Dreaming of missing someone may be that you have not satisfied yourself in the relationship in some way. Maybe you haven’t told them your real feelings; that you haven’t done or given what you really wanted to; or even that you are sexually frustrating yourself. Are you in some way dependent on them? What exactly are you missing?

Missing a dead person suggests you either have not said or done what you felt while they were alive in the body. I do not agree that a period of grieving is necessary, it seems more likely that they have never satisfied some aspect of themselves in the relationship, or felt such hateful feelings they are only now releasing. Be as honest as you can and say what is you feel – dependent – angry – unsatisfied – unloved by them – unrecognised – didn’t show your feelings about them – or are you living in the belief that dead means dead and gone for good? See Near Death Experiences

Missing parts of our body often suggest we are psychologically not up to par in some area of our life. See body parts for full explanation.

Missing things like train, boat or flight can be seen under those headings.

Missing an opportunity should not be felt as a failure, but as a chance to learn how you can use the lesson next time opportunity comes.

“I miss him so much and I don’t feel whole without him”. It suggests that the person has missed the lessons to lead them to wholeness. Usually this happens because we avoid painful experiences and so do not learn the lessons that life puts in front of us. “He said not ‘Thou shalt not be tempested, thou shalt not be travailed, thou shalt not be dis-eased’; but he said, ‘Thou shalt not be overcome.” Julian of Norwich

A dream image is an expression of a dimension or aspect of your mind or awareness. What this means is that we are not simply one thing. We have various ‘programs’ running at the same time. If you are standing you are using a ‘balance’ program that you learnt with difficulty as a child. At the same time you might be using a language program and also a vision program. A while ago I experienced a serious stroke and lost the ability to speak and write so I have had to relearn much of that. Without them facets of me were missing. But there are so many subtle things that we might be missing; many of us live very much in their thoughts or emotions, or within the restrictions of a belief system, and dreams can illustrate dimensions that can leave those restrictions behind. See Archetype of the Paradigm

 Every night we sleep and we simple accept that we sleep because we need to rest. That is not true. We need to dream for without our dreams we quickly become seriously mentally disturbed. Daily we pass through an extraordinary change that we often take so much for granted we miss the wonder of it.

 Example: But having had a stroke and lost great chunks of my brain I still existed – but what was missing was the mechanism that enabled me to express through the body – and of course experience through the body.

Example: In the dream about your mobile phone I feel it is about missing something, something you lost and went in search for. And I think what you lost was an ability to communicate easily.

Example: We all miss our people, our tribal group, our native land and its ways, for we are all torn from our roots and wander like strangers. But it is a bad thing that great good can come from. For we can no longer depend upon the old traditions and pathways, but must discover our own path across the desert of the world today. And yet the pathway is always there before you if you look within, as you do when you meditate. And the pathway shown is a new revelation and a new life.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Can I honestly say what exactly is it I miss and be truthful about why?

How can I find compensation or grow beyond my missing?

Can I grow beyond the dark possibilities within myself?

See Life’s Little SecretsMartial Art of the MindInner World


-Lori 2016-12-15 7:17:33

Help! I just woke from a terrible dream and I have to research it…. I was with my brother and my niece we walked into a store then I was screaming and yelling and couldn’t find her keep calling her name over and over again then I woke up…. not sure what this means but it’s really bothering me if you can help

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