See: Barber.


-DreamyDreamy 2012-04-20 11:45:37

I dreamt of the 1 guy i really wanted a relationship with but he got away from it. In his house w lots of roommates. He is inside looking for me so we can leave the house. I hear him calling for me but I cant figure out where he is in the house or how to find the exit. He comes find me takes my hand and leads me out through a busy room w all his roommates having breakfast & through a bunch of bicycles. Pass the bicycles, he is carrying me out. Holding me w his hands under my armpits but fingertips fondling my nipples. When outside the door, he smiles, puts me down and starts undoing my red hair (it’s dyed blonde in reality now but normally brunette) with his hands saying. Let’s see how red and long it is these days & smiling.- I feel romantic in dream.

    -Tony Crisp 2012-04-22 10:05:02

    DreamyDreamy – The dream is simply you having a nice time with a dream character you created. It shows you creating a situation in which you are sought out and chosen from many others – and then romance. See

    The man you dreamt about is not actually him, but your own version of him. See


      -Reovery 2014-12-24 2:10:41

      Tony… I had a disturbing dream regarding my former hairdresser. I dream’t I was in his home for some reason and he was rubbing him self against my rear end fully clothed until he ejaculated. I excused my self, and used the rest room to wash off the the contents on my pants. The hairdresser informed me, he had company coming over and for me to leave. As I was there his company started to arrive. I believe all woman. They were drinking and socializing. I remember one person going to the piano, and singing a song , I knew but I am unable to remember the song

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