Mostly hair in dreams links with the way you are thinking, your self image and attitudes. In some dreams it can link with sexual attraction or even what sexual characteristics you are displaying. Therefore changing the style of your hair would show you changing the way you see yourself, or how you want others to see you.

We sometimes use our hair and the way we style it to show what group or social group we identify with. So a hair style could link with a social group or status – business; hippie; middle class; smart and motivated; laid back; Goff’s; punk; artistic etc.

Example: I was watching a man do a stage act. It started with him looking directly toward me and gradually taking on the character of a hippie person. His hair was in a pony tail at the back and he became less well groomed. Then he shook his hair loose from the pony tail and went through amazing changes in which the whole styling and colour of his hair altered and changed the way he looked, and even his sex. For instance his hair became shoulder length, red, beautifully styled in a full waved perm of shining hair. As this he was a beautiful female. At another moment he turned profile and the hair styled backwards into a mane of wavy hair. T.C.

This dream shows how the hair depicts character and mental attitude, even gender. See: washing hair.

Baldness: Ageing; feeling obsolete; lack of thought; maleness.

Beard: This depends on the age of the person and the situation in the dream. For instance stubble on a teenage boy suggests he is moving into manhood. But a beard can also suggest carelessness – as when someone hasn’t shaved; a mask if someone uses it to hide their youth; or a way of life that does not conform, or like a backwoodsman. Sometimes the link is with a war veteran, suggesting a long exposure to conflict and extreme living conditions.

Black wig: This wig suggests the false thinking, the unconscious false thoughts, still prevalent and to be dealt with.

Brushing hair: Clarifying or bringing order to attitudes or thoughts. Getting rid of emotional or relationship tangles or tangled ideas.

Changing hair style: Changing the way you see yourself, your self image. Perhaps also changing attitudes and a change of mind.

Chest hair: Masculinity, virility. If it is on a woman, it suggests her expressing masculine qualities.

Colour of hair: In everyday life we unconsciously gather a lot of information from someone’s hair colour. For instance racial background is one immediate thing we see. But hair colour might well link with someone we know – our father, or mother, or someone close to us. If that is not the link it can suggest attitudes – light-headed for instance; dark thoughts; fiery temperament with red hair, or age and perhaps wisdom with grey or silver hair.

If the hair is artificially coloured this shows the person or yourself trying to be something you are not at your ‘roots’. But this might also show an attempt to stand out, to be different to those around you to gain attention or change your self image.

Combing hair: See: comb.

Cutting off beard: Making a change; feeling more certain about your manhood; or uncertainty about manhood, depending on dream. It can also suggest a fuller meeting or self expression, and uncovering of who you are. In some cultures it might suggest leaving behind traditional religious beliefs.

Cutting hair: It can be about a change taking place in you – it cold be to smarten yourself up, or to have a real personal change. Cutting hair or a hand or some other part of the body may be about an initiation into another type of life. In traditional initiation rites and a boy’s or girl’s initiation to manhood or womanhood the cutting of hair, was symbolic of growth beyond childhood and a taking on of mature life. See Long Hair

Cutting hair right off: This depends on what hair is cut off. If it is wild and unkempt, then it would show a real change and a more disciplined way of thinking and acting. If the hair style suggested some sort of social, religious or cult affiliation, then it would show a move away from that. In general it shows cutting back on what you think or dream, like clearing out a cupboard of all the things no longer needed. It can also show denial of sensual, sexual and physical drives, as with a monk, or acceptance of age or baldness.

Dark hair: The thoughts and ideas that move you yet are largely unconscious. Might show ‘dark’ thoughts or attitudes. But it can also suggest racial dispositions, such as Latin passions or responses, or the black cultural way of being. As mentioned above, it can also link with someone you know.

Disheveled hair Mental confusion, personal carelessness about how you appear to others. It might also be an indication that you are ruled by crazy thoughts and ideas.

Fair hair: Awareness; ‘light headed’. Might link with racial types such as Scandinavian stock, or indicate a coolheaded person. Being blonde is also for many women and men a statement of wanting to be attractive, or wanting to attract attention and not be one of the crowd.

Genital or armpit: Sexuality. Your natural or instinctive feelings and drives. See: pubic hair below.

Hair on chest or body of female, even child: The male side of the woman; might be parents desire for a boy generated male characteristics. It could also be a sign of something unusual breaking through, something that you didn’t expect growing into your life. See archetype of the animus

Hair in mouth: Hair in ones mouth is a cause of tremendous irritation or discomfort. So may be something that is very disturbing or difficult to speak about. Also the mouth is associated with eating and speaking.

You would want to get rid of the hair and irritation as soon as possible. So it may be something you are saying that is so wrong it makes you feel irritated. But hair can also represent your thoughts, so maybe it is something you are thinking and not words.

But the way you can find out for yourself is to imagine yourself in the dream and explore the feeling with the idea – what does this mean. You could use Being the Person or Thing

Long matted: Not caring about social image or self; drop out.

Long hair: Freedom; permissiveness; girlhood with woman.

Plaited or pony tail: Girlhood; socialised or disciplined thoughts and feelings.

Pubic hair: Some dreams mentioning pubic hair do so in a way that suggests it as a glimpse of what lies beneath – or at least a glimpse of whatever pleasure or emotions, perhaps even fear or pain, are generated by the experience of or thoughts/fantasies of sex. When the pubic hair is missing it is about the revealing of the sex or gender. Of course, today, the appearance or absence of hair could refer to the latest fashions in sexual display.

Another possibility of the lack of pubic hair is that your sexual feelings, needs and power are being made conscious, or are brought to awareness.

In connection with teenagers it shows the emergence of their sexual life and all that will bring.

Short hair: If it  was long it shows a radical change in the way you see yoruself, perhaps more busines like or less feminine. It can also show that you are maturing beyond the girlhood or boyhood stage. Your present age has nothing to do with the change. See Ages of Love

Tight style: Discipline; self restraint.

Very long beard: Sense of eternal or long life.

Washing hair: Changing ones attitude; altering the way one thinks about something or ones viewpoint. “Wash that man right out of my hair” mind/feelings.

White beard: Wisdom or experience gained through long life, and perhaps an awareness of life beyond the senses.

Wig: False attitudes or thoughts; an assumed social front.

Woman’s dreams – Armpit or leg hair: Social expression of sexuality or physicality.

Idioms: harebrained; hair of the dog; get in your hair; got you by the short hairs; keep your hair on; hair raising; have us by the short hairs; let one’s hair down; make you hair curl/stand on end; didn’t turn a hair; pulling hair out; put hairs on your chest; tear one’s hair out; split hairs, without turning a hair. See: shampoo.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is being expressed by the hair style or things done to the hair?

Is the hair coloured, if so what impression do I have of it?

Is this different in any way to my own hair style – is so what do the differences suggest?

See Victims – Secrets of Power DreamingLife’s Little SecretsTechniques for Exploring your Dreams


-Crystal 2015-10-01 1:06:49

I was having a dream that I was a store like Costco and I reach up to grab toilet paper and I see a phone like mines and I grab it so I take it and this guys was watching me IG and he calls the cops and were at the station soo the lady touched my hair and said cut it off and I woke up I know my dream sounds off but idk that’s the way it happened can some one please tell me what this means or email me

-K 2015-08-27 13:03:27

In waking life, I am growing what used to be an almost bald haircut (that I had for years) out and am in a small curly afro phase. The other night, I dreamt i was talking to someone (I believe it was a man) and decided to show him that my afro was not real, but a wig. Underneath i had a head full of long golden blonde (dread)locs that I was hiding. But then last night, I dreamt of a good friend whom I hadn’t seen in over a year and she had lost weight, cut her hair short and it was dyed a platinum blonde color. I feel significance in this color, as well as my true appearance acting as a “front”…what should I take from this?

-Sarah 2015-07-28 19:58:48

Last night I dreamt of my ex. I haven’t seen him or thought about him in a long time. We haven’t talked in a year.
We were in a big house and he was trying to get my attention while I was speaking to another girl. And the girl told me that he really likes me. In the dream she was his sister (eventhough he doesn’t have sisters in real life). He then begged me to come with him and follow him. We went to a garden and he was romantic. Then he told me that there is a a hair strand that hasn’t been falling off. His hair was extremely shiny and it was black and smooth. The strand was thick, smooth and sliding down his face. It was longer than the rest. So I told him that I’ll help him. I felt it then pulled it out.

-JC 2015-07-05 9:25:02

Just now. I had a dream that i saw a lice while checking the right side of my hair. I decided to cut partial of my hair to find the lice.. i was shockex that there were sampaloc growing. When i touched my scalp there were a lot of it. Then someone told me lets go to some party. I told him go ahead im not going. Is my dream bad??im so scared.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-07-06 13:01:58

    Dear JC – The lice on your hair probably reflects a way of thinking that is not helpful to you.
    If you watch yourself you will notice that whatever you think about you have a feeling reaction to and so in order to change the way you feel, you have to change the way you think.
    Worrying too much – “Is my dream bad??I’m so scared” – is like “dreaming in the wrong direction” and you can use your imagination for a better purpose.
    What you do in the dream – good for you  – is that you cut of part of your hair, which is a symbol of changing your thought patterns.
    You then become aware of sampaloc or tamarind growing on your head; a symbol of “fruitful thinking”.
    Exploring your dreams – this one and others – can be a way to heal those parts in your mind from which fearful thoughts arise and then you will be able to join and enjoy the party.
    See also
    Good Luck!
    Anna 🙂

-Joy 2015-06-20 17:53:24

Last night I had a dream that I was at a Salon in the chair with the intention of getting my hair styled. I get frizzy hair and I wanted it to look nice for I think an interview. The girl doing my hair said it would look great if she curled it. She started to put a ton of gel in my hair then put a curling iron to it. It wasn’t working out and I was getting frustrated. Another woman came over and had another idea that she wanted to try. She started to irk on my hair using tiny strands of my hair and using a technique that I didn’t understand. That didn’t work either. I then asked a third woman to just blow dry it with a roller hairbrush. She started to do it and by this time it was closing time and the other women were leaving. There was a guy there that I guess I had slept with the previous night, who was actually gay. Don’t get this one

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-06-23 13:21:51

    Dear Joy – The way I see your dream is that you are exploring if you feel okay with other ways of thinking; other attitudes; other beliefs.
    See also
    Being at the hairdresser is about a change of attitudes, thoughts or opinions about oneself. Because we can change our social appearance by a haircut or style, it depicts changes of mind, change of image. Therefore being in someone else’s hands – the barber or hairdresser – shows the influence someone else might have on the changes we make in our life or the way we want to experiment with these changes ourselves.
    So what do you associate with “a ton of gel in my hair then put a curling iron to it”?
    And what with “She started to irk on my hair using tiny strands of my hair and using a technique that I didn’t understand?”
    You can also use “Being the women” and/or “Talking as the women” to explore these approaches.
    Often we have to work our way through what does not work – and gather and integrate experiences and learn a lot while we choose for these different approaches – until we arrive at something which resonates with our inner being.
    Sexual contact – with a gay person also – can be a way of fusing with each other. But fusing is an everyday part of us. What we take into us mentally, psychologically or physically becomes one with us. When we eat for instance it becomes the living part of us. Also we take into us the many things learnt in a relationship and they are fused with us.
    Anna 🙂

-Violet 2015-06-14 22:24:16

I have very long hair. I cut my hair, in my dream last night, very short. I grabbed the end of, what was left, of my hair and made it grow back. I was able to run my hand over my hair and change the color, which was super fun. I could also do the same with other dream characters. I was standing in the mirror as I performed these feats on myself. I could see myself clearly in the mirror and the dream was fun and positive.

-Wierdisntit 2015-04-25 7:23:02

I had a weird dream. I was in the tub taking a bath when I saw black hair seemingly following me (like those from a horror movie) so I stood up and left the tub. When I looked at the mirror my black hair was rapidly growing and it was already below my knee. I was so frightened so I knelt down and started praying. And it seemed like my “sin” was performing “No strings” on stage with pinocchio. What is this.

-kimberly 2015-04-06 9:27:11

I have a strange dream last night… My parents mutual friend, a guy. with his friends. came to our house looking for a thick glass with strange and mysterious water in it. i dont want to give it so i get the glass and runaway… going upstair then the glass slipped, the water spilled away. and then, it glows. like very light neon color… he( a guy )told me to throw the remaining water on the wall… then we saw a symbols… the symbol of moon, then I forgot the rest. I told him that tomorrow night, the blood moon is rising and he was a bit shocked by what I have said and he told me to study about moons but He wants to try something on me… He chanted a words.. then my hair goes long and long… very long. black and shiny. then my hair embraced me as if protecting me but I’m a bit scared for what’s happening to me.

what does my dream means? please I need your answer.

-kimberly 2015-04-04 4:17:03

I have a strange dream last night… My parents mutual friend, a guy. with his friends. came to our house looking for a thick glass with strange and mysterious water in it. i dont want to give it so i get the glass and runaway… going upstair then the glass slipped, the water spilled away. and then, it glows. like very light neon color… he( a guy )told me to throw the remaining water on the wall… then we saw a symbols… the symbol of moon, then I forgot the rest. I told him that tomorrow night, the blood moon is rising and he was a bit shocked by what I have said and he told me to study about moons but He wants to try something on me… He chanted a words.. then my hair goes long and long… very long. black and shiny. then my hair embraced me as if protecting me but I’m a bit scared for what’s happening to me.

what does my dream means? please I need your answer.

-Carrie 2015-04-02 15:49:32

Im a woman and had the strangest dream ever. I grew hair on my vagina and also grew a penis and I was in the bath room and I made my self orgasm and then I went looking for my boyfriend I drove all over in circles nearly crashing my car off cliffs. I came upon a house I thought was right but it was the wrong house and I continued to drive around with no luck finding him. Please help me understand this really crazy dream. Thank you.

    -Anna 2015-04-03 13:22:34

    Carrie – Your wonderful dream allowed you to explore and grow beyond the ways you normally perceive yourself and so you were able to meet “the more that you are in your inner world”, and it takes some time to learn to feel comfortable with that and to balance it. (“nearly crashing my car off cliffs”.)
    Physically a woman is predominantly female, but she also has a clitoris, she produces some male hormones and she can experience an orgasm where she ejaculates a small amount of milky, white fluid. Psychologically, we may only express part of our potential in everyday life.
    In many cases if you are at the top of the cliff it shows great space beyond where you stand. Some dreamers find this threatening, and for others it is an opportunity to fly or in some way relate to the vastness of the universe – their inner life. In this sense it represents the unknown, the possibilities of your life and how you relate to them. So it shows how you respond to or relate to the hugeness of your unconscious inner life.
    I think you keep looking for your boyfriend, because you still feel somewhat uncomfortable with this male part which has grown in your INNER world.
    A whole and balanced personality occurs when we have both genders in balance, not when one is promoted over another. It can lead to dogmatism in a woman who has not integrated her male, a moody and emotionally fickle and open to swings of feeling in a man who has not integrated his female.
    Please also read
    Example: ‘I was outdoors in my underpants teaching a group of people. Looking down I saw my genitals were exposed and I had female organs. I felt okay.’ Bill S.
    Although Bill works in the building trade, he finds it easy to cook, look after his children, cry, and accept his ‘female’ characteristics.
    Anna 🙂

-Khalil 2014-07-23 11:19:37

Last Night i had a dream that i am eating hairs and after that i vomited those hairs… what doest this means… plz help

-Pamela 2014-06-05 11:50:20

if I dream about a men ask me to fix his hair and it repeat its self many timea

-JC 2013-12-27 3:35:03

I dreamed last night that I had long, straight, brownish red hair growing from all of my finger tips. What does that mean?

-isabella 2013-10-19 17:15:39

Last night I had a dream that I was with many friends. My significant other was there. He is whom I’ve known an attraction exists between us but does not seem to show further interest. We’ve had one sexual encounter but past that, he just flirts and sees me as someone young and inexperienced, or at least thats the vibe i get. In my dream, He came up to me and started combing my hair with his fingers. I was afraid because I had straightened my hair and he was wetting it and getting it back to its natural curly state. He was reassuring me not to worry and wanted me to accept my own hair. I just think it is so interesting that it was HIM of all people. is there anything my subconscious state is trying to tell me?

-Nancy 2013-10-03 17:23:39

Last night I had a dream that I cut my own hair. I gave myself bangs that weren’t straight and one side was shorter than the other. I remember that I was “running” around asking for help, for someone to please help fix my hair….

Any thoughts or interperation?

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