Native American

Natural wisdom; self acceptance and wisdom based on this awareness of ones links with the world and the intuition or wisdom of the irrational or unconscious. It can represent realisation of tribal wisdom and the link with intuitive initiations into stages of growth and entrance into the house of the ancestors. For some people it links with feelings of being dispossessed.

If you live in America, you may have all the above associations of being touch in with nature, but some people dream of being attacked and threatened. And this is probably an expression of meeting the alien in you, or a fear of strangers. The Indian can also be a guide and a wise person. See See alien – Reaction to the unconscious

Example: Dreamt that a young modern Red Indian was talking to me while walking in London. He said he would show me one of the secret nerve blocks used by the shamans. He pressed quickly the right side of my throat and tapped my forehead. Then he walked backwards away from me a few paces, and he appeared to shrink in size and diminish in age. I immediately thought this must have been the physiological method used in their magic. I seemed to remember having been shown it before by another Red Indian. He didn’t have to walk away, but looked young and small anyway. To end the effect, the Indian tapped the base of my neck in the thyroid area, and tapped my buttocks.


Useful questions are:

What are my feelings about the Indian or being an Indian?

What am I gaining or getting from the Indian?

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-Corinna Mascorro 2017-08-07 16:35:01

I had a dream about a older native american man trying to speak to me in his native language. But i could not understand i tried so hard. It was when i was dating this guy and clouds behind him turned grey and i felt so sad. The guy i dated, well he didn’t change his life around.

However i really wanted to know what the older man was tell me.

    -Tony Crisp 2017-08-08 10:44:56

    Hi – It would help you to understand your dreams, if you would read – and also which has so much information in.

    Nothing can replace your own ability to understand your dream. With a little effort you can do this by practising what is described in – or


    Corinna – Thanks for telling meyour dream. The grey clouds are a sign, as you said, that your date didn’t turn out as you would have liked.

    The Native American speaking is very interesting. Such dreams usually have important realisations they communicate. But they are locked in you and you can realise them. So I will try to explain how.

    The best is for you to read the following

    You will obviously need to practice for several times before it becomes fluent. Also at first it is often that a lot of rubbish sounds come out. Foreign or strange language may therefore illustrate something which is being communicated to us from within, but is still not clear. The unconscious, as in speaking in tongues – glossolalia – and of course in dreams, frequently moves toward clear awareness in stages. The strange language is a half way house toward focused critical awareness, as is a dream. If we bring focused attention to these, as explained in processing dreams, the next step, clear verbal expression, can be reached. When the ‘tongues’ or sounds are considered as symbolic expression, they transform into meaningful words, just as dream symbols do. My experiments with such phenomena convincingly show the common link between these often considered unrelated phenomena and dreams. See

    But if you manage it, you will have a wonderful new ability, and great doorway to the inner world of Native American culture.

-Lourdes Berrios 2017-07-21 15:39:44

I dreamed that I was on house 6 and I had an activity to come I choose table 12. There was blue paint and the project was spiritually. I painted a Indian chief with a dream catcher in front of his face

-Jessica S 2017-07-11 15:31:33

Last night I dreamt I was with a tribe of Native Americans. There was a large lake/river and they were explaining to me how the lake came to be. That many years ago the water flowed and filled the ground where the body of water is now. I cold see the water flowing as if it was an animation. Then I was seated behind a Native American woman and her baby boy. She had hummus and I went up to sit next to her and have some hummus, but instead she passed the baby boy over to me and put him on my lap. I was holding him and he told he how old he was – 19 months I believe. The woman was very confident and comfortable with me holding her son. There was an unexpected ease to the situation. Any interpretations would be greatly appreciated.

    -Tony Crisp 2017-07-12 10:30:28

    Hi – It would help you to understand your dreams, if you would read – and also which has so much information in.

    Nothing can replace your own ability to understand your dream. With a little effort you can do this by practising what is described in – or


    Jessica – I see you live in or near New York in the USA. Each dream image, such as the Native America tribe, holds enormous data, emotional response, and created patterns of behaviour. So in considering this in your dream, you need to remember you are in touch with a full surround databank of fantastic information about you, your past and your possibilities. You can interact with this information by exploring it in the right way.

    For example, living in America you have unconsciously absorbed a lot of the Native American culture and beliefs. So now you have that in you as abilities and insights.

    There was a large lake/river – both enormous and powerful images as far as the Native people are concerned. The lake is or was a doorway to the huge inner world we have within us. The river is the feelings that flow through us or we are immersed in are the process of life in our body, connecting with emotions, sexuality and changes of mood, we know this river as the flow and events of our life or destiny. We are constantly a river of energy which is expressed in everything we do. Because it is Life that flows through us it is creative in its action. But we are part of the creation, for we create with what we do. If we put feelings of hatred and destruction in the flow as it passes through us – that is what we are creating. Unfortunately, those feelings, and therefore we who release them, create our own destruction. Whereas acts which connect with others create bridges and bring others into our life enriching it.

    The baby boy is a gift from you Native inheritance. I believe that such a baby is a very real part of you – though an inner and not always an outer part. I brings the possibility of new abilities, meantlly and emotionally – but it is still only baby, and so care for it and watch it grow. It is a valuable gift. See

-Travis 2017-05-17 19:53:06

I had a dream last night that i was at a cabin out in the woods, and as i was there i put n the hockey game fr me and some fiends to watch, out the the bush a pack of wolfs came out and were trying to attack us….I shot one injured one and scared the others away, oh the one i shot had attacked a kid and killed that kid.

-THERICA 2017-03-27 21:07:00

I keep dreaming of seeing dragon fire in he distance

    -Tony Crisp 2017-03-29 12:55:51

    Hi – I am stopping from answering your posts fully – but will try to give hints; sometimes long ones because I quote from masses I have already put online. Also, I need to take time to update the site – dreamhawk.

    It would help you to understand your dreams, if you would read – and also which has so much information in.

    Nothing can replace your own ability to understand your dream. With a little effort you can do this by practising what is described in – or


    Dragons, unicorns, centaurs, Dragons, unicorns, centaurs, Pegasus, fairies, and gods like Shiva and Krishna have never been a real part of our physical world, but they are a very real and powerful part of our inner world, for they are images our inner and dream world create to describe the immense forces we that make up the world of our mind and consciousness. Pegasus, fairies, the phoenix,and gods like Shiva and Krishna have never been a real part of our physical world, but they are a very real and powerful part of our inner world, for they are images our inner and dream world create to describe the immense forces we that make up the world of our mind and consciousness.

    The dragon fire is the fire of life – the gentle fire which burns in us and keeps us warm. Welcome it and dragons, for they are worth getting into your life.

-Xochi 2017-02-28 22:37:28

Hi 🙂 thank u for your help. <3 i dreamed about being in love with a guy that i dont know, even thought i miss very much my ex and wish to be with him again together. the interesting thing is that i felt so in love in this guy, and the thing is, i never felt in love in my real life…in this dream -it was yesterday- i felt the first time how it is to feel in love… it is an awesome feeling and i felt so happy, when i woke up i missed this feeling and felt sad…i was very happy with this guy, actually i dreamed about this kind of relationship that i want to have… is there a meaning behind this? thank u so much for your help i appreciate it a lot <3<3<3 blessings

-Mailyn Bonilla 2017-02-28 1:15:58

I have dreams of Native American man trying to tell me something. It does not happen often The first dream i had was that i was at an museum and as i was walking a man with a red feather on him hear just one was walking behind me and stared talking out of me being scared i ran and never when what he was trying to say. The second one dream i had was me in the store and i felt a man standing to the side of me and i look down at my cart and seen a red feather and i went to look at him and he was gone. The latest dream i had was me sitting on my porch and it was day time and i closed my eyes for just a second and it was dark. This time three men in animal head dresses such as a wolf a buffalo and a crow with red feather in their hand . Started to talk a Native langue that i do not understand. They proceed to walk on my porch and touch my arm and say” We well come back” and smile and walked off.

-Maddie 2017-01-06 5:50:21

I’m in my 20s and I have had dreams about Native American people for about 10 to 15 years now. I don’t think really know what it means. In my dreams whenever something is chasing me the native people protect me. If I’m dreaming and just want to visit them, they welcome me as if I were part of the tribe. It is such a reoccurring thing that I remember them when I dream (remembering that I can go to them), even when I’m not lucid dreaming. Have any ideas?

-Willie Blair 2016-12-10 14:58:10

I have had dreams or being a wolf and a Cherokee warrior. What does this mean?

-Amy Webber 2016-12-08 4:43:46

Hello. Last year I had a dream of a Native American man and he was shouting at me very angrily. In my dream it was just his face and he seemed really angry with me. I felt like a bad person. I was scared and woke right up and haven’t forgotten this dream. In my every day life I do see hawks all the time. They are always in my next door neighbors tree. Fly by our living room window, in our back yard. Last year my daughter and I were out side in my back yard and a kettle of hawks went right over our path/house in the late fall. Thank you so much.

-CMonfrooe 2016-10-01 2:41:08

My husband often dreams of a elder Native man. He has 5 black feathers and 1 white feather. He has visited my husband off and on for 40 years.
My husband is / was a combat veteran. The black bird was the only animal he remembers from battle. Crow is often around him. Lately the elder has pointed to his head then my husbands. Also he draws two fingers from the corner of his left eye across his face over his chin.(no paint just the Movement). My husband feels he is is very sad and wants something but he doesn’t understand. A crow and it has been with the elder at times. He feels there is something he should do and it is or will cause sadness. Can you assist?

    -Tony Crisp 2016-10-03 10:50:59

    CMonfrooe – The black feathers point to the setting of the sun, which also indicates the later years of one’s life. The white feather is the light of the sun, giving life.

    When I first read the dream you sent I was very moved, for it spoke to me of something that was lost and died in battle. And it was this loss that causes so much sadness. I saw the sign made on the face as tears that need to be shed.

    I sensed that your husband can be healed by the Great Spirit that gives life to all, for even the Earth is alive by its power. He must give himself fully to the Great Spirit, but in doing so he must be ready to die – not in body – but his inner man is sick and needs to be put to rest so that the warrior that he is can emerge again.

    If he stands before the Native Man on his dream, and ask to be possessed by the Great Spirit and do not give up easily, he can be returned to the world of Light. If he knows of a sweat lodge, it would be helpful.


-Jennifer Valenzuela 2016-08-13 0:29:22 name is Jennifer, when i was younger about 16 years old -im 25 years now in 2016- i had dreams of falling an flying both a few times,i would like to know what that means. also i would like to know more about dream catchers an just be schooled on the Native American colture. my e-mail is above i would love to hear back from you. Thank you.

-Tabatha 2016-08-10 17:38:21

I dreamed about a bear that was so connected to me that it chose to live with me.. willingly. It lived in an abandoned trailer in a huge field with old furniture and a fence on my property. (A place I don’t really own in life, and never seen.) I was somewhere watching t.v. in my dream and a reporter came on announcing that some kind of park ranger had shot the bear on my property. I went to him … and laid in the mud as he died. I felt him dieing in my arms… part of me died…I woke crying.

-Robert Teer 2016-08-07 8:54:02

I had a dream that I was talking to a Indian council and I was asking permission to live on they’re land to farm, all seemed well that my family would be welcome by the Lakota People. After I woke I looked on line for information on the Lakota People and came across some pictures where I was amazed to find a picture of the Indian leader I had spoke with, I was more amazed to learn that his name was Chief Joseph. Any comments would be appreciated.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-08-11 11:11:47

    Dear Robert – An interesting dream which may reflect your respectful connection with “awareness” beyond your usual accepted limitations;
    Did you know anything about Chief Joseph before you had this dream?
    Native American war leaders and chiefs were known for their combative resistance towards the U.S.’s westward expansion, Chief Joseph, Wallowa leader of the Nez Perce, was known for his concerted efforts to negotiate and live peacefully with his new neighbours.
    He saw no purpose in the “us” or “them” combat and believed in integration.
    So your dream could reflect that through inner (farm) work you are able to integrate your inner wisdom with your present values and emotional and social responses that you absorbed from living with your family;
    I wonder if you have experienced any conflict in the past between your inner wisdom and what you have absorbed from living with your family and if this dream is an answer to that inner conflict.
    This of course is what I see when I explore your dream, but the best way is to write your own story; and
    Anna 🙂

-Mariana D. 2016-04-30 17:50:34

… I had a dream that my cousin had dogs but they human girls pretending to be dogs. I started to to take shots after shots with strange men.. Then I was watching a women escaping from someone and she joined with her spouse. They started running through different doors and when they felt like they were OK the girl gets stabbed. The couple turns around and starts beating the women who stabbed her and the other women who came after them.. Its was really bloody they pulled their heads apart and arms. The girl looked at her man and told him that she’s fine and that she’ll face the back to get out of here alive. Then i woke up.

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