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The aim of this site is to help show you a way to healing and a full life. To make connections between your dreams and your everyday life; to discover more fully the powerful emotions and reactions that unconsciously direct your decisions and responses in waking. To help you discover the wonderful gifts that you may not yet have found in yourself. This is not an attempt to give you merely ideas to play with, to agree or disagree with, like fortune telling. It can lead to real insights which empower you to make more of yourself, and find your way through the many decisions with which life confronts you, if you have courage and fearlessness to be able to use such things.

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Women’s Sexual Organ Health


What Are Dreams

Your Guru the Dream

Your Guru The Body

Dreams – The Wonderland Of

Learn how to Explore Your Dream

A Note About the Author: Tony Crisp

Opening to Life

Psychological Vomiting

Does the Breakdown of the Brain Mean the Loss of Personality?

Ox Herding Pictures – An ancient path to freedom

Mountain Path

The Many Ways To A New Life

 A Huge Change Happening

Intuition – Using It

Exploring Inner Space

What We Need to Remember About Us

Things I Wished I Had Had Been Taught Earlier in My Life

Things I Want to Show You

Integration – Meeting yourself

What Is Offered In The Dictionary




Advanced Options of Extending Your Intuition 

A Hilltop Experience

 A Huge Change Happening

A Leap Forward in Understanding Dreams

A prisoner of your limitations, or a traveller of wider possibilities

A Realisatioin I Had Today 


Achieving the good feeling

Acting in your dream

Activation synthesis theory

Active Imagination

Active Imagination and Dreams

Active imagination – Part Two

Active Passive

Adaptive theory of Sleep

Adler, Alfred


A Dream That Changed My Life

Adult Memories of Prebirth

Advanced Options of Extending Your Intuition 

Advice about Breast Feeding


Africa Sky Stories

African Babies Don’t Cry

African Superstitions About Childbirth Endanger Babies

Age and dreams

Ages of Love

Akashic records

Alcohol – Health Risks

Allowing the Body Speak

Allowing the Spontaneous

Altered States of Consciousness – ASC’s

Am I Pregnant – It’s All Happening


Amplification method

An Approach to Yoga

Anaesthesia the Mind and Dreams

Analysis of dreams


Ancestors 2

Ancestors – The Importance Of

Ancestors –  house of

Ancient Greece – Dream Beliefs

Ancient Wisdom – Cayce

Anger – Dealing With It

Animal – Being It

Animal Children 

Animal phobias


Animals as dream figures

Animals in Your Dreams

Animals in Your Dreams are Necessary Parts of You

An Old Fools Musings

Anxiety Dreams

Archetype of Business

Archetype of Fear

Archetype of Rebirth or Resurrection

Archetype of the Alchemist

Archetype of the Anima

Archetype of the Animus

Archetype of the Artist

Archetype of the Ascetic

Archetype of the Athlete

Archetype of the Avenger

Archetype of the Baptism

Archetype of the Beggar

Archetype of the Big Bang

Archetype of the Blood

Archetype of the Buddha

Archetype of the Child

Archetype of the Child/Baby

Archetype of the Christ

Archetype of Christmas

Archetype of the Crucifixion

Archetype of the Death

Archetype of the Devil

Archetype of the Father

Archetype of the Female Choice

Archetype of the Fool

Archetype of the Fugitive

Archetype of the God/Goddess

Archetype of the Goddess

Archetype of the Great Mother

Archetype of the Guru/Mentor

Archetype of the Hermit

Archetype of the Hero/ine

Archetype of the Lover

Archetype of the Martyr

Archetype of the Mentor

Archetype of the Mentor or Guide

Archetype of the Messiah

Archetype of the Monk

Archetype of the Mother

Archetype of the Night Journey

Archetype of the Outcast

Archetype of the Paradigm

Archetype of the Prostitute

Archetype of the Queen

Archetype of the Queen Ruler King

Archetype of the Saviour

Archetype of the Scapegoat

Archetype of the Search for Self

Archetype of the Self

Archetype of the Shadow

Archetype of the Shapeshifter

Archetype of the Slave

Archetype of the Teacher

Archetype of the Trickster

Archetype of the Virgin Birth

Archetype of the Void

Archetype of the Wise Old Woman

Archetypes-Links to


Aristotle on dreams

Arm Circling Meditation

Art and dreams


As the twig is bent so the tree grows


Aserinsky, Eugene

Assisted Passage

Associations a Start

Associations-Working With 

Astral body

Audio Recording of Exploring a Dream With Tony

Australian Aborigine dream beliefs

Authentic Self

Autobiography of a Premature Baby

Autonomous complex

Aversion therapy

Avoiding Being My Own Victim

Awake – difficulty in waking sleeper

A Woman’s Love


Baby – the inner baby and Child

Baby and Child – Meeting Them

Baby dreams

Baby in Your Dreams

Babylonian dream beliefs

Background and Foreground in Dreams

Bad Dream or Nightmare – Change It

Baptism – Its ancient mystery

Be Warned


Becoming a Woman

Beginning of Us All

Behavioural modification therapy

Being Born

Being the Person or Thing

Belief We Are Alone


Banting Diet – To Reclaim Heath

Beware of Love

Beyond Limitations

Bible – dreams and symbols

Bibliography of Dreams

Big Bang and God are the Same

Big Bang the Archetype of 


Biological dream theory

Birth dreams and ones natal experience

Birth dreams during pregnancy

Black Americans or Black Race

Black magic

Bleached White Flour

Blindness and dreaming

Blindness and seeing in dreams

Bodiless Experience

Body Dowsing

Body Soul & Spirit – Deeper Understanding

Body Soul & Spirit – What is an easy way to understand them?

Bodyless Bodiless

Bonding Period


Books by Tony Crisp

Books Have Souls Too

Boss, Medard

Brain – Does its Breakdown Mean the Loss of Personality or Death?

Brain – left and right hemispheres

Brain levels and dreams


Breath Control the 1-4-2 Method

Breathing In and Out of Labour

Breath – Slowing It

Buddhism and dreams

Buddhist teachings of Life After Death


Call of Nature – Nude Sunbathing

Can one really dream the same dream as someone else?

Carrying the dream forward

Catherine and Tony’s Communication

Cause and Effect in our Experience

Cayce, Edgar

Edgar Cayce – His Wisdom


Change Adaptation

Changing Your Life

Characters and People in Dreams

Child – helping and healing

Childbirth As Initiation

Children Of Our Dreams

Children’s Dreams

Children’s Traumatic Fears

Chinese dream beliefs

Christianity and dreams

Christian Yoga

Christ – The Inner Path To

Clicking On

CodeThe dream as a 

COEX – The Practice Of


Collected Wisdom

Collective consciousness

Collective unconscious

Colour – do we all dream in colour?

Coming from the Light

Communicating With Your Inner Guide

Communicating with Your Unborn Child

 Compensation theory

Computer, dream process as a

Computers and dreams

Computer Games

Conditioned Reflexes

Conflict and division in us

Conjuring Trick

Connected – Am I connected to something bigger?

Conscious Parenting

Conscious Will – Life Will

Consciousness – The mind brain split

Contact – Meeting Your Partner

Context and Theme

Contraction and Expansion

Control-No Control

Core – Does all the work while we dream

Core – Is ones core self connected to anything?

Core Self

Correspondence Between Emily & Tony

Cosmic consciousness

Crazy Behaviour

Create Creative Creativity

Creating a New You

Creative Dreaming

Creative Uses of Dreams

Creativity – Doorway to the Wonderful Fire

Creativity and problem solving in dreams

Criticism –  Answers To


Daughter – A Letter To

Day’s End

Dead – But I’m Still Alive – How Come?

Dead People Dreams

Dear Me

Death – Do You Think we can Prepare for it?

Death – Does the concept have the ideas of love attached to it?

Death – Who said it was the End

Death – Eastern traditions

Death – I am wondering what you understand about the subject of life after.

Death of Ego – Ego Death

Death – Steiner Insights After Death 

Death – Steiner’s Wonderful insights into it

Death – What Happens After Death

Death and Life – Exploring It

Death Life After

Death – Your Questions Answered

Death What do you think happens to you when you die?

Death – We Cannot Avoid in Life or Dreams

Death and Life – a series of features

Debi Wanted to be Dead

Defeating Alzheimer’s and Living Longer

Defence mechanisms

Deja vu

Demons and Devil

Depression Dreams

Desensitisation therapy

Dialogue Between or with Two Characters or Objects

Dialogue With a Dream Character or Object

Diamond Body

Diccionario de los Sueños

Did I Become An Alien?

Did You Know About This?

Diet and Yoga for Prolapse

Different Levels of Your Mind

Difficult relationship – how can I recover?


Dimensions of Human Experience

Discovering Meditation

Discussion Forum


Division – Divisions in us loses our power

Do Children Exist Prior to Conception and Birth?

Do dreams of death mean I am doing to die soon?Do people dream in colour?

Do the dead talk to us in our dreams?Do you actually imagine that a real wolf is there in your dreams?

Do you continue to be surprised by new information regarding this topic?

Does everybody dream?

Does the Breakdown of the Brain Mean the Loss of Personality?


Dreams Are Much More Than You Can Expect

Dream – Exploring it

Dream – The

Dream as a code

Dream Beliefs

Dream Counsellor

Dream Deprivation

Dream Dictionary

Dream Dictionary – What made you want to create the Online Dictionary?

Dream Exploration – An audio example of Tony exploring a dream

Dream Images – Are not like things in waking life

Dream Images are all Aspects of Your own Mind and Abilities

Dream Incubation

Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation – Tests of

Dream is Like a Seed

Dream journal – In order to discover more about my own dreams, I am going to start to record my dreams as I remember them. What do you think about this and do you 

Dream Levels – Understanding Them

Dream Lovers

Dream Magic

Dream Meaning – A quick way to understand your own dream

Dream Meeting

Dream Process – The Influence of it

Dream Sampler – Types of dreams

Dream Sources

Dream Watching

Dream within Dream

Dream Yoga

Dreamer – the

Dreams – Everything About Them

Dreams – Are like strange seeds

Dreams – Are they Meaningless

Dreams – Are They Meaningless?

Dreams – How can we know what they mean?

Dreams – Meeting in

Dreams – Practical Techniques to explore them *****

Dreams – The best method is using Peer Dreamwork *****

Dreams – The Magic Mirror

Dreams – The Way to their Heart

Dreams – The Wonberland Of

Dreams – They are the Greatest University

Dreams and the Art of Mid-Lifery

Dreams are a Huge and Living Mirror 

Dreams are a reflection of your inner world

Dreams are More than Dreams

Dreams are More than Dreams

Dreams are the Greatest University

Dreams are Virtual Realities

Dreams are Virtual Realities

Dreams As Visions

Dreams See into our Far Past

Dreams – Being the Person or Thing *****

Dreams – Clicking On *****

Dreams – Interpreting Them

Dreams – What are They

Dreams What do You bring to them?


Drugs an End User

Drugs – How they do affect dreaming?

Dual Being You Are Dual

During pregnancy

Dweller on the Threshold


Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce – Who Was This Man?

Edgar Cayce Readings – The Philosophy

Edgar Cayce’s Enlightenment

Edgar Cayce – His Wisdom

Ego – Letting go of it or holding on to it?

Egyptian (ancient) Dream Beliefs

Eight Step Method to Manage Intense Emotion

Eileen Garrett 

Electra Complex

Emotions and Mood in Dreams


Encyclopedia Of Dreams Life and Human Mystery

End User

The Next Step

Energy Sex and Dreams

Enlightened people or who have special healing powers – what do you think of  such people?


Enlightenment Being or Becoming?

Enlightenment Intensive

Enlightenment is usually seen as a fruit of the spiritual path or a spiritual life, so         what do you see as the spiritual path?

Enlightenment – A Modern Approach

Enlightenment Descriptions of 

Enlightenment How Can I Know it?

Enlightenment What part do thoughts and feelings play in it?

Every 7 Years you Change

Everybodies Birthday

Evil – Exploring the idea of evil

Evil – The Big Con

Evil Spirits Devils & Demons

Ex’s – Dealing With

Ex’s Dealing With

Example – Working a Dream

Example 1 I Ching 

Example 10 Recurring Dreams

Example 11 – Descriptions of Enlightenment

Example 12 finding out what your dream means

Example 13 – Dreams of Hell

Example 14 – Spiders

Example 3 Dream Interpretation 

Example 4 Dream Interpretation 

Example 5 Dream Interpretation

Example 6 Cannot Die in Dreams

Example 7 Out of Body

Example 8 Healing of Pain

Example 9 Virtual Reality

Example of the Wider Life

Example of the Wider Life

Example 2 Dream Interpretation 

Examples of Transforming Dreams

Expanding our awareness – Under what circumstances or conditions can we do          that?

Experiment with changing your dream by using your imagination/visualisation

Explain how people can have visionary experiences, hallucinations or hear       voices while awake

Explain the sleep paralysis and how to move beyond it

Explorations in Wonder

Exploring a Dream

Exploring Death and Life

Exploring Inner Space


Extending Your Awareness

Eye of Dreams


Fall into that Big Black Hole

Famous people – Dreams of

Fascinating People 


Fatherhood At Its Best

Father Christmas Wonder and the Huge

Fathers Are an Essential Part of the Human Environment

Fertility and the Mind Body Connection


Follow Me Up the Mountain

Follow Your Dream

Foolish Love

Forgetfulness of Dreams

Freud, Sigmund

Function of Dreaming

Functions of dreams

Fundmental Processes

Future – The


Gaining Insights into your Dreams

Gestalt dream work


Gladys Taylor McGarey – Pioneer of Pre-Birth Communication


Gnosticism Gnostic Texts

God and Dreams

God is Found

Going Beyond

Golden Wolf

Great and Ancient Secrets – Part One

Great Dreams That Guide Us

Greatest is Often the Simplest

Greece (ancient) dream beliefs

Grof – How do you connect his work with what you have mentioned else where?


Growth – Personal

Guru Dalai Lama Sensei

Gypsy Secrets of Hand Reading



Hadad the Rogue Yogi

Hallucinations and Hallucinogens

Hand/Arm Circling – Entry to the Inner World

Hand of Hope

Have A Break – From What?

Healing Action Within Dreams

Healing Experience

Healing and therapeutic action of dreams

Heart Beats of Prayer

Hebrew/Jewish Dream Beliefs

Hexagrams – I Ching

History of Dream Theories

History-Some More of My Story

Hobson, J. Allan

Holographic Universe

Holy Grail

Honey Plus Cinnamon

Honoring Mother: A Blessing Way Ceremony



House in your Dream

House of the Ancestors – An excerpt from the book

House of the Ancestors – the book

How can I conquer my fears in dreams?

How can I face the fears in my dreams and nightmares?

How can I get answers to my life problems from my dreams?

How can I help my child with his/her dreams and nightmares?

How Can I Integrate The Effects From Parents Grandparents or Ex’s

How can We Talk to the Dead and They can Talk With Us?

How did you become interested in dreams, and have you always been interested in dreams?

How do we know things about people in our dreams?

How I Became A Virgin

How Magical we Are – How Lost We Are

How The Birds Came

How To Give A Flux

Huge Change Happening

Humphrey, Nicholas

Hunger – The Big Hunger

Husband – Lost or Disappears

Hypnosis and dreams


I AM – A New You

I Ching

I Ching – How to Throw the Coins to Obtain a Reading  

I Don’t Believe in God – I Know God

I Had Been in the Direction a Thousand Times

I Observe I Believe

Identification and Identity


Identity and dreams

Identity and Sex

If I dream I have sexual organs of the opposite sex, am I bisexual?

If You Persist in Exploring your Dreams, you will find the Wonder You Are

Illness and Dreams

I’m Not Normal

Imagination and dreaming

Important to understand this action

Incubating dreams



Inducing Breastmilk – with or without pregnancy – men too

Industrial Revolution

Infant Bonding in the Development of Self and Relationships

Infantile “Amnesia” is Dead

Infertility – Causes of

Influencing Your Unborn Child

Information – is there any other interesting things that you think I should know about dreaming?

Inner World Most people are confused about the huge difference between waking and sleeping — The outer and inner world —- The Inner World —– Inner Baby and Child –— In dreams we create an inner Mother  -– Inner Ex’s —– Inner People Inner Woman/Female —– Inner Husband  —– Inner Father and Grandfather —– and Grandmother.

Inspiration in dreams


Integral Education

Integration – Meeting yourself


Interface – What does it connect us with?

Interpretation of dreams – influence of

Interpretation, Passions and Core Experiences in Dream Work

Introducción – to Diccionario de los sueños


Intuition  – Advanced Options of Extending It

Intuition – Many Ways Of Using It

Intuition – Using It

Intuition in Dreams

IP Address

Iroquoian dream cult

Islamic dream traditions

It is important the 2 wills


Jesse Watkins Amazing Experience 

Journey Inwards

Journeying Beyond Dreams and Death

Jung, Carl

Jungle God

Juno – Goddess



Kasatkin, Vasily

Keyboard Condition

Key words

Kleitman, Nathaniel

Knowing the Baby Before it is Born



Language and dreams

Latent Content

Learn from Your Dreams – They are the Greatest University

Learning the brake, gears and accelerator

Learning how to Love – Includes Ages of Love – Recognising the Face of Love – Surviving Love and Relationships – What Attracts us to a Partner – To Love or Not to Love

Learning While Asleep

Left and Right Sides of Brain

Letting go of Your Child

Letting things Happen

Level Confusion

Levels of Awareness in Waking and Dreaming

Levels of the Brain and Dreams

Levels of Your Being

Levels of Your Mind – Learn About the Different Levels

Levels of Awareness in Dreams

Levels Within Us How it Flows


Liberating the Body


Life – a View

Life – What Is It

Life After Death

Life After Death? 2

Life And Death – Chapter Links

Life Beyond Change and Pain

Life Decisions

Life In Us Is At Work All The Time

Life Living

Life Spans

Life Will and Conscious Will

Life’s Basic Functions

Life’s Basic Functions – Inner Life

Life’s Difficulties

Life’s Little Secrets


LifeStream – People Experiences Using It

List of Tony’s Poems

List of features about Tony

Listening Skills

Looking Beyond What The Eyes Can See

Love as a Way

Love – Learning How to 

Love – A Woman’s 

Lowy, Samuel

LSD – Hypnosis – Meditation and the Dream

LSD Makes the Brain More Complete

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Waking Dreaming


Lucidity – awake in sleep

Lucidity – the new frontier

Lumpkin – The Baby Who Became Tony

Lumpkin and the Magic Pouch


Macedonian Dream Traditions

Magic Mirror of Dreams

Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms – 2

Magical Dream Machine

Mammal Brain

Man Exploring Life

Man in Your Dreams

Man who Didn’t Dream

Man With The Dark Head


Many Facets Of Dreaming

Many People We Have Inside Us

Many Ways To A New Life

Martial Art of the Mind

Mary – The Way Of

Massive Info About You

Masters of Nightmares


Mate Mating

Mean Meaning

Meddis, Ray

Meditation – Lhag Thong

Meditation With Seed – Try this remarkable meditation

Meeting in dreams

Meeting the Unknown

Meeting yourself

Meetings with an Unborn Child

Meetings with the Christ

Melodrama of Love

Memory and Dreams

Menopause – A woman’s meeting with it

Menstruation and dreams

Mental Illness

Mesopotamian dream beliefs

Messages From the Dream World

Method to Shorten Labour

Midwife, Intuitive, and Healer: A Conversation with Teresa Robertson

Mind – Does it Reach beyond the Body?

Mind and Movement

Mind Control

Mind of a Newborn

Mindread Mind Reading Telepathy


Miscarriage and Vitamins

Modern Physics and Myth – A Dream within a Dream

Monitors of the Unconscious

Moreno, Jacob

Mother Child Bonding

Motherhood is a Spiritual Path

Mother’s funeral – You told me that when you were at my mother’s funeral, something happened to you that was very impressive. What was that?

Mountain of Love

Mountain Path

Move Toward Pleasure

Movements during sleep

Movements of Life

Movements to Aid in Pregnancy

Murdering or Killing Parents

Mushrooms and Hallucinogens

Music and Perinatal Stress Reduction

Mwanga Flies To The Moon

My Body is a Moving Sea

My Books

My Experience of Yoga

My Journey Through Dreams

My Life in Death

My Needs As a Premature Baby

My own Experiences

Mysterious Power of Children-To-Be

Mystery of Parenthood

Myths legends and fairy tales in dreams


Naskapi Indian Dream Beliefs

Native American Dream Beliefs

Nature vs Nurture Debate

Near death experience

Next Step – Understanding Dream Levels

Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm


Nightmares, abstract

Normal – To be normal you might be missing out on something

Norman Cousins – Dealing with anxiety

 Not Enough Information given to understand your dream

Nothing Can Hurt You in Your Dreams

Nothing is Permanent Except Change

Not Seeing

Nutrition and Dreams


Occultism and Dreams

Old age and dreams

Old Fools Thoughts About Love

Opening to Life

Opening yourself to your bigger you.  How would you describe what happens when you do?

Origin of things. How would you describe it?you describe it?

Our Past or Present

Our Reaction to meeting the Huge that we Are

Out of body experience

Ox Herding

Ox Herding Pictures – An ancient path to freedom


Painless Childbirth

Pain – Nothing can hurt you in a dream

Pandora’s Jar – Box

Parallel Universes – Do they Exist?

Paralysis while asleep

Parenthood – The Mystery of

Parenting is a spiritual path

Parenting Yourself

Past Dwelling Places

Pass The Blackberry Pie

Pathways – There are many beaten down pathways through our inner jungle

Patrick O’Conner’s Vision

Peer Dream Work

Peer Dream Work – Carrying Dream Forward

Peer Dream Work – Using The Body to Discover Dream Power


People – When we dream of a person we are not interacting with them, but are using the image of them to reflect all the memories we have of them, the love or pain, and also what we learned in the relationship with them.

People Animals and Objects of our Dreams are all Projections

People Who Fascinate

People in your dreams

People’s Experience of LifeStream

Perls, Fritz

Persisting in the Magic Mirror of Your Dreams they will Show You the Wonder That You Are

Personal Growth


Perspectives – On the Primary Connection Between Parents and child

Philosophy From The Edgar Cayce Readings

Philosopher’s Stone

Philosophy of dreams

Psychological Vomiting

Physics – new physics and the mind

Physics has shown that we change things by looking at them. What are the implications of that?

Plot of the dream

Poems – Tony’s

Possession and Dreams


Power Dreaming

Practice of Coex

Prebirth Meetings with your Baby



Predicting future occurrences – to what extent do you believe that dreams can do so?

Pregnancy – Being Movement – 2

Pregnancy dreams

Premature Birth and Postmature Birth

Pre-menstrual tension

Problem solving dreams

Processing dreams


Prophecy of The Star Beings

Prophetic dreams

Psychic faculties in dreams

Psychodrama and dreams

Psychological Vomiting

Psychotherapeutic Experience of Premature Birth

Psychotherapy – A hard look

Public Toilet No. 1

Pygmy Model for Beautiful Parenting


Quantum – A Huge Change is Happening

Quantum Physics

Questions – With Countless Answers

Questions Answered

Questions You Asked


Razor’s Edge

Reaction to Meeting the Huge We Are

Reaction to the unconscious or also The Unconscious

Recurring dreams

Red Indians dream beliefs

Reincarnation – Do you believe in?

Reincarnation and dreams

Reincarnation or remembering former lives? Or were they tapping into a collective consciousness?

Relationship and dreams

Relationships – What we can learn from relationships

Relaxation – The Full Method

Releasing Your Inner Genius

Relaxation – Method of

Religion and dreams

Religious themes

Remembering dreams

Remembering My Birth


Reptilian Brain


Resources – Do I have any?

Revere Reverence

Rhijn, Van

RISC method


Rocking during sleep

Roman Dream Beliefs

Running Meditation


Sacred Marriage

Satisfy Yourself in Dreams


Secret Bible

 Secret of the universe dreams

Secret of Time and Satan

Secrets the Body Knows

Secrets Learned from Dreams

Secrets of Power Dreaming

Seduction Seductress Seduce


Seed Group – It Enables Us to Discover Our Creative Self

Seed Meditation

Seitai – The Japanese Teach It

Self – It appears in our dreams as a guardian angel or a great spiritual being.

Self – What is the Self

Self Acceptance

Self body images

Self Help

Self-Help Techniques To Use

Self Hypnosis

Self Images

Self Observation 

Self-regulation in dreams and fantasy

Sequential dreams

Serial dreams

Series of dreams – working with

Serpent – the translation of the Biblical Serpent

Seven Levels of Us

Sex – Getting Better Sex Life through Dreams

Sex and dreams

Sex and Energy

Sex and identity

Sex while asleep


Sexual Misery of the Arab World

Shadowy Figure

Shake -Shaking

Shakers and Quakers

Shaktipat- The Indian Way to Enlightenment



ShapeShifter – Archetype of

Signs of consciousness in People who are Considered Vegetative

Simple truths

Sleep – need for

Sleep apnea

Sleep Paralysis

Sleep walking

Slowing the Breath


Snake Dreams

Snake Dreams – The Dowflowing and Upflowing Life Energy

Some More of My History


Soul – What is it?

Sources of dream information that you can recommend that are credible and I can use while researching?

Spanish Dream Dictionary – Diccionario de los Sueños

Spells put on us

Spinoza’s God

Spirit-Child: The Aboriginal Experience of Pre-Birth Communication

Spiritual life in dreams

Spiritual Versus Biological Paternity

Squatting and Standing Meditation

Stand in Role of Character or Object

Star Beings – What are they?

Star Daily

Steiner, Rudolph

Story Behind The Steel



Sugar Linked to Birth Defects

Summing Up 

Sunny Days

Super Heroes and Mythical Creatures

Super Minds


Surviving Love and Relationships

Suspended Between Death and Life

Symbol and the Reality

Symbolism of dreams and their imagery

Symbols and dreaming

Symbols and Shapes



Take Everything in your dream into You

Tales of Peter the Hedgehog – Hedgehog Thoughts

Tales of Peter the Hedgehog – Peter And Misty Mouse

Tales of Peter the Hedgehog – Peter Goes To Church

Tales of Peter the Hedgehog – Peter Meets Sleepy

Tales of Peter the Hedgehog – The Hedgehog Who Lost His Reasons

Tales of Peter the Hedgehog – Trouble is His Middle Name

Talk to the Dead and They can Talk With Us?

Talking as a Dream Character

Talking in sleep

Talking with a Dream Character or Animal

Talking with those who have passed on 

Teenage girl’s love dreams

Teenage male dreams


Temple for Lost Babies

Test Test Testing

The adventure of the dream world

The Animal Communicator

The Boy and I

The Christmas Story

The Con About Evil

The Descending Divine Energy

The Dream – Explored

The Dream World Revolution

The Feman

The First Vision

The Flesh and the Love

The Friendly Ghost

The Fundamental Process

The Future

The Great and Ancient Secret

The Great and Ancient Secret – part 8

The Great Rising

The Greatest is Often the Simplest

The Guru Figure

The Hand

The Healing Experience

The Hidden Bible

The House of the Ancestors

The Inner Path To Christ

The Keyboard Condition

The Leap from Instinct to Self Awareness

The Licked Hand

The Life Plan

The Life Will

The Life Will and the Human Personality

The Light In My House

The Limbic Imprint

The Magical Dream Machine

The Many People we Have Inside Us

The Many Ways To A New Life

The Maternal Womb: The First Musical School for the Baby

The Mystery of Parenthood

The Near Birth Experience: Talking with Jerry Bongard

The other polarity of our awareness

The Power That Transforms Lives

The Promise

The Razor’s Edge

The Reaction to meeting the Huge that we Are

The Rock Beast

The Sacred Shrine

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The Seed and You Growing

The Secret Bible

The Shepherd’s Flute

The Slow Breath

The Spinal Brain

The Steel

The Story The Rain and Wind Tell

The Time of the Quickening

The Tree of Life – The Spine

The Unknown God

The Way of Mary

The Way Within

The Wider Life

The Ten Day Voyage

Themes – Understanding Them

Therapeutic use of dreams

Therapy as a reprogramming of yourself 

There is even more of you

The Secret Bible – The Kabbalah

Things Forming Us

Things I Wished I Had Had Been Taught Earlier in My Life

Things I Want to Show You

This is How it Was

Thought and Words

Thoughts about Our Destiny

Thrown out of school

Time and dreams

Time For Myself

Time of the Quickening

Time to Grow Up by Tony Crisp

Tiredness after Sex

 Tony Crisp – The Many Sides of T

Tony’s Biographical Information

Tony’s Books

Tony’s Experience of Stroke

Tony’s Story 

Tony’s Voice of Intuition

Touched by Wonder

Trackless way 


Trapped – What traps us?

Traps – More to learn about them


Trauma – Children’s Traumatic Fears

Trauma – Examples of

Trauma – What Can We Do About It

 Tree of Life the Spine & Back

Tree – Its Sacred Place in Myths and Dreams

Truths about Lucid Dreaming



Unclean Island


Unconscious The

Unconscious – What Is It 

Unconscious, what do you mean when you mention it?

Unity – Brings peace and power

Unknown God

Using Spontaneous Voice

Using symbols to change habitual life problems

Using Your Voice


Vagina and Uterus/Womb

Vibrate Vibrating

Victim – Avoiding Being My Own 

Videos of Tony

Violence in the Womb


Virgin – How I became One

Virgin – Mary

Virtual Reality and Dreams

Vitamins – Little Wonders

Voice – Using It


Void – Archetype of the


Waking and Inner Life

Waking life

Waking Lucid Dreaming

Walk on Part in Dreams

Water Wonderland

Way of the Shaman


Weave Weaving

We are all Victims

We Are At War

We are like a creature that cannot exist without other things

We are many things – some of which we find alien to us

We are Paralyzed

We Cannot Avoid Death in Life or Dreams

We Lived in Heaven – Sarah Hinze on Pre-Birth Experiences

We lose Control and our Voluntary Muscles are Paralyzed

What Are Dreams

What are Impressive Experiences I have Experienced?

What Are We Addicts Of?

What can I do If I keep having nightmares?

What causes restless legs?

What do You bring to Your Dreams?

What does it mean when you talk in your sleep?

What does the animal in my dream mean?

What Dreams May Come

What Happens When I Die?

What I have seen in dreams

What is a Dream?

What is life about

What is the most interesting dream that you have been asked about?

What is the most interesting dream that you have had?

What Is The Point Of Life?

What is the point of predictive dreams?

What Is Psychic Development?

What Is The Unconscious

What Language Does My Child Understand?

What makes me move or fight in my sleep? 

What on Earth is Going on in the World?

What process do you go through in order to determine the meaning behind people’s dreams?

What we need to know about Ourselves

Where did I come from?

Who Am I and Who Are You

Why do I keep dreaming about my dead husband or my Ex?

Why do I keep having the same dream?

Why do some Christians say dreams are the devils work?

Why does my lover/partner reject me in my dreams?

Why try to Avoid Death

Wider awareness

Wisdom – Collected

Wisdom in us as Old as Time

Woman – Becoming One

Woman’s Pain  

Women’s Creative Power

Women’s Sexual Organ Health

Wonderland of Dreams

Wonders of Your Mind Superminds 16

Word analysis of dreams

Word play and puns

Words from your Depths

Work – Can this direction work?

Working With Dreams



YES – You CAN Dream a New Life


Yoga and dreams

Yoga and Relaxation

Yoga in Dreaming

Yoga in Japan 

Yoga in Japan 2

You Are a Dual Being

You are More than you Presently Know

You are the projector

You could be a Wolf, or a Human, or a Star

You Want a Daddy don’t You

Your Amazing Circle

Your Amazing Life Journey

Your Genesis Unveiled

Your Guru The Body – Part One

Your Guru the Dream – Step One

Your Immense Resources

Your Story – My Story

Your Worst Enemy Can be Your Best Friend




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