Common beliefs about the amethyst is that it has an influence connected with healing; and dreams. Moses described it as a symbol of the Spirit of God. It is also said to offer protection against drunkenness – in fact the Greek word ‘amethystos’ mean ‘not intoxicated’. See: jewels.

Like any jewelery it can have a lot of personal associations, such as who gave it, what associations with family, etc.

It is said to be a bringer of dreams and visions and protection against being carried away by spiritual elation or inner influences. Also a healing influence.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I feelings about the amethyst in the dream, and how can I translate that into my waking life?

Can you define what you believe the jewel’s influence is before you dreamt of it?

Does it have anything to do with wealth?

What happened in the dream that might give clues to the dream meaning?

What part is the amethyst playing in the dream, and what does that suggest?

Use Processing Dreams to aid in doing that.


-Daniel 2018-04-01 14:17:00

Please share with me that how can i use Amethyst to dream and remember the dreams again in the morning

-Ayden D. 2016-04-07 5:11:39

I was hiking With Friends and it was a sunny day it was nice and warm and I can see the wind blowing through the trees and my friends would dare me to jump off a cliff into a lake. I can see where the waterfall was falling but the water underneath looked extremely shallow so I didn’t take their dare and I wandered off into a nearby cave with two friends and my other friends stayed by the cliff as I ventured around the cave. I had no fear it was like I knew the cave. I did however hide from a mine worker that was guarding the cave. He seemed to be walking around the cave making sure no one was in it. We didn’t take him seriously we hid from him like a joke. As we ventured onto the cave we came across a Rushing River. And we’re trying to find a way to the other side and I came across a path over the river that led to is secret spring pool. As we entered the secret spring pool I was the only one that stepped in it and it was three foot of water and it was crystal clear but I did notice that there is to empty liquor bottles embedded on the ground but it disappeared and I noticed that there was amethyst crystals all over the floor and walls of the spring and I reach my hand to the spring floor and pulled out amethyst Crystal as big as a pineapple and other quartz crystals as small as pecans. For a souvenir, I kept a amethyst and quartz crystal and left the spring pool and used the same route to exit.

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