I Am No Longer Interpreting Dreams

Instead I Offer You Life

If You Dare to Look Within


1 – I need to do so much background work on the site and I cannot answer dreams and work on the site; except occasional Forum dreams.

2 – The dream site is a wonderful resource, and if you use it you can develop life skills that are incredibly useful.

3 – I started the site in the late 1980’s. I have worked intensely on creating the site, and the last seven years have  worked without a break, but in the last couple of years I took Saturday off each week. I need a break as I am now 82 and need not to work so hard 🙂

I notice that millions have passed through this site, but most people want to receive and give no effort to use the tools given freely. I also know from experience that you yourself have the answers if you give just a bit of yourself.

Who Am I?

I am a crazy old guy who fell in love with Life – that is Life, not living, which can at times be a trial. I was wounded on the way through youth, but who hasn’t been wounded, many through just being themselves. It takes a long time to really face yourself and admit your own tragedy. But I guess we are all wounded through being born in today’s world. I have licked my own wounds and have tried to lick some of yours. Also, I dared to search for answers, and I have written about the few I have found here on this site, so I encourage you to dare walking the same path. See Features Found on Site

Photograph of Tony Crisp, author of Dreamhawk.com

In 1972 I experienced – after a long search – a breakthrough to a new dimension of experience. It healed me of wounds, transformed who I was, and so of course I wanted to share it with everybody. I have done that without any charge in the online features in Life’s Little Secrets – Opening to Life and Dimensions of Human ExperienceGoing BeyondGreat Dreams That Guide Us – Mountain Path

It isn’t a new path, for many, many have worn a clear path through human troubles. Dare to take it; for it means going beyond what you already know, so it needs some daring, or maybe desperation. It needs your creativity, for creativity tears the old to pieces and builds a new form. Or it leaps beyond what you know and with brilliance creates and finds the new.

Sometimes it works simply by sitting quietly and imagine walking a path through a forest. The path is not known to you but unfolds spontaneously as you continue walking. You may meet beautiful experiences and scary ones, but they are all you meeting yourself. You will get help on this path, for you are never alone here. But Life itself is full of wonders, and so your experience of taking the path may take many forms – be open to IT. But you need to let go of your control and Surrender to the Life in you. See Pandora’s Box

I demonstrated how to open to this to a group in 1973. A woman in the group described what she experienced –

Tony explained to us about letting whatever came, come. I did not understand too well, but lay down with the others and he came to each of us briefly and moved our arms, and left us lying (I left their arms in a position when the arms hit a tension). Perhaps two minutes passed when I felt a distinct twitching around my brow, which was repeated, and then it spread down my face, a downward pressing movement. My face was involved then in a big muscular movement, pressing down, seeming to flatten the face, and then spread down the body towards the feet. Gradually my whole body became involved in big waves of pressing movement which flowed down, lifting and tossing my legs, so that my heels were banging on the floor. Wave succeeded wave. I did as he said, and let it happen, using the skills to relax which I had learnt. I wasn’t afraid, although I couldn’t imagine what was happening to me. Instead I felt happy and elated, warmed through. I knew I had found something of great significance, but it was many months before I could put words to it. It remained an intriguing mystery, like a dropping away of chains, or a touching of promise, while I passed through the pain of divorce. I feel that my experience that day released considerable energy. It did not break my marriage – that would have happened anyway. But I received strength which I used for my needs at that time. Months later it came to me with the force of revelation, that I had been born that day.”

Another woman in the group, who also had a big response, suddenly sat up and said, “This is against my religion” and walked out of the room. I took it she was a Christian, and she had rejected her own religion, for the movements were exactly the same as were experienced during Pentecost, the Quakers and the Shakers.

What About You?

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But why have I spent my life writing about and hopefully teaching what I do?

To start with, while we sleep our conscious self is largely or totally unconscious, and while we dream our voluntary muscles are paralysed – therefore another will or motivating force moves our body and creates our dreams. So we have a Conscious Will, and what I will call a Life Will. The first one we have experience of as we can move our arm or speak in everyday activities; but the second will takes over when we sleep and in fact runs all our important life processes like heart beat, digestion and also dreams.

That is not a new idea.  Many ancient thinkers and writers have expressed it in one way or another. For instance, Jakob Boehme who lived between 1575 and 1624 wrote that:

Thou must consider that there are in thy Soul two Wills, an inferiour Will, which is for driving thee to Things without and below; and a superiour Will, which is for drawing to Things within and above. These two Wills are now set together, as it were, Back to Back, and in a direct Contrariety to each other; but in the Beginning, it was not so. (See: Jacob Behmen)

So, in life and sleep we have two powerful actions working in us. The first is our waking experience based on having a body, its limitations, vulnerabilities and a particular gender. Our second is the power that gives us life and continues to express as dreams, in our breathing and heartbeat – our life. This I have given the description as the Life Will. This Life will can move us to speak, to move our body, and in fact do things that we cannot do with our Conscious Will and in fact runs all our important life processes like heart beat, digestion and also dreams. To see the amazing possibilities read Edgar Cayce

Of course, the experience of our body moving spontaneously in new ways, and being led to new understanding from within is for most people completely unknown to them, but I will try to explain, for this was known to ancient cultures that our science sees as primitive.

Here is an experience of my own – “In 1953, when I was sixteen, and already deeply interested in the possibilities of the human mind, I took a course in deep relaxation.  I practised every day for three months, tensing my muscles, relaxing them, then passing my awareness over and over my body, dropping the feeling of tension and letting go. After three months I was quite proficient. One evening, after coming home from dining out with friends, I went to bed thinking I would leave my usual practice, but in the end decided to practice even though it was late. After going over my body several times I suddenly lost my right arm. I had no sensation of it other than space, hugeness. Then I lost my left arm, and – my whole body. It was like falling through a trap-door into the stars. I had no sense of having a body. Thoughts had ceased, except for a murmur apparently a thousand miles away. Yet in blackness, in immensity, in absence of thought I existed vitally as bodiless awareness. We think that we are our body because we have no other experience of our existence. So, we identify with our body and so are terrified of dying – which in a sense is what we do every time we go to sleep and leave our sense of a body behind.

I felt at the time, and still believe it correct, that I had fallen asleep yet remained awake. Waking, critical awareness had been taken through the magic doors of sleep into a universe we seldom ever see – deep dreamless sleep.”

That was a completely different world than waking consciousness – I call it the inner world, and it gives one access to areas of experience normal waking life does not.

If we know how to die to our own ego and thinking mind, then we can die to our waking self for a little while and experience the wonder of your inner life. So do that that I had learnt to die to my conscious self by entering that amazing and huge world. I did it by learning to become a virgin – i.e. having a mind free from preconceptions, and also learning the Keyboard Condition. As said, our Life Will can speak and move us, and so the keyboard condition is one in which you let go of your conscious will and allow the Life Will to control you or speak through you – pressing the keys. See How I Became A Virgin – Keyboard Condition

I know that sounds nonsense to most people, but most people haven’t spend three months practising for half an hour a day stilling their ego and conscious will. Of course one returns to normal life. But here are possibilities as described by Dr. Stanislav Grof in his book – Realms of the Human Unconscious:

Plant Identification 181

Oneness with Life and with All Creation 183

Consciousness of Inorganic Matter 184

Planetary Consciousness 185

Extraplanetary Consciousness 185

Out – of – Body Experiences, Travelling Clairvoyance and Clairaudience, “Space Travels,” and Telepathy 186

Spatial constriction of Consciousness 191

Organ, Tissue, and Cellular Consciousness 191

Experiential Extension beyond the Framework of “Objective Reality” 194

Transpersonal Experiences in LSD Sessions 154

Experiential Extension within the Framework of “Objective Reality” 158

Temporal Expansion OF Consciousness 158

Ebryonal and Foetal Experiences 158

Ancestral Experiences 162

Collective and Racial Experiences 167

Phylogenetic (Evolutionary Experiences 171

Past Incarnation Experiences 173

Precognition, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and “Time Travels” 177

Spatial Expansion OF consciousness 178

Ego Transcendence in Interpersonal Relationships

 and the Experience of Dual   Unity 178

Identification with Other Persons 179

Group Identification and Group Consciousness 180

Animal Identification 180

 Yes, of course it is nonsense until you experience it. My first experience of Life talking to me was in 1972, when I was 35 years old.

“Our baby woke up and my wife had got out of bed to see to him. I got out and went to the toilet. As I came back into the room a voice said, “You have asked how God touches the human soul – now watch closely.”

Knowing enough about how ones inner world can communicate I didn’t think I was suffering mental illness because I was hearing a voice. But I was very moved and did watch closely; and shortly afterwards a huge experience shook me and entered me in a new way of life. I had literally died to my old awareness and was born into the new.

Many people who are ready hear Life talking to them.

Victor Gollancz, in his book Darkness to Light, tells of his own inner voice.

“For an hour past I have been the prey of a vague anxiety; I recognise my old enemy – – – It is a sense of void and anguish; a sense of something lacking: what? Love, peace, God perhaps? The essence of my hell was outlawry. By the sin which, as I felt, I had committed, I had broken the links that united me with universal living: I was separate, alone, without lot or part in the everything. I had deprived myself, treacherously, of it: I had deprived it, quite as treacherously, of me.

“One forenoon, when my terror and despair seemed to be at their height, and after a total insomnia that had lasted for twenty-two days, and every muscle and nerve ached, I set out for a walk with my wife. We went very slowly. About half an hour later we turned, sharply, left, into a dark and narrow path that descended: and soon came out into a great open space – a sort of water  meadow, with herds grazing, and a high inland cliff just in front of us. There was dappled sunlight everywhere, and a slight breeze. I felt suddenly very still: and then I heard the inland cliff, and the grass and water and sky, say very distinctly to me ‘A humble and a contrite heart He will not despise.’ When I say I heard them say it, I mean, quite literally, that I heard them say it; a voice came from them: but they were also themselves the voice, and the voice was also within me I said to my wife ‘The trouble is over’, and that night I slept a little.” (15)

The very first step on our journey is framed in these questions: Do I as a personality and conscious being, arise out of my own self and will, or has something I know little of caused me to exist? Do I acknowledge frequently my dependence upon that something, called Life? If not, am I impractical not to open my will, heart, passions and mind, my whole being, to that influence without which I would not exist?

So my mentions of Life are about the huge possibilities that are open to any who can die to their surface life. Also I am fed up with claiming the many experiences as my own so simply say – a man said. Therefore the things I say in the different periods of your life arise from living a long and full life and being able at times to have a broader view than many.

As an example of what you can experience once you can enter your inner world, here is one of my sons experiences of his inner life.

“This is when I entered into the house of God. At first I saw the image of a huge cathedral or church with a magnificent domed roof and I knew that I was in the house of God. I felt the Utopia, I felt like I have never felt before, so very good, so excellent. I knew all things. I didn’t have to read the bible or any kind of teachings because the answers are all here in the presence of God. In this state I could ask any question and know the answer. I knew God, yet I was God because there was no separation.”

And here is an example of a dream a woman sent me once she learnt to explore her dream using Being the Person or Thing:

Example: I dreamt of being with a woman who was desperately seeking a man. I was also with my own female companion. I believe the woman had been suddenly dropped by her man, and I and my partner were close and with her.

Still in the semi-awake state I tried ‘being’ the woman, and had a very clear response. I experienced being her, but was also me with experience of seeing into myself in some degree. I saw that the woman, like most of us, was a female creature whose instinctive drive was to find a mate. But she was not aware of this as an instinctive drive but as a personal feeling. As such she had become, like many women and men, lost in a huge web of personal ideas about whether they were attractive, sexy, with many complications about love, gender mixed with childhood unconscious traumas and the heartbreak all that brings.



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