Leech Leeches

Something or somebody that is surreptitiously draining your energy. The leech might also, because of its past use in medicine, have the association with a healing process, In this case it might be showing the draining away of ‘bad blood’ bad feelings. See: Blood.

 Our energy can be leeched away by emotional conflicts, or mishandling our own major energy expressions – unloving sex, emotions tied up with love, conflict over decisions, extreme worry about our children, consuming alcohol, chasing after fantasies, spiritual quests that lead nowhere.

 Example: I realized I had been unkind to my dog by trapping it with the creatures, putting myself first, and felt guilty; I went back to my dog, which was on the verge of death from all the bites it had incurred. Somehow, the “wasps” had transformed into leech-like animals that were sucking out his blood; as I brushed them off, his hair fell off, revealing bloody naked skin underneath. Also, weirdly enough, he had leeches on his penis, which was engorged and sore and resembled my own penis.

Example: The winds kick up. An object that looks like a string green bean lands on my arm with a slap. It sticks on my right arm and begins the damaging process. It is like a leech. Henry’s wife grabs at it and pulls it off. It leaves a red open wound. She is relieved it was taken off quickly enough so that only minimal damage was done. She had saved my life.

Example: Let us not condone this way of life that sees us as merely statistics and units to be moved by advertising and other subtle pressures. Let us not buy into it by purchasing these lumps of farmed meat; chicken breasts from animals that have no natural life and whose normal cycles have been manipulated for sales and production. The profit motive unfortunately taints even those areas that attempt to be organic and to care for the land. Nature is only after protecting itself, it is not trying to make a profit. The profit motive is so built into many people that they cannot understand something that doesn’t have the same drive.

 If you think about it, if you think about a woman’s body, every little bit of it is claimed by a commercial interest. From the moment she is born the commercial interests say, “She he is ours!” It is strange that we can’t see how we have locked nature in, trying to own it and gain a profit from it in every way we possibly can. The huge corporations and political organisations carefully design your food, your education, your hormones to move you toward exactly what they want you to be.

How do we detoxify ourselves from something that is so permeating our lives? How do we detoxify ourselves from our own society? Feeling these feelings, exploring these issues, meeting these very powerful influences arising from deep within me, the question I asked myself is, am I crazy?! Am I crazy, or am I just waking up?  I am pro life. I don’t want parasites hanging on my back. I want to give my blood to my children, not to the parasites. I know I have a thing about, or feelings against, cigarettes and alcohol. I see them as very obvious ways that some of the big guys behind the corporations lead people toward a dependency that leeches away in them their will.

With eyes open you will see how so many people are trying to lead you by your fears, by your dreams, by your sexual drive. Ask yourself, where are they leading me? Basically they are leading you toward spending your money and putting it into their account. It is possible to say no. It is possible to make your own sexual decisions. It is possible to learn how to deal with your fear response, your fight or flight instincts. Who are you? Why let somebody else steal it? You would be angry and active if somebody stole your credit card or your cheque-book. How can you let them steal your real inner identity?

Useful Questions and Hints:

Do you have leeches on you or just see them in the dream?

Is there an indication of what the leeches are taking from you?

Are you fighting back?

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-LeDarien Johnson 2015-11-05 3:47:17

something or somebody

-Anonymous 2015-10-15 16:28:02

Hi there, the past months I have been having the same kind of dreams over and over again. 1. Leeches on my back. Fairly large & deep, hard to get off my skin. The pain I feel in my dream continues even after I wake my back literally aches. 2. This dream I have very often & have had this dream for about 3 years now. My teeth falling/ crumbling out. Same with the leeches the pain continues after I wake. My mouth hurts & is so sore. 3. My husband leaving &/ or cheating on me. Why these same dreams over and over again? Why do I continue to feel pain even after I wake? It seems like forever since I’ve had a good dream. These bad dreams are really taking a toll on me. How do I make it stop!?!?
Please reply

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-10-23 17:38:35

    Dear Anonymous – In general dreams recur because there are ways that you habitually respond to your internal and/or external world. Because your attitude or response is unchanging, the dream that reflects it remains the same. It is noticeable in those who explore their dreams using such techniques as described under processing dreams – http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/processing-dreams/ – that recurring themes disappear or change because the attitudes or habitual anxieties that gave rise to them have been met or transformed.
    So that answers your first question why the same dreams over and over again and as you can understand now, it needs some inner work to let go of your habitual thinking and feeling responses.
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/news/avoiding-being-my-own-victim/
    The fear of your husband leaving and cheating on you might be caused by you feeling powerless against “your teeth crumbling”. This could symbolise that you feel insecure about yourself and your body image, perhaps due to aging.
    This fear is not only draining your energy; it also makes that you are in a great amount of psychological pain, which is even felt physically after waking up.
    Perhaps you fully identify with your body which makes aging and so believing that you lose your attractiveness as a woman difficult; http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/sex-and-identity/
    Anna 🙂

-Sherry 2015-08-30 18:22:32

Hi i just had a dream i am walking with my son and daughter i think we were going somewhere to visit someone to get somethhing when we found something on the path its a disposable glass and when i picked it up because we are curios its a lot of leech i was bitten first and it got big really fast but i managed to remove it with my hands but my son was bitten too on his legs and its stuck but in the end i got a vinegar and the leech was gone please i need an interpretation to this dream i am so worried because i found out that dreaming a leech is bad. Im 8 months pregnant and my husband is working overseas by the way my daughter was not harmed on my dream

-Ashley Monk 2015-08-07 22:00:10

I had a dream that at first started at a beach like area where I was looking for pearls in clams with a few other people. The next part I remember of the dream I had leeches on me, which weren’t really concerning me at first in the dream. I was able to easily pull them off of me, but then a large one was stuck on my foot. It was hurting me and when I tried to pull in off it hurt even more. Several other people and I had to make some sort of concoction to remove the leech, which was eventually removed. That the last I recall of the dream…any ideas of what may reflect or symbolize?

-Danica Fonoti 2015-08-05 16:12:27

Hi Tony,

This particular dream has stuck with me for a while. I don’t know why but I remember it so vividly like it happened for real.

Most of my dreams never leave this type of impression on me. This one and a few others has left me dumbfounded.

I dreamed I was in a bathroom, I’m not sure where. I’m standing in front of the mirror getting ready to clean my eyes. For some reason my eyes feel so uncomfortable so I lift my eyelids one by one and get surprised by the leeches on my eyeballs.

In fact, I don’t even scream. I just remember asking the people who start walking into the bathroom to look at my eyes and help me remove them but they keep walking by or keep telling me it’s normal and not to freak out. Then my dream finishes, cause ai force myself to wake up, with myself crying whilst trying to remove the leeches from my eyes.

Please help!

-tee 2015-07-14 5:02:47

Yesterday I dreamt of me and the children at home and I was doing something in the kitchen while the children were at the sitting room. As I was coming out from the kitchen I noticed black leeches crawling into their bodies n multiplying. With a strong mind and knowing this not ok I pulled all of them outside and pulled a bunch of the leeches making its way thru one my girls vagina, in a swift motion I removed ones stuck on the others too witht the help of some neighbours. I woke up. Prayed seriously over it.
Today again I dreamt I was laying on a cushion trying to sleep but restless. One of my kids just passed by to go out and play as I jumped up noticing somethg crawling in my body I felt probably its some ants but as I got up I saw it was leeches – some dried n some making its was out of my skin. My cousin n my child assisted me to remove them. I just stormed up from sleep.
Please what could this mean?

-Sue 2015-07-13 14:40:09

I had a dream that i suddenly had marks on my inner right wrist – they looked like red, raised scars. there was a white leech looking creature trying to get into the scars. the white creature disappeared, and instead there were two dark leech looking creatures under my skin trying to get to my palm of my right hand, moving very fast. One made it to my pointer finger and sort of wrapped itself around the base of the finger. at this point the white creature reappeared, but now made it’s way under my skin. is there any significance, to the different looking leeches, choosing the right hand and pointer finger? thank you!

-Navtive 2015-05-21 17:36:57

yes. I had a dream can’t remember everything but i remember a lady that i felt okay to be around. We was running and we had to run through this swamp and when we came out i had leeches on both my hands so did she. I could feel them biting me and when i burnt them i could feel the pain as they let go.. one leech didn’t want to let go and i burnt it and it jumped back in the water burnt on its back.I told her we need to keep running then we will stop and try and see if anyone more was on us i had one on my right foot nothing no where else…after that i woke up and started feeling all over my body cause thats how real it felt…..

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-05-22 14:58:54

    Dear Navtive – The swamp I see as the challenge you are facing to break away from your energy being leeched from you or you leeching energy from others.

    I believe that if we are not in touch with our own flowing life energy, then we will (merely unconsciously) try to take this energy from others we may lack any motivation.

    The way I see it is that your running in your dream is a symbol of connecting with this flowing process of life energy and while practicing – “I told her we need to keep running then we will stop and try and see if anyone more was on us I had one on my right foot nothing nowhere else” – you break away from this “battle for energy with others” and you end up with only one leech left.

    That mysterious and wonderful flowing process of life that brought you to birth occurred quite without your conscious effort or participation. You share that journey from conception to birth in kinship with all the other life forms that exist with you on this earth. Your ego, your conscious self, is a tiny and almost insignificant part of the process. However, what you do, what you think and what you feel can enhance or interfere with that core process.

    The swamp may have led you to feel held back in daily life, but through efforts you have left the swamp behind and so your energy and pleasure in life will increase and the remaining leech will drop off.

    I feel that reading Tony’s book “Mind and Movement” – which is also available on the website – will help you to explore “ways “Mind and Movement” – which is also available on the website – will help you to explore “ways of movement” that will enhance your core process.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/body-and-mind/mind-and-movement-introduction/
    Good Luck!
    Anna 🙂

-Lea 2015-04-04 7:51:02

Hei, I just dreamt something similar before. So now I’m curious to what it supposed to mean. This time I was “travelling” in Norway and I was not alone. I had some couple friends with me and they were the ones whom I just met in real life recently (they are my online friends). It was not like travelling by plane or car or anything similar, it felt like out of the world. We were inside of a tunnel, not even a normal tunnel. It was pretty big and I do not remember it much how it looked like inside.
As we were on our way to a city further north in Norway there was only a tiny path in the tunnel. There were grasses by the path, but as we arrived halfway the grasses disappeared. We checked our legs and saw a few leeches, but they were not sucking our blood. We took then out and continued the journey. At the arrival point we had leeches on our legs at the same spot from the previous ones. They did not suck blood either. As we looked back from the path we just walked, there were leeches standing on each sides. They were standing closely to each other.
What does this suppose to mean?

-Povilas 2015-02-08 21:36:16

Hey. Usually, I never resort to things like explanation of dreams, but then again, usually the dreams don’t really stay in my head for this long.

I don’t recall the very beginning of the dream, but a couple of nights ago, I dreamed of travelling all around Europe, before jumping into a clear ocean, sea or something like that and as soon as I got out, I see leeches all over my body. I somehow took one, two, three, four off but when I tried to pull the next one, it just grew and grew and grew every time I tried to get it off, until I was scared to touch it anymore.

Could there be anything behind this or could this just be me reliving a tiresome day?

-Aushai 2015-01-04 13:38:30

I had a dream I was at work and at my work place I was sitting in the guard house. And in the guard house leeches were on the ceiling. As I’m sitting in the guard house they start to fall on me so I start brushing them off before they could latch onto me but one fell on top of my head close to my forehead. I pulled it off and blood start coming from my head and I blacked out. Please help me understand this dream.

-shaina 2014-09-25 5:53:18

I had a dream where I pulled a leech out of my palm and it left a big hole in my palm then more showed up just under the surface of my skin and I was pulling them out with out pain just feeling horrified by the sight of the holes. Can you interpret my dream please.

    -Tony Crisp 2014-09-29 7:56:10

    Shaina – I wonder what hand it was – left or right – it makes a difference.

    It seems from your dream that you have doubts about your ability to extend yourself. The hand depicts how you express yourself in action or relationships, your grasp of life, of ideas, of opportunities. It shows the way you hold on to – or let go of – people, your children, and situations – this is why people are handcuffed to take away their power. The hand is an extension of your power – to give, take, wound, heal, support or do.

    So the leeches and the hole in the hand show what your doubts or feelings about yourself are doing to you. See – http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/secrets-power-dreaming/


      -shaina 2014-10-13 8:00:58

      Thanks you for replying. It was my right hand. Your interoperation is dead on. I have been doubting myself well someone in my life was making me. I didn’t know I felt that much about it tho. So what’s the deal about my right hand.

        -Tony Crisp 2014-10-20 8:13:14

        Shaina – Your right hand is your capable and active self which if working well is creative and doing most of the work. It is the hand we reach out with most often and use it in touching and sensing. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/right/

        But it sounds as if someone has criticised you, if you take it in criticism can be very destructive. It destroys your real ability to express, to be creative and to live your life fully. See http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/martial-art-of-the-mind/


          -shaina 2015-02-01 4:08:59

          Thx I’ll look into these

-melissa 2014-08-24 14:48:24

Hello , I just recently had a Dream where my sister was trying to kill a rat . I was on the floor laying down and quickly got up . Fearing that the rat might come towards me . When I got on the bed she suddenly hit a corner where small leeches fell on her . I started quickly brushing them off of her but they where already inside . When I looked down to my hands I three of them inside my hands . But they where pretty small . A second later I look down and notice they are wetting bigger and as I touch it hurts . I scream and cry while I tell my mom because they are multiplying around my arms . Next thing I know I’m at the doctor . And they don’t treat me right way . There’s two holes where the inside of my elbows are at . And I can see them moving . They leeches where black . But in the end of the dream I didn’t have them anymore and just had scars where the holes where at . What does this mean?

-Lian 2014-07-03 5:54:53

Hi Tony. I had a dream that I’m on the way home and I saw leechs everywhere I tried to find a way to cross over other side to go home. Would you please let me know what is my dream about?

    -Tony Crisp 2014-07-03 7:46:39

    Lian – You have obviously read the entry on leeches, and I get the feeling from the description of your dream that it is other people and what you unconsciously feel about them that is a threat to you. So many ideas and attitudes that we are surrounded with act like a leech to the wonderful life within us.

    You are a miracle, for life is a miracle that no one really understands, and you are alive. As such you are an example of life on this planet, which is an amazing thing, and part of the astounding universe. So be amazed at yourself and avoid anything that leads you to feel you are not wonderful.


-anne 2014-02-03 10:21:52

Hi tony.. im glad to have found ur website.. eversince i was a kid im always having dreams that i feel like its telling me something.. a warning.. a sign.. or something.. lately i dreamt of leeches all over the house and some are on my skin.. what does that mean?

    -Tony Crisp 2014-02-09 16:49:45

    Anne – It may be a sign that you have a physical condition that is draining you. If you are able have a medical examination with a blood test. But without knowing more about your background that is only a guess, but it is certainly saying you live in an environment that is draining you.


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