Dance Dancing

If you are dancing with someone it shows feeling at one or in harmony with someone or others, or aspects of yourself; or unity, as seen in the cells working as a harmonious whole.

It can also express happiness, or a sexual mating dance. Sometimes getting closer or more intimate emotionally or sexually. In fact so many women love dancing and want to dance with a partner because it is a woman’s way to express her full female self and sexuality.

If dancing alone or watching someone dance, the meaning depends upon what you feel as you dance or watch. It often suggests enjoyment, self expression, release, allowing your creative or sexual feelings to flow.

Many figures dancing in time with each other is an expression of an insight into how life expresses through a multitude of creatures or people, and ones own part in it. This can mean cooperation or social integration. Some dances lead to a trance state in which one touches the divine.

Many women have an urge to dance, and in past ages this was a way of expressing her beauty to a man. Today it can be a means to express oneself, ones creativity or feelings.

We can communicate something to other people by our dancing.

Example: One evening I joined a free dance group. As I danced I had a strong impression somebody was watching me and getting something from it – feeling my spirit as it flowed in the dance. At the end I stood very still for some time, sunk in the stillness again. I felt that whoever it was watching and sharing with me wanted to speak to me, but nobody came to me, so I moved away. Then a while later Una, an elderly Irish lady came and told me how much she had got from my dance.

And ancient form of dancing is done by the Sufis who twirl, rotating on the spot. This can produce dizziness, which if continued can produce a faint. This causes the ratioinal mind to faint, and so brings about a condition in which one can contact one source, perhaos having a profound vision. This was the method of Jalal ad-Dīn Rumi.

 “In Black Africa, many women traditionally pride themselves on being dancers and birthers – endeavours that require uncompromising physical strength, mental clarity, rhythmic integrity, and a direct link to forces greater than themselves. As dancers they give birth, bringing to the birth process the tremendous strength acquired over years of night long and sometimes week-long- ‘spirit dances’. Daily work, the honouring of womanhood, the deities, the ancestors, the darkness, and the celebration of birth itself are all depicted in the dance. And the dance is carried into the fibres of everyday life.”

Animals dancing: Harmony with unconscious drives and sexuality.

Dancing with someone usually shows a loving relationship, or even the prelude to a sexual relationship.

Circle dancing:  And ancient form of dancing is done by the Sufis who twirl, rotating on the spot. This can produce dizziness, which if continued can produce a faint. This causes the ratioinal mind to faint, and so brings about a condition in which one can contact one source, perhaos having a profound vision. This was the method of Jalal ad-Dīn Rumi.

But also it relates to the nucleus of the human identity. Although we are, in our everyday life, the magical and mysterious process of life, it is difficult for us to actually answer the question ‘Who am I?’ or ‘What am I?’ with any lasting conviction. The mysterious essence of ourselves is met in dreams as a circular or square object or design. So circle dancing can show you getting closer to you own centre.

If the dance is awkward: Lack of harmony connected with what is depicted.

Skeletons or dark ‘things’ dancing: Developing a relationship with what we fear – meeting it; dancing with death – in life we always dance with death, meaning we have an intimate relationship with it, but might not be ready to recognise who our partner is.

Stepping on partners toes shows you upsetting others or being awkward in your relations with others.

 Example: ‘We were both shy of each other but as the dance went on I found I could move so well to his steps that we felt like one, it was so effortless that it felt like floating.’ Heather.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What was expressed in the dance and what do I gain from that?

Am I expressing spontaneity, creativity or love in this dance?

Did I feel any connection with the divine?

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-Ki Perez 2016-10-05 3:08:31

Hello! I hadba dreamnof dancing in a stage. Therebwere around three of us. And below thebstagebthere were people (maybe around three as well). While dancing, i let gonof myself and dancy my heart and rythm out im not sure if there was arrogance there. At the end of my dream, i was dancing shirtless at the steps up to the stage with the crowd, and one of the girls asked for my number but i didnt give mine.

Hope u can shed light to my dreams!
Warm regards,

    -Tony Crisp 2016-10-06 13:04:09

    Kit – Dancing on stage is a way of saying, “Look at me! I don’t mind being myself and being known for the woman I am.”

    As you said, you let go of yourself/inhibitions and danced your heart out. In a way dancing is like singing, but without words. The dance can be the crying out of people’s pain, their love or struggles with what they call love, the cry of wonder, excitement of invention, and of course humour. When a person dances, in life or in a dream, they are sending out their feelings, which can be received by those who watch. It might be emotions, pleasure, pain, realisation or even laughter.

    But you danced shirtless, showing that you are really a vibrant female. So your dream was an enormous release of your potential. See


-nels 2016-10-02 14:43:29

I had this dream where a past school mate and his girlfriend were dancing together and I was dancing alone on roller skates but ballet. it was like a performance.

-Gab 2016-09-07 1:34:50

i have had two dreams where i was ballroom dancing with my dance teachers. my first one was where the first teacher was clearly in control, I couldn’t see if face though I knew it was him. in my second dream, I was dancing with my new dance teacher, I could see his face and feel his energy, we both had equal control while dancing. the ballroom was also full of light and I was wearing a long white dress. both dream ended with my dance teacher leading me into a dramatic and beautiful dance dip.

-Victoria 2016-08-05 20:00:36

I dreamed I danced with my stepson and he introduced me to his friend as his wife. When he took off his spectacles he was my deceased husband.

-Nathan 2016-06-27 15:09:14

Hello, I’ve never really thought much into my dreams before in the past, but last night i had a very strange dream. For the most part, I was traveling with a group of people (the only one i actually know is my current girlfriend) and we end up going to a dance, in which a group of girls passed by (they were all strangers) and one of them just stared at me as they went by. It then led to one of the girls coming up to me (while I’m with my girlfriend) and asking me if i’d please go dance with her friend, which led me to ask my gf if it was alright before i went and had a very intimate dance with this other girl. I have a general idea on what this whole dream COULD mean, but i’m just a little confused about the whole thing and i haven’t been able to get this off my mind yet today. Thank you for your help!

-Rachel 2016-05-13 12:19:57

Hello tonny! I had a dream that i was dancing with someone in the garden full of beautiful and amazing flowers were dancing like were so inlove in each other but i cant recognized his face… I dreamt about this over many times almost everyweek til one night one guy invited me to one place and he did what exactly happened in my dreams the steps and the way the mans moves in my dreams he did the same thing like i was having ang dejavu that night. Then after a few days i dreamt about same dream i had but now i can clearly see his face and that man in my dream became my boyfrend but we broke up after 3months can u help me what is meaning of my dreams nd some events happened in my life. Thankyou!

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-05-16 8:17:56

    Dear Rachel – The way I see the dreams you had before you met the man is that they express your desire to connect in a loving, harmonious way with your inner male; an aspect of yourself that you have not expressed this way before yet.
    Your dream suggests that your inner male has a lot of potential if you let it grow and flower.
    The man in your dream represents your mental and social power, your ability to act creatively in ‘the world’;
    When you meet this man in your waking life he “becomes a face” in your dream; your feelings and thoughts about your inner male become more clear and visible, projected on a man in the outside world.
    I believe that the meaning of meeting him is that it has enabled you to get an idea – like a clear inner picture – of what you like in a man and so what you could work on integrating into yourself as you met your own potential in him.
    See also
    Anna 🙂

      -Dionne 2016-05-22 18:54:13

      Last night I had a dream that I was at some kind of social event. I was standing there and a shadowy man walked over and held me close and said “just move with me”. I immediately relaxed and we danced in complete unison. I remember feeling relaxed, elated, loved and protected.

-Sally 2016-04-21 22:08:16

I dreamed I was dancing with one of my colleagues, he asked me first if I wanted to dance cause he had to tell me something very important. We danced and I was noticing he was holding me very tightly. We were talking about that super important thing but I can’t remember what it was.

-Scott samford 2016-03-20 5:41:04

Hello so I had a dream that I was accompanied by a female (possibly on a date) and after some laughs an exchange of smiles I start spinning on one foot. At first my spinning is sloppy but I refine it after about 50 spins to perfect tip toe ballerina spinning. I feel proud of myself and the female is excited for me too and then i I woke up or that was the end of the dream.
Side note* this whole week I’ve been having dream about having a date/partner/ sexual partner all week leading up to this dream.

-Harriet 2016-02-24 8:39:08

I dreamt I was learning a dance as part of a performance. The groups were separated by dance skill and other related jobs. My group was not full of dancers but artists and volunteers. We were having the most difficulty learning the dance because we were there to build sets etc. It wasn’t uncomfortable although it was difficult, I was nervous about the performance but I was also excited and thought we would be able to learn it.
We got lots of help from the group that had the most professional dancers in it. I’ve never dreamt about dancing before. What does this reflect?

-Jasmine 2015-12-19 16:48:43

I dreamed I was at my school in the cafeteria where many adults were seated but my peers were dancing with me in the club-like setting. They walked away and I started dancing along in a really expressive way. I was just moving my whole body and slowly kind of spinning my head. Then I had the realization that I was the only one dancing and looked at everyone and they were looking at me like I was crazy. Can someone please explain the meaning of this to me ?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-12-27 12:03:06

    Dear Jasmine – In your dream you become aware how judgmental you are towards yourself when you openly express your thoughts/feelings and so yourself. Perhaps you can explore why you do not value your own, unique way of expressing your creativity; by using for your own dream figure in your dream and for the people looking at you.
    Making your head spin is an expression for being confused and your confusion might be about your belief that “other people” in your waking life judge you, while you are actually judging yourself.
    Freud felt that in projection thoughts, motivations, desires, and feelings that we tend to avoid taking responsibility for as one’s own we tend to see them – project them – onto other people. This is sometimes called transference. This is a defence we use to avoid seeing the negative side of ourselves. So instead of seeing that we ourselves are an awful spreader of critical talk (towards ourselves and/or other people), we accuse others of doing it.
    You can also use and explore your “like I am crazy” thoughts and see if you can move beyond them.
    Anna 🙂

      -Sapphire 2015-12-28 3:58:30

      Ms. Anna,

      Why not reply to my much earlier comment? I honestly feel very disappointed that I still haven’t an answer to ease the confliction in my heart until now. I understand everybody has been busy especially since it is the holidays but I feel saddened that you have seemingly ignored my comment. Or is my dream much too complicated for you and Mr. Tony to interpret? I may just be a naive high school girl but please do not take me for granted. I am very serious about my dream. Happy holidays to you and Mr. Tony! 🙂

-Sapphire 2015-11-30 0:36:19

Hello sir!

Okay so Guy A is the guy I like right now. Guy B is the guy I used to like before.

The other night I dreamt about how Guy A began showing me sides of him I never knew—negative sides. He would never talk to me. He would never even look at me. During club activities, he told our coach that he would only attend if he would never have to assosiate himself with me ever again. This, of course, made me sad and depressed. I didn’t know what to do with myself. Then suddenly, I was at a huge party held in our school’s gym. There were lots of people. I somehow knew my family was with me in the party but I haven’t seen them. My parents didn’t know I was depressed. Then all of a sudden, I got swept up to my feet, a strong, firm hand of a male pushing the small of my back to empty the space between us. I looked up and it was Guy B. He nodded at me and said, “Come, let’s dance.” I was too tired to say no since I knew that Guy B would pester me if I did. So I let him pull me along. I never knew Guy B was so good dancing to classical songs. It was as if the whole room was in fast forward with all the lights swirling so swiftly around us and we were the only ones in slow motion. After a while, we took a break. We sat on one of the benches and Guy B kept fiddling with my hand, a small smile on his face. I told him, “What about your girl?” He scoffed at me and said, “Forget about her,” before pulling me to the dance floor once again, our hips pressing with each other’s. In the dream, I kind of realized that maybe Guy B knew what was happening with me and Guy A and was trying to lift my spirits up. Guy B was discreet enough not to mention Guy A in front of me and tried to make me forget about Guy A even if just for a while by making me dance with him at the party. After that short realization, I woke up.

To be very honest, in real life, word that I like Guy A just spread like wild fire among the school campus. I’ve been crying for a while now because it really hurts that my own close friends that I trusted were the ones that spread it. Guy B on the other hand, like I said earlier, is the boy I liked before. I once confessed to him in front of the whole class before because we were playing truth or dare and I took truth and I told him and the whole class who I liked, so yeah. Funny enough, Guy B is my classmate again this year and I don’t feel awkward at all around him anymore. We’re a whole lot closer now than I ever wished for when I still used to like him. This year, he has a not-so-girlfriend—though they both like each other. When I woke up after dreaming that dream, I first thought that I dreamt it because of my friends spreading word to the school that I like Guy A. Though I don’t understand why Guy B also popped up in my dream.

If it’s alright, please do interpret my dream. I think it’s telling me something yet I don’t understand what. I figured you’d get to interpret it better if you knew a bit of my background and the guys’ in real life. Thank you very much!

-Ali Reilly 2015-10-30 20:59:20

Good morning Tony
I had a dream where i was dancing in a beautiful garden with a male onlooker watching from a window. I was wearing a beautiful orange full flowing dress that bellowed out as i continued to spin around and around. There were children watching. We were all happy and laughing It was very uplifting. The colour orange, the dress and spinning around was what stuck with me most when i awoke.

    -Tony Crisp 2015-11-01 14:59:11

    Ali – Dancing in front of a male is a very ancient and beautiful thing. That the children were watching too makes it a dance that is not like so many Western films about a lead up to sex – but it includes what is better called a demonstration of your feminine beauty that is a wonderful thing.

    The dress and its colour are also a way of your inner energy or feelings displaying, as a flower does when the bud opens and its colour and perfume are seen. Orange is a mixture of red – the colour of passion – and yellow the lifting up of red into life expressing as a love that includes all aspects of a woman’s being. Love and care for her mate, for children and their needs, for the community on which her mate and her children live.


-nancy 2015-07-02 12:05:41

had a dream with someone i know yet not friends with asking me to dance for him; he heard i dance very well…. what doe this mean?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-07-08 15:18:11

    Dear Nancy – Your dream can reflect your hopes and desire to be noticed by this man and to let your sexual feelings/desires flow.
    If that is what you want, then why not ask him, instead of waiting for him to ask you?
    See also
    Anna 🙂

-Mary 2014-10-13 23:48:59

My dream was while I’m standing someone dance with me, he is chubby, then i gave him mini bible.

then another guy approach me, ask me to dance with him, we dance for so long.

-Laurelle 2011-11-22 6:50:58

I’ve recently had an aunt and a friend pass away from long fights with cancer. I’ve then had dreams of them dancing – one in a field of yellow flowers and the other with me at his own service like it was a party. Can you tell me what this means? I’d like to think it means they’re finally free. Any info will help – Thanks

    -Tony Crisp 2011-12-29 10:44:59

    Laurelle – When we communicate with the dead, it is in the form of thoughts and emotions. We, as we do with sight, add our own imagery to it. Your eyes take in streams of light that are translated into nerve impulses transmitted along the optic nerve. In the brain these nerve impulses are again translated into an image that enables you to have some relationship with an apparently external world.

    So it is certainly a real communication and is exactly matching the many meetings with dead relatives that I have received. The field and the celebration are really telling you that they are free and really enjoying that freedom.


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