Dream Visualisation

Your mind is a magical thing, but you may not have been taught to use many of its wonders during your years at school or college. One of the greatest of its abilities, seen in its most impressive form in remarkable works of art, is imagination and the skill of visualisation. With imagination you can soar beyond the limitations of your body and surroundings; you can bring together in creative ways things you had never brought together before. You can leap beyond logical thinking into real insight and creativity. When you add visualisation to an ability to listen and watch, it becomes a doorway to enormous depths within you. Through it you can access treasure of insight and experience that were previously locked in unconsciousness.

To use this well might take some practice, but it is worth the time taken to learn. There might also be some barriers to overcome. For instance most of us seem to have a resistance to imagining ourselves as someone else – even if it is a character from our own dream! Then, to imagine ourselves as an object at first seems even more alien. Please press on till you move beyond such hesitations.

Perhaps without being really aware of it, you already know your body is a screen. When you see a film or read a book you might be moved to laugh or cry, or shout out in fear. Considering that the book and film is not reality, what is happening? Well, the outside images or words are helping you to experience things upon the sensitive screen of your body and mind.

With visualisation a similar thing can occur. But you need to learn how to direct your attention inwards instead of to a film, TV screen or book. So take time to turn your attention inwards and look beyond the surface gross impressions of your senses and swirling thoughts. When you do, what do you observe is going on – do you feel relaxed, tense; are there persistent body sensations or aches; is there an overall feeling such as sadness or loneliness? Learn to notice these and carry on watching.

Just as the changing images on the cinema screen evoke vastly different feelings and body sensations, so if you introduce an image from your dream it can bring about a shift in the way your body and mind respond. If possible imagine yourself actually in the body of the person in your dream. Then watch passively to see if shifts of feeling, imagery and thoughts occur. What is it like to be that shape, with that expression? Give your being permission to respond, just as you do in the cinema. Take time with it. If you have a partner to do this with it helps enormously.

If it is a dog, a car, or a railway line you are trying to understand, use the same technique. Be the shape and watch what shifts of feeling, memories and images occur.

Good journeying.  See: Secrets of power dreaming; Acting on Your Dream.

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