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Small irritations or anxieties. The activities within yourself, or unconscious, seldom seen, and if noticed, thought to be too small or insignificant to matter. Feelings that gnaw away at you. The sexual organs. Timidity or fear, depending on your reactions to mice.

Minor irritations; fears and worries; the mousy or timid part of self; shyness; the activities within us – our house – which go on unconsciously, which might be important though small, or gnaw away at one. It can therefore represent a problem of some sort that needs attention; the sexual organ which goes in and out of a hole.

Often the mice in dreams are eating away at things you have stored, or are infesting a house or ones clothes. This suggests influences that are gradually gnawing away at your energy, well being or confidence. Or, as with the clothes, attitudes that are unclean or that you feel very uncomfortable with to the point of wanting them out of your life.

In some mouse dreams the mouse is burst open in some way, perhaps a cat attacking. This suggest the realisation or experience of ones own vulnerability or weakness.

But for some people the mouse depicts their feelings of revulsion, filth, horror, an influence that is unconsciously but persistently pervading their life and response to things.

Example: I saw that the place was infested with mice, and was somewhat dismayed. Then I took off, or shook out, my jersey or shirt, into a bathtub full of soapy water. Hundreds of mice fell into the tub. I saw that they all died in there as the bubbles dispersed a little. Then my wife and my mother were with me, and I told my wife she must make an effort to put all the food away and into containers, as if the mice found nothing to eat they would go away. TP.

Example: A mouse darted across the kitchen work surface and I caught it by placing a clear glass cover over it so it couldn’t escape. I was upset because mice are unhygienic but I didn’t know how to keep them out. I was trying to stop somebody from lifting one of the covers off the mouse but they lifted it anyway and the mouse ran out. I turned and moved away quickly so the mouse wouldn’t run up my arm. I turned my back on it and crouched down, hunching my shoulders up. But the mouse ran up the back of my clothing, under several layers, and got trapped at the back of my neck. In the dream the scenario was horrific for me as this little mouse was wriggling around inside my clothes desperate to escape and I wanted it out asap but didn’t want to hurt it. I was annoyed that it had run up MY back. It could have run up anybody’s back so why did it have to run up mine? CJ

As these two dreams show, the dream mouse can generate great feelings of revulsion. The last dream also illustrates a feeling that was trapped, but then released and travelled up the trunk of the dreamer. This is typical of released feelings that have been repressed and held in the body. The upwards movement showing the shift toward consciousness.

Useful questions are:

What if anything is eroding or gnawing away at your health, resources or identity?

Is there something happening that you feel very uneasy about or not proud of?

Is this a special or shining mouse – if so can you define the feeling and what it links with in you?

Does the feeling of revulsion link with any event in my life that I can remember?



-Rita 2014-03-24 18:02:28

I dreamed I woke up and a rat was crawling down my arm. What does this mean?


-S.Peaz 2014-08-11 3:28:23

So last night, out of everything I dreamed, the only thing I remember is having a dead mouse on my table. I remember feeling as if it had been there for some time and for whatever reason I HAD been keeping this dead mouse for a while.. Finally I decided to get rid of it, and as I was trying to scoop it up, I realized it had been pregnant. I tried to squeeze the (probably dead) babies out, but to no avail and was quite sad about it. What does that mean?


    -Tony Crisp 2014-08-14 8:26:49

    Stacy – The mouse, as you have read, probably relates to a small irritation or worry, something that may have been gnawing away at you. But such things, being small probably do not catch your attention – until the dream.

    It is definitely about thoughts that were about concerns about pregnancy. Often American women are raised in an atmosphere of fear about pregnancy, and does that apply to you?

    There is a sense that probably, but not certainly, they would not survive.

    In any case, please use http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/secrets-power-dreaming/ to change the feel of your dream.



    -Tony Crisp 2014-08-15 7:49:46

    Sorry Stacy – My reply was a bit rushed. Please read and see the list of questions at the top of the page afterwards – http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/questions-2/#BabyKill



-Ellen 2014-08-16 16:23:20

I dreamed there was a little mouse in the house and, I wanted to save it before my cat got to it. I’m not afraid of mice, I think they’re cute but I don’t want them around. Suddenly there were a bunch of baby mice running all over and I was trying to catch them and put them outside but they kept eluding me. They were very tiny and they were green and white. Then I woke up. Not a “bad” dream but weird.


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