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The eagle can represent several things, depending upon its context in your dream. It can point to the powerful, strong hunting instinct in business or in being a providing parent. It can depict protective strength; a male figure; relentlessness. Dominance or a male figure. It is certainly an uplifting power of feelings or ideas, a protective influence.

Because the eagle, like most hunting birds, has an extraordinary far reaching and inclusive gaze, it can link with the ability of your own mind to at times expand far beyond the immediate sense impressions and concerns, to include years of life experience, and what you have learned when looked at as a whole. It can therefore represent spiritual vision. This is because the height of the bird and its steady gaze give it unusual perception and wide awareness. To touch such enormous wealth of experience is to be penetrated by the holy. Something so beyond the limitations of our own small personality enters us and leaves its imprint. See: Birds.

Sometimes it is seen as a threatening influence, if it is seen as connected with carrion. But if so it is you fears you are dealing with. Because it is a bird of prey it might appear as a threatening influence. Also this wider awareness may at times feel as if you are ‘carried away’. Being lifted into the unknown in this way can cause unwarranted fear. See The Life Will ; Dreams are Like a Computer Game

In some dreams it represents love, and its death or destruction can mean the death of love – as occurs in divorce. Cayce says that teenagers at a critical stage in life sometimes dream of an eagle pecking or tearing at their heart or thymus area. He says this represents the emotional entanglements that youngsters are subject to and incapable of understanding.

The Egyptian god Horus is a hawk or falcon, and was called the ‘all seeing eye’. This was because it represented the higher function of the unconscious to see all things.

Also the Hawk of Achill, or Seabhag, was one of the first animals to come into being according to Celtic mythos. He has an immense memory and is said to live a very long time. He represents knowledge and the search for it as seen in the poem The Hawk of Achill. He is an ancient bird, over 5,000 years old easily at the time it was written. He is also, as many birds are in mythology, a messenger between the realms. This means he can travel from this realm to that of the otherworlds of the myths he exists in. See Myths and Legends

Example: I was gazing at the sky and the stars, looking up to the sky. The stars were shiny and yellow gold similar to the colour of fire. There were a couple of stars similar to shooting stars but they almost looked like tiny pieces of fire display, like fireworks. It looked beautiful. Soon after the dream shifted to a computer screen and I was checking my emails. I was scrolling down the in box and then clicked on a message thinking ‘why didn’t I check this before?’ the message appeared with a picture of a huge bird and it looked like a Eagle (but the colour was white with a bluish/black outline) with its wings fully spread and moving as if the Eagle was flying; and there was a message underneath in tiny English letters which I read something similar to ‘ your life is going to transform’- I can’t remember the exact words but it was something similar to this and then I woke up. Could this be a message for the future /a prediction/ a omen?

Idioms: Watch like a hawk; eagle eyed; like a mother hawk; watch me like a hawk;


Useful questions:

What do I know and feel about eagles?

How was the eagle portrayed in the dream?

Does this have something to do with keeping a ‘sharp eye’ out for something?

Is this about nobility, power and freedom?

Have I experienced an overview, or bird’s eye view of a situation?

See The Wider LifeTechniques for Exploring your DreamsQuestions


-Josh Roach 2017-05-27 16:49:39

In my dream I was being chase by a lunatic, he was trying to infect me with an unknown disease and I was using teleportation to escape to different locations, one of the locations I escaped to was a extremely high tower and I saw a combination of bald and golden eagles flying around the tower preforming perfect vertical circles in a line one after the other…I was not afraid but felt a sense of amazement…the tone of the entire dream was I felt like it was a game to escape the lunatic


-Doris 2017-06-08 8:51:37

My dream, I saw this eagle soaring, it was beautiful, but I wasn’t certain if it was an eagle, he landed so I could see him clearly and then took back off. Very pleasant dream. I seem to dream about eagles often and they’re all pleasant dreams.


-Guga 2017-07-02 13:59:17

I dream about plane l was in plane with other people only one was my friend others dont know who they were, in plane was kind of madness people weren’t their seats but there wasn’t any pain or force most of then laughing and talking an at this time l was sitting when flock of crows/eagles come flying in to the plane inside they didn’t hurt anyone they just flew flock no on them was outside and after l said they may go inside pilot cabin and we would crash… and when l said this everything going dark plane gone l was dark place with locked wrought iron doors but l escape by climbing on of that door and l get out from this place l wake up (in dream) l was an other place all red light and l just run and escape this too after this l was just outside just trees cars and stone where l set for breath and when l looked up l saw plane that l was in was in fire and it was crashing..but l wasnt in plane at this time.


-Kristal Thomas 2017-07-20 18:16:27

In my dream I woke up and in front of me in the dark on the table was a Raven looking at me I felt uneasy that then I heard a loud eagle look to my left and right outside my window was a huge eagle when I turn to look at the Raven again it was gone. It felt very symbolic.


-Giselle 2017-07-22 16:53:07

In my dream I saw a large salmon. I wanted it. As I zoomed out of focus I was high on the peak of a mountain. A little startled at first. But, I wanted to soar. So I did. I was an eagle.


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