Damage Damaged

The suggestion here is of a hurt or stress that has done some sort of harm. What the harm is depends very much on the dream and surrounding events and people. Often the damage does not break or completely ruin what is shown. But it is information about what is being hurt or stressed.

For instance you can damage a relationship, your health, your work prospects, your respect for someone. So it is helpful to define what is being indicated in the dream. Is it bad diet, uncontrolled habits or anger? Is it lack of care or attention to detail? You can damage yourself or others by things you do or say, or even by what you do not do or say. In this way your mouth can be a deadly weapon.

Look up the thing that is damaged for more information. See: hurt; broken.

Useful questions and hints are:

What is it that is damaged and what in my life, body or relationships is that pointing to?

Is there any indication of how I or someone else is creating the damage?

Is stress or carelessness damaging my life, prospects or people I care about?

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-Sanjarica 2012-01-08 9:17:57

This is great interpretation. This dreams is very popular dream. I’ve got many emails containing similar scenario. Those questions are great for thinking process and great guide for personal interpretation.

    -Tony Crisp 2012-02-03 13:31:10

    Sanjarica – Thank you.

    I looked at your site and translated some of it, but would like to see all your entries in English as I am a poor linguist.


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