Buttons are usually closely related to clothing. In films they are often used in sexual scenes as the people unbutton their clothing. So it can relate to intimacy, the opening of oneself to another, to revealing something if unbuttoning, or covering or protecting or securing if buttoning up.

Buttons can sometimes represent restriction or tight moralism as when one is buttoned up tightly. But it could be a way of saying ‘button your lip’ meaning do not let anything out – do not speak.

If it is a button you press as on a machine, then it links with influencing an automatic or autonomic response. You hope that by pressing it, it will do what you desire. There are so many things that work with buttons – telephone dialling, car windows, lifts/elevators, cameras, computers, washing machines – so you must see what the button relates to and what happens in the dream.

You can of course press your own buttons. Think or feel the wrong thing and you have pressed the ‘depression’ button, or is the fear, worry, angry button, or even the self destruct button? There are also the joy and pleasure button. In some dreams there is a secret button that you have to use your finger to find and press – the clitoris button. See Avoid Being Victims

The red button is usually for emergencies or something that causes high emotional response.

Idioms: button your lip; on the button; pop your buttons; press the panic button; push the right buttons; buttonhole; buttonhole you.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is it a button I press or undo – and what is the difference for me?

What happens or doesn’t happen if I press or undo the button?

What does this button mean or suggest to me?

Try describe yourself as the button using Being the Person or Thing.

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