Pregnant in my Dream

A young woman send this dream, and there are so may like it.

I had a dream that I was 3 months pregnant. I don’t know who the father is but I have a feeling I know who. What does this mean? Will I get pregnant soon?

Many women get pregnant in dreams without any man involved. And in fact you are pregnant now – not in a physical way but within you – for you carry a new life, a new you that can be born if you treasure it. The new life is a part of you that wishes to become active in your life, a part of that that hasn’t had the opportunity to be expressed before.

Of course it is shown as a baby because anything new in us that is seeking life is vulnerable and needs to be cared for and nurtured.

Will you get pregnant soon? Well that depends on whether you want to or have the opportunity to. But the dream does suggest that you are ready for being a mother and that your dream is perhaps a practice run.

Example:I dreamt I was heavily pregnant and naked, lying on the floor of a dark room with one light directed on me. My ex-boyfriend was next to me, naked, stroking my hair, telling me everything was going to be alright. In the dream I felt physically sick but inwardly perfectly calm and at peace. But I am confused as I am only 15 and there’s no chance I’m pregnant.

Within the virtual reality of her dream, Sandra is experimenting with her ability to attract a man using her physical appeal. Having tried this out in her dream Sandra may or may not use this in her everyday life. The dream Joanne describes is common among young women. It involves either being pregnant, or actually giving birth. In both cases it is a way of gaining confidence and meeting anxieties about the possibility of pregnancy. It allows the dreamer to gain experience in an area that would be difficult, painful or dangerous to experiment with in waking life. In this and many other ways, your dreams allow you to explore without the risks you would meet in waking life. See: magical dream machine.


-Carter 2016-10-09 15:56:06

Here goes nothing.

In my dream I was with my sister in her car on our way to the clinic. For a moment I was thinking about the unfinished house (very large mansion like home) and we where talking about which part our dad was working on. I told her not to tell mom that we are going to the clinic or why we are there. We finally arrived at the clinic she sat in the car while I took test inside but my results where negative. On my way to the car I noticed my sister acting odd. I get in the car and then I feel a man behind me he told us to drive. Long stored short and old friend of hers saves me and he took me in his car while my sister was trapped. We was back at the clinic and done things in his car. Then I remember going in for more test and this time I was positive and 5 weeks pregnant. I did know which 5 guys where the father but I had a feeling I knew it was the guy who saved me (not adding names). The guy who took me and my sister last time to US again because my sister took me back to the clinic. I felt like days past and I debated on this guy being the father but everytime I would a small part of me said no. I ended up killinf him and his brother. my sister drove us home. I made her promise not to tell our mother. I saw the guy I thought was the father in the unfinished mansion my dad was building for us. My best friend who is pregnant in real life was there and she was pregnant and had my clinic results in her hands. My mom said “you get to raise this one” to me and I freaked and ran into her room. I was hiding in the bathroom and my child’s father rescued me but I remember looking at my dad who was building a stair case by one step at a time but I was still running with the guy. We are on the second floor he kissed me and I about told him about the baby but I didn’t because he vanished. Deep down I had to find him. I passed my brother (who looked dead) and asked him about the stair case and he said don’t go up there but I did once he left. I was in a bed room with every think but one wall and paint I saw storm clouds and thunder and then I woke up.. idk what this means but 5 weeks pregnant and 5 guys could have been the father but I knew the one who was… it stuck in my mind… I need answers!

-Cakers 2016-09-30 13:05:12

I had a dream that I took a pregnancy test, then I walked out and I was at a family gathering and my grandma whom I was very close to (now deceased) was there and I was laughing and hugging her and then she disappeared. I started crying and then woke up, still crying.

-Stephanie Abreu 2016-09-07 16:00:49

i had a dream i was at the doctors office and he told me i was pregnant. what does that mean?

-Tiffany 2016-08-27 10:52:10

I had a dream that I went to the doctor for a follow up appointment and while there the doctor informs me that I am pregnant. I’m shocked and can’t believe it and confused. She examines me and tells me that I am a bit over 7 months pregnant. I am not showing physically and had not had any signs of being pregnant so I couldn’t understand how it was possible.

-Wendy 2016-08-25 18:43:33

I just breamth I was pregnant but did not know who the father of the baby was in the dream I cheated on my husband

-Courtney 2016-08-14 18:39:00

Last night I had a powerful dream about being pregnant with my ex boyfriends baby. I know this dream has a lot of significance and would greatly appreciate any help with interpreting it. (FYI I broke up with my ex about 8 months ago, it was an incredibly difficult breakup. I am currently dating someone new who I like a lot but he is in the military and I hardly see him)

In my dream I am pregnant with my ex boyfriends baby. I am not showing yet but he and I both know I am pregnant and that it is his baby. I know I want this baby but I feel a heaviness that is a little sad at how the baby is connected to him. I am looking for a new apartment to move into with roommates (in real life I live alone) and the places I am looking at are strange, the rooms are weird sizes and have unusual dimensions, the apartments as a whole are missing kitchens or bathrooms or a bedroom is also a living room or connected to the front door. I see my ex while I am searching for a new apartment. He is attempting to not acknowledge me or our baby but he is close by. I feel a contradiction of how to move forward with this new love inside me that comes from my past love with someone I must forget about. My ex wants to move on, forget me, and not deal with how he hurt me and not put energy into confronting what he did wrong. I pick an apartment with roommates that ends up being across the street from where he lives. I go to visit his roommates and he attempts to avoid me but I can sense he feels guilty and is unsure how to handle my pregnancy.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-08-17 12:09:18

    Dear Courtney – Your dream reflects that you perceive an inner conflict between honouring the fruits – or the good things – that your relationship with your ex left in you and the pain that was part of your relationship.
    You are looking for new ways – different states of mind – to deal with this conflict and you have not find the right approach yet; “the places I am looking at are strange, the rooms are weird sizes and have unusual dimensions.”
    I can offer you two ways – and – that do not need your ex-partner’s involvement in any way.
    Both approaches will enable you to move beyond this inner obstacle; “I feel a contradiction of how to move forward with this new love inside me that comes from my past love with someone I must forget about.
    My ex wants to move on, forget me, and not deal with how he hurt me and not put energy into confronting what he did wrong.”
    If you feel like exploring the symbols in your dream you can use
    Anna 🙂

-Aimee 2016-07-26 12:18:46

I had a dream where I was pregnant with my boyfriend’s baby and there was absolutely no way that I had been sexually involved with him because we haven’t. I was panicking and I had to tell my boyfriend and the drama of telling my parents (I’m 16). I kept on asking my boyfriend how I had gotten pregnant and he kept on saying that we had been been involved with each other and that I probably didn’t remember that night.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-07-30 8:58:18

    Dear Aimee – The confusion you meet may be caused by your misunderstanding about being pregnant in your dream.
    Often we take what is normal in our waking life with us in our dreams; for instance that you have to be sexually involved with a man in order to get pregnant, but dream babies “work” in different ways.
    So your dream reflects something that is growing in you and your relationship with your boyfriend because of you being involved with each other in an emotional intimate way.
    Relationships can be a wonderful catalyst for inner growth too.
    See also
    Anna 🙂

-Kimberly Rodriguez 2016-07-15 19:57:43

Hi! I need help! I had a dream where someone next to me turns around and starts to rub my belly and asks me “are you pregnant” and as she touched my belly I looked down and looked as if I was. My response was ” no I’m not I can assure you that!” But the thing is the reason why I said that was because I didn’t want anyone to know so I lied or I felt embarrassed. What could this mean ? It felt so strange when she touched my belly because it felt like if I actually had a baby in there.

-Ashley 2016-07-14 16:29:08

I had a dream the other night about being two weeks pregnant with my first child but I didn’t tell my family about it until I started show because I was afraid they would make me get rid of it. (My family isn’t a big fan of my boyfriend)

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-07-16 9:29:54

    Dear Ashely – Dreams have many functions and one of them is that you can explore how you would approach a situation as described in your dream in your waking life.
    But your dream could also reflect the growth process you are going through; a process in which your boyfriend may have an important role.
    Becoming a self-aware and independent (from your family) human being may ask you to give birth to a “new you”.
    This “new you” may be about transforming or letting go of (part of) the values, attitudes and emotional or social responses that you absorbed while living with your family.
    Sometimes it needs to grow (and show) before you are strong enough and ready to sort out what you want to keep of the way you were raised and what you want to let go off.
    See also
    Anna 🙂

-Alexa 2016-07-12 4:04:00

I had a dream where I found out I was pregnant with a little bumb. Telling my mom with my ex, then my ex disappears and my boyfriend tells me there’s no way he can have a baby – money and time. I can’t keep it, I rub my tummy and end the phone call… Then I wake up as if from a coma but I’m still in my dream and I’m begging my grandma to tell me where my child had gone because the bumb is gone .. She finally tells me that I had a boy and he died… Then I look down and I’m pregnant again??

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-07-12 12:14:39

    Dear Alexa – How would you describe the relationship with your current boyfriend?
    Do you feel/believe he encourages you to give birth to new aspects of yourself?
    Do you feel/believe your inner growth could “threaten” him in some way?
    Being pregnant and giving birth to a dream boy may reflect that you are learning to express a part of your inner male;
    This could mean that the role your boyfriend has in your waking life and the form of your relationship could change and sometimes this change is perceived as threatening.
    This is reflected in your dream; “my boyfriend tells me there’s no way he can have a baby – money and time.”
    Because your ex appears in your dream as well, it is wise to question the role he still has in your inner world.
    Perhaps he – rather than your current boyfriend – was a person who could not give you any room to express more of your potential and you did not digest your relationship with him sufficiently?
    See also
    This may cause you to be afraid that the same approach will happen with your current boyfriend or that an inner aspect of you will sabotage your inner growth.
    The second part of your dream reflects that you have given yourself another chance; you are pregnant again.
    So how would you approach this situation in your inner world this time?
    Are you willing to nurture this growing “new you” so that you can give birth to a part of your potential?
    How can you nurture it?
    See also
    To explore the different symbols in your dream- your own dream figure, your ex, your current boyfriend, your mother, your grandmother – you can use
    To understand the idea of giving birth to “a new you”, please also read
    Does that give you a start?
    Anna 🙂

-Sofia Rosa 2016-07-07 14:59:58

I continue to have dreams of being pregnant, and they all tend to follow along the same plot:

I’m nervously taking a pregnancy test in the bathroom… it comes back positive. Then I have to go through the drama of telling my family I’m pregnant (since I’m only 15). BUT, before I do this, I realize I have to know who they babydaddy is… and then I realize I have no idea who he is. It’s not that I’ve been sleeping around– it’s like I have amnesia. And then I become mad, because whoever the father is should be helping out. I don’t want to raise this baby on my own. That’s not fair.

Alternately, I have dreams where the baby has already been delivered and she is beautiful and adorable. I still don’t know who the father is and the whole dream is me trying to make up for this fact. To give my child that perfect childhood and play both roles of mother and father.

As an added note, I do feel some sense of betrayal towards my own father with the way he semi-abandoned us after my sister’s birth. How I always felt that I had to make it up to my mom by being the better child, and that my father didn’t want to stay because perhaps there was something wrong with me? These are old thoughts I used to beat myself up with.

On top of this, my sister often has dreams that I”M pregnant too. In those dreams I don’t know who the father is either. Neither does she. But in those dreams I tell my family I’m pregnant.

What do these mean? Is there a way I can stop having them? They are very stress-inducing :(, more like nightmares. Panicy nightmares. I dream lucid a lot of the times and even in partially lucid states in these dreams I’m freaking out. Why do these keep happening and why can’t I control them like my other dreams?

-Nataly 2016-06-21 0:33:26

This insight of pregnancy symbol is super interesting. I dreamt of being around 3 months pregnant, and wasn’t showing. So I peaked underneath my shirt and saw my fetus sleeping, and my organs working in action, and they were all covered in glowing white and yellow light, all around. It was strong and vibrant. Once I confirmed I saw the fetus I was nervous because I felt like I was unable to keep the baby, but realized I had so much support from my family, and didn’t have the money to have an abortion anyway. I’m having trouble finding out why everything inside me had light all around, and what exactly is it that my fetus in my dream represents in my waking life.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-06-24 10:07:38

    Dear Nataly – The glowing light might reflect your awareness in your dream of what Tony called “The Life Will”.
    To get a better understanding of what is meant by the Life Will, I like you to read this quote;
    “An obvious part of your waking experience is your breathing. Now I was taught that our breathing is part of the biological and almost mechanical workings of our body. It is just an automatic response, so when we exert our body our breathing automatically adjusts. It is an aspect of the homeostatic/self-regulatory process of our body. We have a certain amount of consciously controlled will and so can speed up our breathing or slow it down. In a similar way we move our hands, our head, and our body consciously. I call that ability our Conscious Will.
    But that movement carries on even when asleep or knocked unconscious. That movement I call the Life Will, because without it we would not be alive. The same applies to your heart beating, your organs working and the thousand and one movements our body makes spontaneously to keep us alive. The Conscious Will I describe as movement we make by deciding to make them. I know that is not a very accurate, but bear with me. The Life Will moves our body spontaneously without us even being conscious; it is the process that created your body in your mother’s womb.
    We now know that when we sleep and dream all our brain signals to the voluntary muscles are stopped. This is known as Sleep Paralysis, at that point the Life Will is in control, and at times people become aware at some level of what they are experiencing.”
    So that is what you become aware of; how the Life Will takes care of different processes on different levels; in your body and mind.
    See also
    There are several ways to explore what is developing inside your mind; like “Being the foetus” –
    or talking with the foetus –
    You could also ask your unconscious mind what the foetus symbolises;
    Anna 🙂

-Kami 2016-05-23 18:32:00

I had a dream I was 6-7 months pregnant and I was walking towards my bf and then fast forward a couple months then giving birth. The night before that I dreamt of coming home to a little girl with black hair and my bf and I was married and he came through the door and we started having dinner . It was so real and vivid I could see myself looking at my big stomach and describe in each dream what each of us was wearing . What could this mean ?

-Kys 2016-04-25 11:59:25

I had a dream that I was pregnant but I never knew unit it was time to give birth. I went to use the washroom and could feel the baby’s head. I was screaming to people to help me for we didn’t know I was pregnant let alone having a baby. I didn’t even know who the father was. I was so confused in my dream I didn’t knew anything. I had no pain what so ever. It was so odd. Need help trying to find out what this meant.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-04-29 9:33:38

    Dear Kys – It may help to read and explore the questions on this page.
    As you can read in this article your dream baby – like any baby – is something new and vulnerable that has come to life – come to your life. The important question is; “what is it that is new and growing in your love or in yourself?”
    Confusion is an inherent part of self growth – becoming more of who you already are – and this is what you become aware of in your dream too.
    It shows – as does the new born baby – that something new has entered your (inner) world.
    If you manage to accept feeling confused as part of the process, you will grow and things will make sense again afterwards.
    You do not mention how old you are. Perhaps reading this article is helpful too;
    Anna 🙂

-Dani 2016-02-14 19:16:12

Okay so, last night i had a dream and it is bothering me quite a lot, i was pregnant but at first did not notice it… I was walkin through a school and heard some of the people i was in school with saying “barely out of school and she is pregnant” i looked down and i think i was around 4/5 months pregnant. I wore a pink tshirt and i actually loved the feeling of being pregnant and the way i looked with my belly, but every time people walked passed i tried to pull my tummy in so that no one would notice because i am scared of being judged… Woke up this morning and i miss the way i looked… What does it mean???

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-02-17 17:12:23

    Dear Dani – Your dream is a wonderful dream about becoming aware of what is growing inside you which also reflects the love you have for What grows you; Life.
    Each of us grew from a tiny fertilised seed in our mother’s womb. Wisdom innate in that tiny cell, in your mother’s body and in how the universe works, enabled and directed the amazing journey of growth. That journey is perhaps the most incredible of any life form on our planet. From a very fundamental level of life, your being moved from a single cell to a bundle of cells. Then it developed from being an aquatic creature toward forming a body capable of living in and breathing air. At birth you transformed from being fully immersed in water to breathing air and beginning independent life.
    And so the same way as Life grew you into your mother’s womb, It is now directing your growth into adulthood.
    The journey of inner growth that you value very much in your dream – “and I actually loved the feeling of being pregnant and the way I looked with my belly” – can sometimes give rise to conflicting feelings about how YOU THINK – it might be a fear thought only – other people will perceive your outer and inner changes.
    So what you took with you in your dream could be a fear about expressing your inner changes, because it is important to you how your peers see you.
    Maybe it helps you to realise that you/we are all in the same boat?
    You are all literally in your dream in the same School of Life; learning and growing and giving birth to new parts of yourself and so your potential.
    So imagine walking in school with a beautiful “ex-pressed” – not pulled-in – tummy and try to feel proud of who you are now and of who you are growing into.
    Depending on your (emotional) age; see also and
    Anna 🙂

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