of change in occurring in your life. Such changes often take some time to appear, as they are also deep in you.

    The brilliant blue/green colour indicates that the change is about your potential that is growing. Growth is one of the greatest and continuous activities in us psychologically and physically. And we are born with massive potential that remains largely latent because of our programming. See http://dreamhawk.com/interesting-people/animal-children/#Program

    The thought or feeling that you would be crushed is again your programming. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/questions-2/#Summing

    The dog and the stray are about caring for the semi domesticated instincts in you. You have the dog/mammal as part of you brain and so you are a well balance person – many people cannot deal well with their inner animals. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/brain-levels-and-dreams/

    The man and the date may indicate – I am guessing – and urge to find a decent mate.

    Good journeys into your potential.



-Diane Stuckey-Tanner 2015-01-07 16:28:08

Searching for Native American dream references and found your website. Tony Crisp – author of the only dream book I deemed worthy of carrying around -until its binding gave way and I had to put a rubber band around it. I would have bought a new copy but I had spent years handwriting in the dictionary “American” words in places where “British” would not be understood.
Read your autobiographical account and was stricken with your auspicious birth experience. From some research I have done over the years, I noted that people who have “Death Experiences” or “Near Death Experiences” (at any time of life [or pre-life in your case]) have come back with a definite purpose and mission to help mankind – whether it be on a grand or small scale.
It seems that we belong to “Soul Groups” that we reincarnate with and every once in a while we meet up with each other while on our Earth Sojourn. Of this you seem familiar. Thank you for following your intuition and path.


-Tara Ash 2015-01-17 18:15:35

Hi, I just read your articles and it’s very informative and was a wonderful and insightful read. I am always seeking the meaning of my dreams and I have very vivid ones that usually have such a strong message. I’ve dreamt of frogs and elephants, however last night I dreamt of apes, who were wild in the jungle. For some reason I rescued or took a young male chimpanzee and it’s mother as well a male gorilla looking ape. I took them to my house and were very concerned about their health. I made fruit salads and told them they can go to the garden for fresh air or if they wanted to eat some bugs. I kept them beside the dinner table during food. But my parents were not fond of it and couldn’t entirely understand why I am doing this. The first night they slept downstairs in a big cage. The next day They were picking fleas off each and grooming each other which made me worry as to how I can treat the fleas but then mother of the chimpanzee came up to me and started checking my hair. Then soon I had them sleeping in my room… The male gorilla found it hardest to warm up to me and I was always suspecting that it could harm me. But I treated him the same and tried not to let fear of that over take the care that I had for the three. I’ve always liked apes but never really think anything or much about them. I can’t seem to understand what this is….


-Liz 2015-01-21 12:52:40

Hi Tony ,

This dream has really shaken me up . Any help would be amazing . I am in tiny boat , with my 11 yearold daughter , it’s so tiny I hv to stand . The water is amazing . It’s bright white , but clear through to the ocean floor . So bright , it lights up the sky , and it’s so dark that the billions of stars are reflecting off the water ,.im slightly terrified Bc it’s so vast . The shore is white too . We hv no oar and the ocean has lots of animals in it . I can move my sorta wiggling around n were going to words shore . There are crazy animals in this ocean . Not angry or bothering . They live here . There are bulls walking the bottom of the ocean , and huge orca whales ..and oddly elephants ..I hv to get in and out of these boat to help it to shore ..water is not scary . Then I push her past an elephant , and a large metal looking bull, in the ocean and it gets possibly angry ,.she keeps going , I’m stuck in the ocean w this elephant , I turn my head out of fear . And on shore is my girl and another elephant ..apparently named Sherman ..I know he sees me , then he gets happy and remembers me . Comes running out in the ocean , I’m worried what to do .he then just picks me up in his trunk and carries me to shore . He lives there in a square cage thing w an open door ..he’s insanely happy to see me !!! He’s jumping n giggling n I’m feeding him papaya he’s keeps asking what this food is !! It’s so good!! And I’m giggling n worried he might bite me , but he doesn’t ..I see my girl on shore and walk over ..


-Maureen lucas 2015-02-07 15:47:27

Dear Tony

I would appreciate your thoughts re my dream …I was holding a large potatoe which felt and looked a bit scarey it had a shoot growing from it I took the shoot off and as soon as I did this the potatoes had 2 bright white eyes which opened shining a very bright white light and in the middle of the potatoe was a large white circle in the tummy area shining and beaming a very bright beaming light …The potatoes was no longer feeling scarey.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind wishes



-Barbara Melancon 2015-02-11 23:21:30

I just woke up from a dream that a Hawk had chosen me and stayed with me. I named him and he would come every time I called for him. I shared my meals with him and he was my companion. He hurt his wing ans I nursed him back to health. He also was affectionate toward me and protective as I was to him. It was amazing… The dream was so vivid and real I woke up and could not stop thinking of it. I am 1/3 Cherokee but my parents did not teach me the culture so I am wondering what this means.


-Ray 2015-03-12 3:05:38

Hello, I had a weird dream in the morning…I don’t remember anything else but just this part where I’m standing in a graveyard with s friend and then she points out to two graves and tells she’ll be buried next to her father when she dies and I see that the ground next to that grave is wet. I thought it was weird. N then I saw next to her dad was the grave of a school mate who I hardly know .I felt weird coz her dad and that guy are alive and I’ve not seen my friend’s dad yet. What could my dream mean? Why would I see his grave of all the people I know? Please reply it’s been disturbing my head


-Naira 2015-03-14 15:08:55

So I used to have this recurring dream that I was being chased by a gang and I don’t know what they want from me and their only motive is to kill me but every time I’m surrounded by them I manage to escape and fight them off and once they manage to get me in their car and were trying to pull my clothes off and had a knife in their hands and I manage to get off the car and the people who were trying to kill me are men I’ve never seen before but they were the same people who came in my dream every time and I always woke up when I was cornered or I’d no way to escape. It had stopped coming but now it has started again and the last time they told me my best friend was behind this and the thing is I’ve no trust issues with her and I trust her completely. I haven’t been able to sleep since it started again and every time I almost feel I’m there because I wake up sweating and with my heart pounding in my chest


-Mia M 2015-03-16 15:39:33

Hi Tony, I just recently had a dream of enlightenment from the Pharaohs . It includes a lot of detail, unlike anything I’ve ever imagined. Is there a way to communicate with you via telephone? Or can you please help me interpret it.


-Gabriel O 2015-03-21 14:52:55

Hello Tony
I always check your site for dream interpretation
which I found very Complete and experienced
perspective in many levels.

I had a Dream last night, I saw a coin with a buffalo image, silver color, the coin was in 90 degree facing me, ( coin size was bigger than a quarter) I left the scene but I return to pick up the coin. After that I saw 2 Insects one copper/gold color other one kind of white/gray
I grab them and give it to a person next to me, they were very pacific insects. After that I saw a Dog very friendly around me. The mouth was bigger than normal, color was dark grey/drown, a young dog. Any tips to clarify the visions will be very appreciated.

Hope you are doing great and receiving positive inspiration from this planetary event on Mach 20 2015 Solar Eclipse.
Peace and Light to you and Family


-hope 2015-04-11 21:15:12

I dreamed three dead people a woman and two men their funeral was held in a home like years ago, what does that mean…


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