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Due to human associations with its rapid breeding it is often linked with sexual desires. Also its softness and non aggression sometimes to the point of depicting us as a victim, or foolishly passive;  may thus represent unworldly idealism. Perhaps because of its tendency to be the victim of predators, is often used as a sacrifice in dreams, which suggests the hurt we might experience to the soft, vulnerable parts of our nature as we experience the pain of meeting reality in the maturing process; feeling hounded by someone; ones vulnerable child self; docility or humility.

If the dreamer hunts rabbits: It could mean some element of self or others being criticised, attacked, ‘hunted down’ or hounded; instinctive urge to dominate.

Pet rabbit: Wanting to be petted or cared for; gentle contact and caring; responsibility.

Rabbit hole: Alice down the rabbit hole illustrates this – a going within self; into the unconscious; the womb; attempting to escape from problems by turning within. Going into a rabbit hole could also suggest sexual intercourse. See: unconscious.

Rabbit in your garden: A quiet attack on your resources or personal growth; also may connect with the general definitions above.

EXAMPLE: Then they brought in a white rabbit, and thrust its eyes through with heated irons. And as I gazed, the rabbit seemed to me like a tiny infant, with human face, and hands which stretched themselves towards me in appeal, and lips which sought to cry for help in human accents. And I could bear no more, but broke forth into a bitter rain of tear. Anna Kingsford, From Dreams and Dream-Stories.

EXAMPLE: The nightmares returned – one terrible one in February 1896 about a tramp, seen holding over a well ‘washing, but with a kind of amused tenderness, an object that I thought was a rabbit, but I presently saw that it was a small deformed hairy child, with a curious lower jaw, very shallow: over the face it had a kind of horny carapace. . . made of some material resembling pottery. ….. The horror of it exceeded all belief.’ A. C. Benson, quoted in David Newsome, On the Edge of Paradise.

These two examples show how our dream process links the vulnerability of rabbits with childhood or children, and our own vulnerability and human pain.

Useful questions are and hints:

What part or role in my dream is my rabbit playing?

Can you put words to it?

If the dream rabbit is vulnerable what vulnerability in me is this reflecting?

If the rabbit transforms into something stronger in what way am I myself changing?

If I stand in the role of rabbit what do I feel?

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-Chula 2014-06-01 9:24:58

Hi,I dreamt i was watching a rabbit sleeping at the foot of a big tree inbetween its big roots soundlessly,it was adorable long ears bigger than normal & hairless,then a cat came staring at it,i felt nervous as if i knew something unpleasant was about to happen,as i was about to sho the cat away about 4 more appeared &they all started attacking the sleeping rabbit,I was then trying to stop them,i kicked them off the rabbit but the rabbit looked injured and bleeding it left me feeling sad & hurt..that i couldnt save the rabbit from those cats.


-Samantha 2015-01-13 0:09:25

I dreamt I was being attacked my two rabbits. One was larger than the other. I think they were black. Then two men came up with a hammer. He wanted me to help him kill the rabbits, but I couldn’t. Then the dream was over.


-Gabbi 2016-01-27 19:42:37

Hi I had a dream about a dark brown rabbit attacking me and biting me super hard on the neck and fingers. I was bleeding. What does this mean?


-Angelica 2016-03-25 15:02:13

Had a dream I was on a flight to Japan from the US, where I live. As we were flying an old friend delivered two plants that were in pots to everyone on the plane. I was excited to receive the two plants, which had already sprouted and began growing sturdy. I knew once I got to Japan I could plant them and make money from them. One thing I noticed was the plants had caterpillars and some other kind of bugs on them so I was planning in my mind what kind of non-chemical organic substance I might use to get rid of them so my plants could remain healthy. My friend had a bunny that was hopping all around the plane. All of the sudden the bunny came up and ate one of the tops of my plant. I was worried about this because this was the way I was going to make money once in Japan. I was trying to see if the plant could be saved, if I still planted just the roots. I arrived in Japan (I’ve never been in waking life) and it was peaceful and calm. I did notice that many of their businesses were very similar to American businesses as if they were trying to be like America in some ways in relation to business. Overall it more peaceful and calm there.


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