Dance Dancing

If you are dancing with someone it shows feeling at one or in harmony with someone or others, or aspects of yourself; or unity, as seen in the cells working as a harmonious whole.

It can also express happiness, or a sexual mating dance. Sometimes getting closer or more intimate emotionally or sexually. In fact so many women love dancing and want to dance with a partner because it is a woman’s way to express her full female self and sexuality.

If dancing alone or watching someone dance, the meaning depends upon what you feel as you dance or watch. It often suggests enjoyment, self expression, release, allowing your creative or sexual feelings to flow.

Many figures dancing in time with each other is an expression of an insight into how life expresses through a multitude of creatures or people, and ones own part in it. This can mean cooperation or social integration. Some dances lead to a trance state in which one touches the divine.

Many women have an urge to dance, and in past ages this was a way of expressing her beauty to a man. Today it can be a means to express oneself, ones creativity or feelings.

We can communicate something to other people by our dancing.

Example: One evening I joined a free dance group. As I danced I had a strong impression somebody was watching me and getting something from it – feeling my spirit as it flowed in the dance. At the end I stood very still for some time, sunk in the stillness again. I felt that whoever it was watching and sharing with me wanted to speak to me, but nobody came to me, so I moved away. Then a while later Una, an elderly Irish lady came and told me how much she had got from my dance.

And ancient form of dancing is done by the Sufis who twirl, rotating on the spot. This can produce dizziness, which if continued can produce a faint. This causes the ratioinal mind to faint, and so brings about a condition in which one can contact one source, perhaos having a profound vision. This was the method of Jalal ad-Dīn Rumi.

 “In Black Africa, many women traditionally pride themselves on being dancers and birthers – endeavours that require uncompromising physical strength, mental clarity, rhythmic integrity, and a direct link to forces greater than themselves. As dancers they give birth, bringing to the birth process the tremendous strength acquired over years of night long and sometimes week-long- ‘spirit dances’. Daily work, the honouring of womanhood, the deities, the ancestors, the darkness, and the celebration of birth itself are all depicted in the dance. And the dance is carried into the fibres of everyday life.”

Animals dancing: Harmony with unconscious drives and sexuality.

Dancing with someone usually shows a loving relationship, or even the prelude to a sexual relationship.

Circle dancing:  And ancient form of dancing is done by the Sufis who twirl, rotating on the spot. This can produce dizziness, which if continued can produce a faint. This causes the ratioinal mind to faint, and so brings about a condition in which one can contact one source, perhaos having a profound vision. This was the method of Jalal ad-Dīn Rumi.

But also it relates to the nucleus of the human identity. Although we are, in our everyday life, the magical and mysterious process of life, it is difficult for us to actually answer the question ‘Who am I?’ or ‘What am I?’ with any lasting conviction. The mysterious essence of ourselves is met in dreams as a circular or square object or design. So circle dancing can show you getting closer to you own centre.

If the dance is awkward: Lack of harmony connected with what is depicted.

Skeletons or dark ‘things’ dancing: Developing a relationship with what we fear – meeting it; dancing with death – in life we always dance with death, meaning we have an intimate relationship with it, but might not be ready to recognise who our partner is.

Stepping on partners toes shows you upsetting others or being awkward in your relations with others.

 Example: ‘We were both shy of each other but as the dance went on I found I could move so well to his steps that we felt like one, it was so effortless that it felt like floating.’ Heather.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What was expressed in the dance and what do I gain from that?

Am I expressing spontaneity, creativity or love in this dance?

Did I feel any connection with the divine?

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-Hoau 2017-10-06 5:17:42

I Had a Dream in which I found myself surrounded by green and blue color patterens working to the rythem of a generic JPop song, meanwhile I found myself dancing, I try to stop but my body moves on it’s own continueing the dance independent of my will, before me where 2 girls. One with long black hair shooting little constructs and creaters with guns and martial arts, Other girl had bright pig Tails posing her way out of a door as I go for the same door being beckoned to it by pig tail girl the floor beneath me moves similarly to an escalator keeping me away from the door, with that a female child like voice tells me something I can’t remember, the voice comes from nowhere in particular. I look down and find myself in a younger body with clothing that looks like a drawing instead of real cloths. I find myself enjoying the scene dispite my failed attempts at controlling my own body and an invisible force swings my body to different velocities and hights to enhance the spectical, the black haired girl trys to help me at first but is pushed away by an electric force leading to her watching everything calmly.

-Gerrie T. 2017-06-04 21:33:24

I Had A Dream That Two Attractive Guys Where Dancing. One Of The Dancers Was Danrue, You Know The “Peter Piper Picka Pan, Dan Is The Man” Guy, And The Other Dancer Was Like An Asian Guy, His Nickname In My Dream Was Dancing Beast. Well The Asian Guy Was Dancing Towards Me, And He Touched My Butt ( Random I Know) And I Pulled His Hand Away But Kinda Hesitantly Lol. I Have No Idea Why A Bus Was Nearby, But A Guy I Had A Deep Crush On Was On The Bus And I Guess He Was Watching Us. Then Dancing Beast Started Dancing To Catch My Eye, Like A Serenade Type Action. And At The End Of His Dancing He Kissed Me And He Was On Top Of Me, And I Had Like It. After The Kiss I Started Pulling A Tooth Out. (I Looked Up That Pulling Teeth In Your Dream Means Your Like Overcoming A Hardship). So I’m Guessing My Old Crush That Was On The Bus Seen Us, But It Didn’t Bother Me So I Guess That’s Why I Pulled A Tooth. Later On In The Dream I Started Hanging Out With Dancing Beast And I Had Pulled Another Tooth. That’s All I Really Remember Of The Dream, Kinda Of A Weird Romance I Guess Lol

-Matthew 2017-01-28 3:33:59

I had a dream of me dancing with this girl. My sister was friends with her but they went their separate ways. I see her everyday at school but I have no feelings for her. In my dream, I saw her in some sort of store (maybe) and I greeted as usual. Then, slow music started playing and then we just started dancing. I closed my eyes. It felt like I had feelings for her or something. I felt very comfortable, safe, warm, when I was close to her, like I known her for years and again like I had feelings for her. Not to be inappropriate, but in my dream I felt, lets just say sexually turned on with you know what. I never, ever have dreams like this, but I just need help understanding what this means. I looked up my dream and I can’t find anything of the sort.

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